Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your own bathroom remodel or simply enjoy seeing different toilet styles, you’ll likely find many ideas that resonate with your aesthetic in this section. From claw foot tubs to glass showers, antique vanities to contemporary fixtures, mosaic tile to gilded mirrors – it’s all here in Homedit’s Bathroom-related articles.

Avanti Platinum Countryside Towels

Normally I like simple things in life, but when it comes to my personal comfort and my bathroom, I like to be spoiled and have everything I need to feel fine. That is why I like these amazingly beautiful Avanti Platinum Countryside Towels. They are made of sheared velour and look like a luxury item. The edge of the towels in the set is trimmed  with satin, bringing some more spark and elegance. The towels are very thick and soft, pleasant for the senses, so when you use them to dry the water from your skin it’s a real pleasure.

The colour of the towels is a light beige, very pleasant for the eyes and fitting any bathroom design, no matter how traditional or modern. The embroidered birds and flowers make them even more interesting and beautiful, adding style and class, making them look like luxurious items, indeed. Each of the pieces in the set can be bought separately and you have the option to choose if you want all or one of the following items: a bath towel, a hand towel and a washcloth. Of course the price is different because the size of every item is different, so you can pay EUR 38.13  for the bath towel, EUR 23.83  for the hand towel and finally EUR 16.20  for the washcloth from Bloomingdale’s.

Elegant Washbasin – Lab02

Finding the right washbasin for your bathroom is an important task, you have to choose the right style, the right dimension and, more important, you have to create a nice bathroom ambiance. Keeping this in mind, our choice for today is an elegant sink that can become part of your space.

The Lab02 is part of the Lab Collection, a series of free-standing and back-to-wall washbasins characterized by a hybrid shaping. This piece is a veritable architectural design for a sophisticated and elegant bathroom atmosphere. It presents geometric and organic shapes that combine in harmony to form a well-defined line. A contemporary shaping interprets the complex eclectic and international character of modernity.


Chic Washbasin By Francesco Lucchese

The bathroom is a place to experience a fresh start or a restful pampering. You begin and end each day in your bathroom. Form and functionality play a special role. Over the past few years the bathroom has evolved into a personal relaxation room for many people. It is a space that is fully fitted to reflect your personal needs.

Keeping this in mind, we would like to present you a wall washbasin designed by Francesco Lucchese. This simple and luxurious sink can offer different compositions and personalized solutions such as a simple suspended washbasin, a half-built-in with a lacquered shelf, a washbasin equipped with holders. Moreover the revolving lid allows you to have a supporting top combining functionality and room availability. Also its height allows you to hide the technical parts, while guaranteeing the piece cleaning, regardless its use.


The practical William storage unit

This is an item perfect for bathrooms or for spaces such as storage rooms or patios that need some extra storage space. William is a practical industrial fixture that also has a lovely vintage look. It has a compact design which makes is easier to integrate even in small spaces. It’s an ideal piece for small baths.

The William storage unit has a blackened metal frame that makes it sturdy and durable. It also has three rustic wood trays. Each of them is fitted with a metal label holder. The trays or shelves are perfect for storing things such as towels, shampoos, bath supplies and all sorts of knick knacks usually found there. The unit is crafted of solid pine and iron and has a weathered pine finish applied by hand in a multistep process. It’s then sealed with a protective coat of lacquer for moisture resistance and for a beautiful look.

You can buy the William storage unit for 189.83 euros. It has hardware with an antique brass finish that adds a plus of style and elegance. The overall dimensions of the piece are 17.5″ wide x 13.5″ deep x 32.5″ high. The shelves have slightly different dimensions. The top shelf measures 16″ wide x 9″ deep x 3″ high, the middle shelf is 16″ wide x 11″ deep x 3″ high and the bottom shelf measures 16″ wide x 13.5″ deep x 3″ high. The clearance between shelves is 8.5”. The maximum weight capacity is 16/20/26 pounds for the top, middle and bottom shelves.

Hand-Decorated Aranel Collection for your Bathroom

Nowadays finding the right furniture for your home is not a hard task anymore. There are a lot of great pieces and models out there for you to choose from. Such a piece is the single washbasin designed by Studio Oml. They have created a gorgeous sink that is simple, yet sophisticated at the same time.

This elegant countertop round single washbasin is part of the new Aranel collection. It is made in laser cutting aluminum and white painted. It exalts the simple and essential design of the forms. The decorations made on each piece is handmade, an aspect that gives it a unique touch and makes the collection precious. Each of these basins are decorated inside with a high-colored flower or abstract design.


The luxurious Esplanade bath furniture collection

This is the Esplanade collection. It’s the result of the collaboration between German-Russian designer Sergei Tchoban and Duravit, a leading supplier of bathroom ceramic, bathroom furniture and accessories. The collaboration was very successful and the result was this very beautiful and luxurious collection.

Esplanade is an opulent collection of bathroom furniture. It features very interesting elements and a very original and interesting approach to the regular bathroom furniture design. In fact, in this collection the toilet becomes an armchair, the tub a chaise lounge and the sink a chest of drawers. It’s like having a second living room in your bathroom.


Orbit Shower Curtain Hooks

Even the most unimportant and tiniest things in our homes have their role in the overall design and look of a house. Let’s take curtain hooks for example. You barely think of them and this usually happens when you need them because your shower curtain fell off its support or because the old ones got rusty and old and they leave rust stains on your shower curtain. Well, some funny and colourful hooks can actually bring a lively atmosphere to your bathroom and make you smile when you see them. These are the Orbit Shower Curtain Hooks. They are a bit too modern and disco style for some people’s taste, but they look great and they make you feel young, no matter what your age is.

Whether you decide to choose the same colour for all of them or maybe you prefer each to have a different colour, you will love the round and “fat” hooks that keep your shower curtain attached to its support. They are funny and, yes, they are offered for a reduced price, as you can see from the presentation photo. So you can buy them now for just $9.

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