Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your own bathroom remodel or simply enjoy seeing different toilet styles, you’ll likely find many ideas that resonate with your aesthetic in this section. From claw foot tubs to glass showers, antique vanities to contemporary fixtures, mosaic tile to gilded mirrors – it’s all here in Homedit’s Bathroom-related articles.

15 Copper Bathtubs – Create A Warm Glow Focal Point In The Bathroom

Copper is a great conductor which is why it’s commonly used in pipes and heating systems in general. Also, it’s an interesting material which can be used for fixtures and décor elements. As we’ve already described in our article about using copper in the kitchen’s design, this is a not particularly appealing material to use in interior design but it has a unique character and charm and so it can be a very powerful choice.

The copper tub is the central visual feature in this Hawaiian-style bathroom

Then there’s also the option of having a copper tub with a white interior which gives it a more familiar and appealing look, making it also easier to integrate into the décor and the color scheme you’ve chosen for the bathroom.But let’s talk a little bit about copper bathtubs.


30 Playful And Colorful Kids’ Bathroom Design Ideas

Everyone knows how difficult it is to decorate a room for your kid. It has to be functional and practical but it also has to be fun and cute. But it’s also fun to plan everything this way. You get to embrace your inner child and to think like a kid once again.

A white main color makes the bathroom feel clean and fresh

It’s also a nice opportunity to bond with your kid and to work together as a team, introducing him/her to some new concepts. Let’s say you’re decorating a bathroom. There are these two main things you have to take into consideration when designing and decorating a space for a kid:

Safety and functionality.

Incorporate fun colors into the furniture as well as on the walls

It’s important to make sure that everything you choose for your kid’s bathroom is safe to use as well as easy to use. The sink has to be placed at a low level so there’s no need for a stool to reach it and, if there has to be a stool, it has to be durable and strong.


Five Seating Ideas Suitable For A Bathroom

Although most homes have toilet in the bathroom which can be used as an impromptu seat, most people feel a little awkward about using them that way, no matter how comfortable the cover may be to sit on. In many bathrooms, there is not anywhere that is really suited to a sit down. This is, of course, fine because the bathroom is not really used as a sitting room.

However, wet rooms and luxury bathrooms, that have a more self indulgent approach to their design, can benefit from the addition of a seat that will encourage you to linger.


Old World-Influenced Bathroom Vanities

Maybe it’s because bathrooms are typically sleek and sterile environments, or maybe it’s because we WANT them to be so. Bathroom vanities are a perfect place to bring in some variety – rich texture, a sense of history, and some contrasting color – amid the modern fixtures that make up a bathroom today. Bathroom vanities with an old-world influence are a particularly stylish way to do this.

Isn’t this carved stone sink impressive? Set atop a chunky, historic-looking pedestal makes the sink’s presence very powerful in the space. A wall-mounted faucet and handles are designed to replicate an old world water fountain.


Design a Stunning Spanish Bathroom

Mediterranean-styled rooms are beautiful and warm. Here is how to specifically design a Spanish bathroom. It’s easier than you might think!

Create a Dome.

Charming Arches for a Beautiful Bathroom

Arches are a common element found in Spanish décor and they can make a bathroom gain some traditional charm. The dome area in the bathroom could be the perfect spot for a large mirror or a creative space that includes potted plants or candles to make it pretty.


How To Make A Narrow Powder Room Feel Inviting And Comfortable – 15 Ideas

A powder room is just a rather more fancy way of referring to a bathroom or toilet room. It’s primarily designed to be used by guests. The term may also refer to a women’s restroom, usually in a building open to the public. Just like in the case of a regular bathroom, the powder room may present different challenges related to its interior design and décor. For example, a narrow powder room is not ideal but not impossible to work with either.

The undulating lines and elegant pattern are repeated throughout the décor

In the case of a narrow powder room, the key is to keep the side walls as free of furniture as possible. It would also be useful if you could avoid using floor furniture and if you could have wall-mounted features instead. Storage could be a problem in such spaces but open shelves are always a nice idea.


Antique Bathrooms with Trendy Appeal

You might not consider the décor idea of using antiques in the bathroom, but this room can be elevated to new décor heights by bringing in something with personality. Here are some tips to create old school charm. The key is to do so in such a way that you bring home stylish elegance.

Vintage Sinks.

Start with the Sink

Plain sinks are a thing of the past. If you’re after something vintage, then updating your sink can be a great way way to achieve the look. Chrome and marble are two materials that work wonderfully in this regard, so think of using them in your antique-inspired bathroom. Chrome is also a great transitional substance: it pays homage to a vintage look while being bright enough to prevent your décor from appearing old.


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