Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your own bathroom remodel or simply enjoy seeing different toilet styles, you’ll likely find many ideas that resonate with your aesthetic in this section. From claw foot tubs to glass showers, antique vanities to contemporary fixtures, mosaic tile to gilded mirrors – it’s all here in Homedit’s Bathroom-related articles.

Elegant washbasin and toiletry cabinet

This modern design was created and designed by Meneghello Paolelli. The name of the washbasin unit with mirror is Vanity. It is called vanity because it has a very prestigious look and I think it will sparkle in your bathroom with grace. It has a diameter of 120 on top where it has a mirror and a washing space and a lot of space to fit your bathroom things. The Vanity washbasin with mirror is from the collection line of Ypsilon from Padova,Italy.

The Vanity washbasin unit with mirror could go perfectly in your bathroom as well as in your dressing room where you can get dressed and then find the correct makeup for your chosen clothes. It has a beautiful clean white color and a great design, I think it looks more like a table and in this way it has a dual use.


Hotel Wall-Mounted Medicine Cabinet

Medicine should be kept safe, but you do need them in the house, so you’d better find a safe spot for them where you can find easily, but also where you can secure them with a key. Most people use a cabinet that locks with a key and this is usually placed in the bathroom. This Hotel Wall-Mounted Medicine Cabinet is perfect for both your home and a hotel room, too, and it looks amazingly well as a bonus. Unlike other pieces of furniture, this medicine cabinet is very slim and stylish and is dark in colour, so it looks very well against a white wall.


How to choose the perfect color for your bathroom

When you start redecorating your home, the first step is choosing a new color. The color differs for each room. In the case of the bathroom there are some obvious choices. Let’s see which colors are more appropriate for this room and why.The most common choice for the bathroom is the blue. It’s mostly because of its connection with the water.

The color blue also has a soothing effect and that’s another great advantage.There are several types of blue. The pastel shades are more relaxing and calming while the darker tones are more dramatic. The color blue is associated with the sky and the sea and both these environments are relaxing and soothing.


Another gold finishes washbasin unit from Legnobagno

Vanity 5 is a very elegant washbasin unit. It was designed for Legnobagno and it’s part of the Style Collection. The wooden washbasin unit has a very delicate and elegant design. It features curved lines and a very beautiful and alluring silhouette. The unit has a design reminiscent of the traditional shapes and motifs. However, this traditional design has a modern twist.Vanity 5 is entirely crafted with bent multilayer wood. Another interesting thing about it that it’s handmade so each piece is unique. Each vanity unit has its own character and history and there might be very small variations. The vanity unit is made of walnut wood. It has a compact structure and a strong and durable construction. It’s an accent piece that stands out with its elegance.

The vanity unit features a lacquered finish and it’s available in a series of different colors, both bright and dull. Since it has such an elegant shape and such a chic design, the unit would be best complemented by a similarly stylish top sink, perhaps something in marble or glass.


Gold Deco D05 Wall Washbasin Unit

Deco D05 is a very elegant and stylish washbasin unit with a classic design. It’s part of the Deco Classic Collection and it was designed for Legnobagno. The whole collection is very beautiful. It features a combination of classic designs with modern features and details and the result is very chic and stylish. The pieces from this collection have beautiful gloss lacquered finishes. This particular unit comes in black with gold accents.

The unit is made of wood, more exactly oak and walnut. It has a distressed look but not in the vintage or antique way. Overall, the washbasin unit has a very modern look. The collection is actually composed of two smaller parts. The first ten items are called Classic Deco and this unit is one of them. These have a more classical and imposing style. There are seven more creations that are simply called Deco. They have a more minimalist and modern style.


Two innovative bathroom concepts by Gemelli Design

We’ve seen so many bathrooms that look alike that we forgot they could actually be different. Every once in a while it’s good to just forget about everything and reinvent a certain design. It’s what Bulgarian Twin designers Branimira Ivanova and Desislava Ivanova from Sofia-based studio Gemelli Design did. They came up with two very interesting and unusual bathroom concepts.

The first one concept is called An Oasis in a sandstorm. It features a similar décor but with different colors. Of course, the internal structure differs as well. In this case we have a bedroom separated by the bathroom with a fireplace and a glass wall. It’s an unusual idea based on the concept of relaxation.


Before and After: Hall Bathroom Renovation

There are people who love changes of all kinds, to bring refreshment in their life or just make different things in order to escape the dullness of the quotidian. As I am part of this category of people these days I went to the hairdresser and made a new hair cut for me. Actually my straight hair came in the end being curly so I made quite a change of my look.

Here it is a couple who made a change with their dull and dark hall bathroom. Their renovation began with taking out the hallway’s second linen closet and giving in this space to the hall bathroom so that they could get a much larger vanity and a second sink. The idea was to get a simple design so for their counter top decoration they kept the idea of elegance and simplicity. They used a tall Boxwood topiary, a small antique silver tray for the hand soap, some PB room spray and a small glass jar for jewelry or anything else.


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