Utuwa bathtub by Spiritual Mode

There are so many enticing new bathtub designs and colors available in the marketplace, many people arrive at a decision to buy a new bathtub. Here is a new project from Spiritual Mode, the Utuwa bathtub.This unique bath tub boasts lots of room and even more in the way of style. The original and unusual shape of this bathtub was inspired by the shape of the traditional Japanese dishes. They are also made of ceramics and offer people comfort and food.


Bathtubs offer people comfort, too, but also relaxation and cleanliness. If you take a look at this wonderful collection of bathtubs you will realize they are also shaped like a lotus flower, the oriental symbol of perfect or even like a clover with a smaller end.



Any way, the idea is that it has a different design with smooth curves that divide the bathtub into three distinct areas that interact perfectly. That makes them perfect for couples and also for decorative things like floating scented candles or flowers or maybe the soap and shampoo to place on that higher end.

Two Person Bathtub by Karim Rashid

Nowadays colorful bathtub win, and if the color is pink I`m sure that can attracts your attention. Designer Karim Rashid make a stylish splash with the Kouple two person bathtub by Korean company Saturn Bath. This amazing two person bathtub is a certain statement piece, and instant inspiration for your own designer bathroom. I’m sure a lot of people like to share the bathtub with their loved ones. But usually this is not a very comfortable decision, and it’s more annoying than romantic. So Karim Rashid decided to create this great two-person bathtub, another very inspired idea.


It’s a very simple and beautiful design, like many of his creations. It has beautiful lines, a curved shape and a friendly form. It was especially designed for two persons to be able to enjoy taking a bath together, feeling comfortable together. And like many modern designs, this one is also stylish and colorful. The bathtub is available in many bright and happy colors.

It’s a beautiful piece that would look great in a modern bathroom that shares the same style and has the same beautiful characteristic. I especially like the curved lines that follow the human body’s silhouette. This makes it especially comfortable and suitable for personal use. So in case you were looking for a unique and special bathtub design for your bathroom, this is design you should keep in mind, in case you’re planning to share this space with your partner or loved one.

Deep Soaking Tubs by Vaselli

The latest tub design comes from Vaselli. The Deep Soaking Tubs by Vaselli which  is made of Carrera marble and showcases its naturally beautiful veins and colors with flair. The depth of the design envelops you in water’s warm embrace, while a built-in seat offers comfort to this contemporary bathroom essential.


It was about time someone would think to design a tub like this. It’s so annoying when you realize that your bathtub has a low design and you find yourself only half covered with water. The best tubs are the ones that allow you to feel the waters covering all your body. This is exactly what this tub was designed to do. It’s a deep tub with a very simple design. It has a rough look because of the materials used to craft it. But this is exactly the type of look that is perfect for contemporary homes.


So if you’re currently designing your own house or if you’re just redecorating, take your time before choosing the pieces for the bathroom. /it’s a room that has to make you feel comfortable all the time. And the bathtub is a very important element in this process. This deep tub will definitely satisfy your needs. It’s such a nice feeling to take a relaxing bath and to feel the water embracing your body.

Perfect Corner bathtub for your style

Finding the perfect bathtub to compliment your bathroom design often leads to choosing a corner bathtub. You can buy a corner bathtub in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors to compliment your bathroom’s dimensions and décor. A corner bathtub can help you design a bathroom floor plan that makes the most of your bathroom’s space whether it is big or small.

Corner Jacuzzi whirlpool

There are a variety of online stores that you check out in order to look at all the various styles, sizes and colors available in order to help you choose the tub that will look best in your home.Designed specially to take up minimal space, the bathtubs though small are deep enough for comfortable bathing. Whirlpool bath from Jacuzzi with its sleek and stylish design gives your bath a spa like space. The oval shaped design gives your bath a new experience.

Nova whirlpool2

Nova whirlpool

Hydrotherapy & Hydro massage does help in many ways to improve ones health. Not only do the warm, bubbling waters help melt away tension and strain, but they also provide a gentle and effective massage – targeting your joints and muscles, promoting a better night’s sleep and combating the pain of arthritis and other muscle-related injuries.


Tubs by Bagnosasso

Swiss company Bagnosasso has introduced some unique tubs that are sure to intrigue and inspire.The Wave Diamond tub is designed to relieve stress while adding handcrafted art of wood and glass. the Wave Skipper is a unique tub made of wood and inspired by the design of a luxury yacht. Check out these cool tub designs at Bagnosasso. These bathtubs have some special features that make them even more desirable and unique: the fact that they are not made of stone, ceramics or even marble, but the material of choice is this time plywood and glass.

I know , this is pretty unusual for a bathtub as you would expect it to be ruined by water. But it is not. It had been treated chemically so as to be waterproof and not to swallow when it gets wet and the design is amazing. Just try to imagine the half transparent bathtub full of hot water and perfumed bubble foam and a small piece of a leg coming out just for a moment. Even the shape is pretty special and different from normal bathtubs and it reminds me of ancient ships.

Modern bathroom designs from Delpha

The modern bathroom designs from Delpha will help you figure out your dream bathroom design. The bathrooms look no less impressive than your living room. It’s colorful and beautiful and you will love to spend your time in it. It is detailed with multicolored stones and is complimented by the astounding curtains. It is completely magical and will blow off your mind at once. The lightings, doors, furniture and walls are aptly contrasted.


Corner Garden Tub and Whirlpool from Jacuzzi

A few days ago you saw the Corner Whirlpool Bath from Jacuzzi, now here is the new Aquasoul Offset corner Jacuzzi whirlpool bath which is a perfect space savor that still gets that modern, minimalist look. The large 250-liter volume invites you to soak away the cares of the day. The Aquasoul Offset features four jet settings – Silence, Breath, Renew and Dream – with various intensities of hydro massage to wrap your body in a relaxing embrace.

Corner Garden Tub and Whirlpool from Jacuzzi

The guys from Jacuzzi are pretty smart and they thought there would be better to have a wide range of offers for the customers. That is why they have both corner garden tubs and whirlpool that you can use outdoors or indoors, depending on your wish and, of course, space.

Most people prefer having such a Jacuzzi tub indoors, where they can enjoy a hot bubble bath, but why not have your private artificial whirlpool outdoors, in a corner of your garden, especially in summer? So there is a model for everyone and you can choose exactly the one that fits you best. Just follow the link and then place the order online.For more information on this corner Jacuzzi whirlpool visit Jacuzzi Europe.

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