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The Peter Pan washbasin unit by Bruna Rapisarda

This contemporary washbasin unit is part of the Peter Pan Collection. It was designed by Bruna Rapisarda for Regia in 2012. The unit has a minimalist ad modern design with geometrical shapes, clean lines, no decorative elements. It’s a pure design with an unusual name. The unit got this name because of the fact that it seems to be flying in the air. It also has a friendly and cheerful look that also matches some of the characteristics that the fictional character has.

The Peter Pan washbasin unit was designed and created using Zero Ray technology. This way the crystal shelf got a perfect right-angled curvature that suits it very well. The unit was designed as a minimalist 120 cm shelf with a droplet-shaped basin that creates a visual connection with the L-shaped crystal shelf. The shelf’s dimensions are larger than those of the washbasin and the image is simple but has a strong visual impact on the user.


Simply stylish acrylic double ended tub

Bathtubs have evolved. They are no longer as simple as they used to be. Even so, this doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the beauty of a semi-traditional tub. This is the Poynter tub, a beautiful, simple and stylish tub with a lovely wood stand.The tub is somewhere in between modern and traditional. It has a simple shape, very similar to those that everyone sued to have a while back, but it also has a chic twist.

It’s the wood stand that breaks the monotony of the design. It’s an extra element that makes everything seem new and different. The tub has an oval shape and it’s double ended. Its overall dimensions are 68″ L x 31-3/4″ W (front to back) x 24″ H (± 1/2″). The acrylic tub sits on an oval wood stand that follows its shape and curvatures and adds a nice touch to the overall design.


Vessel Lavatory with LED Lighting

My six and a half years old is very preoccupied now with saving the planet, so she tries everything she can to save energy and to consume only a limited amount of energy in order not to overheat the planet. I admit i find it rather amusing, but I encourage her, because she is very innocent and she really believes in her pursuit, so it is great to see a child her age doing this. That is why I came to the point of saving energy. That is what stopped me for a moment when I saw this interesting Vessel Lavatory with LED Lighting on Toto website.

This is  a nice looking bathroom sink, apart from a detail that makes it amazing: it can light in the dark. Well, it may sound incredible, but this lavatory has a LED system incorporated and the light is triggered by the movement. There is a motion sensor incorporated and the latest technology, so you may say it is a smart sink. It is made of a transparent , actually semi-clear epoxy resin and this allows the light inside to get out. You can use this lavatory without having to switch on the bathroom lights, so it is great. It is very strong and highly scratch resistant and has an antiscald thermostatic mixing valve. The LED system is AC powered and the faucet is electronic.

The 1930s Laboratory Bathroom Collection by Restoration Hardware

The 1930s Laboratory Collection is an unusual set of bathroom furniture. It was designed by Restoration Hardware and it’s not the design or the details that make it so special but the choice of material the designers have made. The pieces from this collection are made from stainless steel. It’s an unusual choice of material for a series of bathroom furniture. However, when you think about it, it seems like a logical option.

The stainless steel pieces are very strong and durable and abet i withstand basically anything you throw at them, both literary and figuratively. This is a collection of vanities and storage cabinets and they all feature zinc hardware and customizable Italian marble tops. Because the materials sued to create them are very rough in nature, the pieces have rounded finishes throughout. They feature natural steel colors and they lack any unnecessary details such as carved decorations and other accessories.


Hampton oak washbasin with Drawers

Some people love simple bathrooms, but other prefer to bring a little luxury and classy style to their bathroom too. For the ones that have enough space into their bathroom and want to give to the place a more sophisticated aspect, the designers from Ypsilon came with a new concept.

They have created a bathroom cabinet which comes in two variants. The first one, called the Hampton 100m is made of European durmast, while the second one, the Hampton 180 is made of a lighter durmast. Both models are perfect for a sophisticated bathroom and allow you to deposit all your bathroom stuff without charging the space and shelves.


Elegant washbasin and toiletry cabinet

This modern design was created and designed by Meneghello Paolelli. The name of the washbasin unit with mirror is Vanity. It is called vanity because it has a very prestigious look and I think it will sparkle in your bathroom with grace. It has a diameter of 120 on top where it has a mirror and a washing space and a lot of space to fit your bathroom things. The Vanity washbasin with mirror is from the collection line of Ypsilon from Padova,Italy.

The Vanity washbasin unit with mirror could go perfectly in your bathroom as well as in your dressing room where you can get dressed and then find the correct makeup for your chosen clothes. It has a beautiful clean white color and a great design, I think it looks more like a table and in this way it has a dual use.


Hotel Wall-Mounted Medicine Cabinet

Medicine should be kept safe, but you do need them in the house, so you’d better find a safe spot for them where you can find easily, but also where you can secure them with a key. Most people use a cabinet that locks with a key and this is usually placed in the bathroom. This Hotel Wall-Mounted Medicine Cabinet is perfect for both your home and a hotel room, too, and it looks amazingly well as a bonus. Unlike other pieces of furniture, this medicine cabinet is very slim and stylish and is dark in colour, so it looks very well against a white wall.


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