Bathroom Vanities

Abisko Washbasin from Eumar

We all have bathrooms and they all have washbasins connected to the plumbing system through pipes. There is nothing natural about this, but everything is invented by man in order to make our lives easier and more comfortable. However, some visionary people saw in nature the best source of inspiration and this way created special designs that seem closer to nature even if they are in the house. This is Abisko Washbasin from Eumar. It is very special because it resembles so much the natural waterfalls, the way in which water falls from the height and then makes a few slow turns before getting drained under the ground. All these things are suggested by the name of the washbasin – Abisko, which is the name of the Swedish National Park where you can see the most amazingly pure water.


Double and Single Classic Bathroom Sink Console

One month ago was a modern 72″ double glass top sink, now I’m going to show you the Double and Single Classic Sink Console Collection from Potterybarn. Personally I love the double sink console because it’s extremely stylish and provide a fantastic combination of form and function. Furthermore provide personal space in the bathroom to keep closer a lot of things. The double sink it’s available from $2,199 and the single for $1,899.

The bathroom, like all the other rooms of the house, needs a storage system for all the items that need to be there. And usually the place where people store things is under the sink or in the suspended cabinets. But this wooden console is a much better alternative. It’s the perfect choice for a bathroom.

I really like this piece. I find it very functional and good-looking. There are 6 drawers of different sizes that can be used to store all sorts of things, and there’s also an open space underneath them for larger items. It’s a simple and beautiful piece. And it comes in two options: double or single. So all you have to do now is too choose the one that better fits your bathroom and it can be yours. I’m sure you’ll be very satisfied. It’s a very beautiful console and the fact it’s made of wood makes it even more attractive.

Transparent bathroom vanities

There is a phrase that says “crystal clear” when referring to something very clear or obvious.And crystal is a variation of glass, so you can say that you use glass where you want things to be perfectly clear. And I mean that literally. For example transparent glass vanities are perfect for illustrating my point. They are transparent and they must be perfectly clean in order to be transparent. Besides, the bathroom is the room where everything needs to be really clean and tidy, so I guess that glass vanities are perfect.



Contemporary bathroom vanities from Dreamline

It might seem unimportant or of very little importance to choose carefully the vanity for your bathroom, but it is a part of the overall appearance of your home and if you have a modern looking house you will want your bathroom to look the same, too.


Onda bathroom vanity by Bandini

Modern bathrooms are very simple and functional, but you can see the good taste from the distance. That is why there are a lot of talented designers who specialized in designing bathrrom interiors and bathroom vanities. It’s only natural to have the disire to take care of the bathroom , too, so it can look as well as the rest of the house. Let’s take a look at the wonderful work of Bandini in accomplishing one of its best collections called “Onda” and you will see my point.

It is simple, but at the same time so refined, that you forget for a moment that we are talking about bathroom vanities here. It is a colourful spot in a white world and it suggests joy – the joy to be young and alive. The whole collection is made is bent wood, so the material is absolutely natural, only being covered with a shiny and coloured layer for both protection and a nice look. The backlit mirror fits perfectly in this design and so do the orange, but transparent sinks.

The part of the vanity that is fixed to the wall, but also the small one on the floor is asymetrical, but has a nice round contour. Each piece of the furniture is nicely outlined by a black line on the edge and the entire collection looks soft and strong, reliable at the same time. Though a bit futuristic for some people, I love the originality and uniqueness of its style, the impulse it gives you to start a new day full of energy.

One disappearing bathroom collection by Rapsel

And here’s another surprising bathroom collection, again made almost entirely of wood, which is probably the least used material when it comes to this particular room of the house. But as we have already seen, this is not a problem anymore.


The One disappearing bathroom by Rapsel is an sophisticated solid larch wood bathroom collection designed by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez won the Italian company the 2009 “Best of the Year” Interior Design Award. This collection includes a stainless steel washbasin, white ceramic toilet and stainless steel shower tray, folding wood shelves and benches.


It creates a very pleasant and sophisticated feeling, mostly due to the impressing amount of wood included in this collection. Actually, the only features that is not made of wood is the toilet seat. But I’m sure it’s not going to take long before someone comes up with an idea of how to transform that feature too. Until than you’ll have to deal with the old and classic design.

I really like this collection. I appreciate the fact that the designers have chosen to preserve the natural color of the wood. With furniture like this, the bathroom will soon become a place to hang out in.

Brillante Glass Vanity by Antonio Lupi

One of the hottest trends today is the glass bathroom vanity. With a little careful choice, you should be able to freshen up the look of your bathroom with relatively little trouble, and it’s a great way to give new life to the look of your bathroom without having to spend a lot of money.

The Italian designer Antonio Lupi is not new here, and now comes with a glass vanity called Brillante.The chic, linear design is made from clear glass and boasts a purist aesthetic sans screws, nails or any unsightly hardware.Personally i love the glass vanity are so glamorous but at the same time simple.The Brillante features a clear 20mm-thick top with an integrated glass sink at the center.Also below the sink, there is a storage space for your stuff.

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