Simply stylish acrylic double ended tub

Bathtubs have evolved. They are no longer as simple as they used to be. Even so, this doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the beauty of a semi-traditional tub. This is the Poynter tub, a beautiful, simple and stylish tub with a lovely wood stand.The tub is somewhere in between modern and traditional. It has a simple shape, very similar to those that everyone sued to have a while back, but it also has a chic twist.

It’s the wood stand that breaks the monotony of the design. It’s an extra element that makes everything seem new and different. The tub has an oval shape and it’s double ended. Its overall dimensions are 68″ L x 31-3/4″ W (front to back) x 24″ H (± 1/2″). The acrylic tub sits on an oval wood stand that follows its shape and curvatures and adds a nice touch to the overall design.


The stylish Beyond bathtub by Claudia Danelon and Federico Meroni

When you design or decorate a home you want every little piece of it to be as beautiful as the rest. This means you have to pay special attention to each room. The bathroom is as important as any other part of the house and it should be treated as such. Still, it’s particularly difficult to find pieces for this space that meet such expectations. You can be one step closer with the Pietraluce bathtub.

The bathtub was designed by Claudia Danelon and Federico Meroni and it’s part of the Beyond Collection. What makes this bathtub so unique and stylish is its minimalist design and delicate lines. The tub is fixed in a monolith block in cladding polystyrene and it has a self-standing frame. The bathtub itself is very simple. It has a minimalist design, with a curved shape and delicate lines.


Hilo Free Standing Acrylic Bathtub

Your bathroom is the place where you get unplugged from the real world. The bathtub is the object that helps relaxation to control your body and your mind. If your bathroom has a beautiful modern tub, with a beautiful tap from which water is flowing smoothly, then you are the lucky one. If not you should try the next piece.

The tub is created and designed by Glass Idromassaggio a brand that uses the force of the water to create this beautiful bathroom objects. The tub could come in an oval form or in a rectangular form. In the interior it looks like a normal bathtub but the exterior is pure and beautiful. The designers creates not only bathtubs but everything you need in a bath, so that you keep one pure design.


Oval Free Standing Bathtub

The bathroom is the please where you relax after a hard day at work or going throw crowded places. The bathtub is the best I would like to say piece of furniture where your stress will leave your body, and you will completely relax. The beautiful bathtub is perfectly made for you and your quality time.

The bath tub has an interesting oval form, more like half an egg. It comes in a variation of white and black. The design of the bathtub was created by Rexa Design. The bathtub is created for one person. The design of the bath tub allows you to have a comfortable position. The bathtub has a pillow form, where you could rest your head when you’re taking a bath. The tub looks like a boat, so you will feel like riding the waves. You can sail where ever you want just by closing your eyes, and get in that relaxed trance state.


Vanessa Mancini’s booktub

It’s always fun to see what ingenious designers have come up with. Today we came across a very interesting creation. It’s a very unusual combination between a bathtub and a pile of books. It’s a booktub. This unconventional piece was designed by Vanessa Mancini. She decided to give us the opportunity to literally soak in knowledge. The “Bath of Knowledge” features a metal frame on which all sorts of books have been layered. Of course, it’s not the type of tub you would like to out water into. As you can imagine, those are regular books that would instantly be destroyed if water was to cover them. Nevertheless, the concept is very interesting.

It would be fun to further develop this concept and maybe come up with a design that would allow the books to be immune to water. This way you could have the perfect combination. You would be able to relax in the tub while reading a good book. But until waterproof books will be created, all we can do is dream about that.


Baignoire Stone Pixel Tub – a nature inspired wood finish bathtub by Bleu Nature

Nature and man are inseparable. Nature is the place that offers us many things like: shelter, food, protection, fun, beauty, fresh air, materials of all kinds and the list may go on. It is an endless source for man and his lifestyle. Nature also needs man’s protection and care. He must take care of nature and know how to use its resources so that nature could also become useful to the next generations too.Since nature has always been a source for many things, it has also represented a source of inspiration for artists of different fields: painters, writers, sculptors, musicians and even designers.

They were inspired by all its beauties: trees, flowers, birds or animals and created wonderful things which could make you feel closer to nature or even make you think of its importance for our life.Bleu Nature is part of this list and created Baignoire Stone Pixel Tub which is a wood finish bathtub that was inspired by nature.


Simplicity and elegance in a Bathtub by Zuchetti

We all dream about having our own house, our own place and of course, our own bathroom. I cannot imagine an ideal bathroom without a bathtub, no matter how modern and practical it is. Nowadays, when we are so busy and stressed, nothing compares to the feeling given by having a bath. What can be more relaxing than enjoying a few minutes of your free time in your bathtub? In addition, when the bathtub looks like the one in the picture, you relax and feel comfortable only seeing it as an object…It is so inviting in its modernity, that all you want to do is to imagine it in your own bathroom and try it.

It is rectangular and simple, but the contrast of its whiteness with the black of its support makes me think about modern furniture, not necessarily the pieces that we have in mind when we think about a bathroom.


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