Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your own bathroom remodel or simply enjoy seeing different toilet styles, you’ll likely find many ideas that resonate with your aesthetic in this section. From claw foot tubs to glass showers, antique vanities to contemporary fixtures, mosaic tile to gilded mirrors – it’s all here in Homedit’s Bathroom-related articles.

Towels Storage – 24 Ideas To Spruce Up Your Bathroom

A bathroom, regardless of its size, shape and interior design, must be well-organized and must have a functional and simple system. The towels usually occupy plenty of space and this can sometimes be an inconvenient.

In boxes or bags.

But there are numerous ways in which you can store your bathroom towels and each method could be the perfect one for your home.


Give Your White Bathroom a Fresh Spin

White bathrooms don’t need to be boring or plain – you just need to know how to spruce them up so that they are chic, not just classic. Here are some tips.

Add a Colorful Shower Curtain.

Small Items of Color Revamp the Room

A shower curtain is an easy way to add some color and creativity to your white bathroom. Best of all, you can change it every now and then if you get tired of the pattern and want something a little different.


Tranquil Colors Inspired By The Sea – 11 Bathroom Designs

In the case of the bathroom, there are a few basic elements that became classics when it comes to the interior décor. For example, example, blue is a very common color because of the association with water. Also, sea-inspired bathroom interiors are quite popular and beautiful as well. It’s a very suitable theme for this space and it’s easy to give this space a makeover in order to accommodate the new concept.

The curves lines and the texture on the walls match the theme perfectly

You would have to choose a color palette that includes blue as a main shade and this color is usually combined with white for a fresh and clean look. There are different shades of blue which you can use. Deep blue, for example, is a great choice for a nautical-themed décor while turquoise or sky blue are nice for sea-inspired decors.


8 Stylish Bathtub Ideas

The bathtub doesn’t have to remain a fixed shape or color: there are stunning bathtub décor trends to try. Update your bathroom with a more stylish bathtub!

See-Through and Stylish.

Clear Bathroom Glass is Effortless Sophistication

A bathtub that is designed with clear glass is painfully modern and chic. It almost looks as though the bathtub is not there, until you fill water into it and your eyes have to do a double take!


Temperature-Sensitive Faucets For Modern Homes

You know those small dots on the faucets that show you which way to move it for cold or hot water? Those are there simply for practical reasons. But now a new generation of faucets has appeared and they no longer need those indicatives because they operate with different technology. These are temperature-sensitive faucets which simply change the color according to the temperature of the water.

Temperature sensitive LED faucet.

This futuristic LED faucet is a great upgrade for any bathroom. It has a solid brass construction and chrome finish on a simple, modern design with geometric shapes. It’s very useful for the children’s bathroom but also for older people that have trouble seeing the little colored dots that indicate the temperature on the traditional faucets.Available for 50$.


Six Stunning Uses Of Skylights in Bathrooms

Bathrooms are one of the best rooms in the house to use a skylight. Improved by additional natural light, bathrooms become more comfortable during daylight hours. Even when the sun has gone down, the provision of a skylight in bathroom has a positive effect.

Flooded With Light.

If you want a bathroom that is flooded with natural light go for a large a skylight as you can get away with, given any structural considerations. Larger bathrooms, that already have big windows, or even glazed doors, can still have a noticeable improvement by the addition of skylights.


Using Black in the Bathroom

The incorporation of black in the bathroom is one that can work beautifully. It gives you the opportunity to create a room that has the perfect blend between being dramatic yet elegant at the same time. It is also a rather unconventional choice, and when you can make something unusual work well you have mastered one of the arts of interior design.

Nevertheless, this isn’t to say that using black as a dominant bathroom colour is easy. You need to be aware of how and when to use it – which you will be once you finish reading this post.


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