8 Stylish Bathtub Ideas

The bathtub doesn’t have to remain a fixed shape or color: there are stunning bathtub décor trends to try. Update your bathroom with a more stylish bathtub!

See-Through and Stylish.

Clear Bathroom Glass is Effortless Sophistication

A bathtub that is designed with clear glass is painfully modern and chic. It almost looks as though the bathtub is not there, until you fill water into it and your eyes have to do a double take!


Elegant, chic, unconventional wooden bathtubs

Wood is not a common material when it comes to bathtubs. In fact, until quite recently, even the thought of having a bathtub made of wood was not something people were familiar with. However, designers often think out of the box and this has led to numerous wonderful creations, wooden tubs being just one of them.

Match the wooden tub to the rest of your bathroom furniture for a cohesive décor

In order to protect the wood from water damage, a highly resistant varnish is used. This way the wood remains undamaged by the water and it also preserves its natural beauty, texture and color. Usually, each wooden bathtub is crafted individually and sometimes they are custom designed for each client. They are a very elegant option for those that want to have a more sophisticated-looking bathroom. Also, a wooden tub gives the room a more cozy and inviting feel.


How To Choose The Perfect Bathtub

Even though, given our busy schedule and permanent lack of time, a shower is often most appreciated, it can’t be compared with a bathtub. The tub is dramatically more relaxing and comfortable, perfect for a long bath and much more romantic. The tub makes the bathroom seem complete. The style you choose for the tub influences the entire décor.

Your bathtub style is ?

Of course, your decision needs to be based on more than looks. Each bathtub style has its own characteristics and comes with something unique. It’s why choosing the right one can be a challenge.


Vintage Copper Bathtub

Bathtubs are usually made of porcelain, plastic and even glass fiber, all of them looking pretty cool and modern, but all white. However, if you look careful enough, you might discover very interesting things in the vintage stores, things that can bring a personal touch to your home, as nobody else will have the same things as you. For example this amazing Vintage Copper Bathtub is something totally different , something that brings a blast from the past, the patina that is specific to old age and objects in the museum. It is beautiful and handcrafted, the masterpiece of skilled artisans.

This copper bathtub has a scroll Base and a nickel inlay, being made of hammered copper. It has a beautiful bronze patina with an oiled rubbed finish. The bathtub is made almost entirely of recycled copper, so it’s pretty useful, too. It does not have an overflow hole, but it does have a nice shape that is very curvy and graceful, with an embroidered edge on the base. So if you want to make your bathroom design memorable, you just have to purchase this vintage bathtub made of copper for the price of $4,349.00 from Vintage tub. It will certainly be worth purchasing this piece that belongs in a museum rather than a bathroom.

Creative freestanding bathtub by Giopato & Coombes

This beautiful bathtub is not creative and inventive because of its shape or design but because of the originality of the accessories and colors that complete it. The tub was designed by Cristiana Giopato and Christopher Coombes for Malmö.

The design of the bathtub is simple. It has an oval shape with smooth and delicate curves. The shape alone is not that innovative and would rather make this piece a classic. However, the simplicity of the design, the accessories, the colors and the fact that it’s a freestanding unit make it unique and give it a contemporary allure. The tub features natural ash legs used to create a contrast in terms of materials and styles. The combination is a typical Nordic element. The wooden legs are also available in red in case you would like to add a little color to your bathroom. Also, they are optional.


Geo freestanding bathtub by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba

GEO 170X70 is a stylish freestanding bathtub designed by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba in 2012. It’s a part of the Geo Collection and it has a minimalist and contemporary design. It features a compact outer shell and a delicate design with soft curves that form an overall geometrical but elegant and chic form. The lines are clean but rigorous.

GEO 170X70 is an acrylic bathtub that measures 1700x700xh600 mm. It can either be used as a freestanding tub or placed against the wall. It has versatile design and dimensions that allow it to be easily integrated in a variety of decors. It’s suitable for both small and spacious bathrooms. The design is simple and sophisticated at the same time and it’s mostly due to the geometrical appeal of the form. But this apparently pure and very simple bathtub actually offers more than it lets you see.


Asymmetric bathtub from Cabrits

Bathtubs nowadays tend to differentiate themselves from traditional tub designs. They are more delicate and they have shapes that follow the human body’s contour thus being very comfortable. This particular bathtub is part of the Cabrits Collection. It’s a modern tub with an asymmetrical shape and delicate curved lines.

The Cabrits bathtub features a double dip design and attempts to introduce a revolutionary bathing experience. This tub is more than just a stylish product. Its curves are reminiscent of the volcanoes from the Caribbean National Park so the idea behind its design is deeper than it seems. The tub has an ergonomic form and a shape designed to fit the body perfectly. The shape of the tub was designed to offer support for the mid and lower back and to offer an optimal position for the user.


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