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Beautiful Papillion Bathroom Vanity Accessories

Spring is almost at the end and summer is closer and closer. Summer is the season of hot days, of joy and dynamism. Everything is in action and full of energy. The same thing happens with nature which is an explosion of colorful and beautiful plants, animals or insects.

Butterflies or “papillions” are among the most beautiful and colorful insects. It is a joy to watch their beautiful and attractive wings or their float in the air. The same feeling you can have with these beautiful papillion bathroom vanity accessories.

The soap dish, jar, pump dispenser, the wastebasket and tissue box have butterflies on them, the color they are painted is white – jade and are enhanced with golden trim and Austrian crystals. There are used metal or wood materials, epoxy resin coating, frosted glass or beaded tassels.All these bathroom vanity accessories will add elegance and refinement to your bathroom décor.Starting from 150$.

Elegant Bathroom vanities by Arte Bagno Veneta

A nice bath is always a way of relaxing your mind and body. If you are upset, tired or dirty then you have a good reason to try a relaxing bath which will make you become fresher, cleaner and fuller of life. In order to get a maximum result and enjoy a relaxing ambiance and a beautiful décor you can think of the ideas that Arte Bagno Veneta proposes you.

You can choose from Deco or Victory vanities depending on your tastes.Deco vanities reflect elegance and modernity. There is used a combination of white, silver and black which denotes refinement and good taste.


Classic Single Sink Console – White

Normally bathrooms only have a sink and a bathtub or shower cabin. But some of the times , especially when the bathroom is a bit bigger and there’s plenty of room for extra furniture, you can also choose some sink console you can use for storing towels and other items you might need in that room. This can be very useful and nice at the same time, as this sink console can bring a very special touch to the bathroom, a nice view and design.

The sink console I am presenting today is very simple and elegant, yet very classy, as it is made of a wooden frame that supports the sink and the top. The sink is made of white mosaic, as this is the material of choice for bathroom sinks nowadays, but the top of the console is made of Carrara marble, which is famous all over the world for its quality and finesse, not to mention price. There are three drawers you can use for storing things and there is also some space underneath where you can set a wicker basket or something similar or even use it for storing detergents and all. This elegant piece of furniture is white, so you can match it with any kind of bathroom design and it is available for $1,499.00.

Laufen Living Square vanity unit with shelf

I have never given too much thought to the furniture I have in the house until I wanted to replace it and buy some new one. And then I saw there is a wide range of offers, of products of different sizes and shapes that you can buy for different prices. You would never dream how many people are involved in manufacturing a simple product like a simple bathroom vanity. The process begins with the ideas that spark inside the designer’s head (in this case the guys from Phoenixdesign) , then move to the project and finish in the manufacturer’s hands. Then the products finally get in the store (either normal or online). So I have chosen this nice Laufen living square vanity that also has a bathroom shelf for today.

It is rectangular and nice, with a shelf made of wood where you can store the things you need in a bathroom like the towels, the toilet paper, the shampoo and so on. This vanity looks incredibly modern and perfect for the young families and brings a modern touch to your bathroom. You can request the price from the manufacturer.

Art Basin “Cup” by Artceram

Usually in the early morning, most of us are very sleepy. So, nothing is more refreshing than a strong and nice cup of coffee. You have just to imagine the steaming cup and feel the nice aroma and you will feel fresh and ready to start a new day again. It fills you up with dynamism and energy.

If you want to keep this image and have another one in reality in your own bathroom then this “cup” basin is the right choice. It creates the same fresh atmosphere that can make your day become better and full of action.


Glamour Collection of Bathroom Cabinets from Eurolegno

A nice looking house that shows luxury and good taste is incomplete without an appropriate bathroom furniture.But if you have this modern and elegant bathroom cabinet like presented by Eurolegno in its amazing Glamour collection, you must first make sure your bathroom is large enough to offer enough space for these cabinets and value them. The collection is a combination of past classical elements and modern art, so it’s more than just furniture, it’s art. All the cabinets were made by the Architect Marco Poletti who intended to bring a fresh view to the old bathroom cabinets that used to be so popular during the Victorian era for example.


Green Bathroom Vanity from Duebi Italia

Bathrooms are pretty important for our homes, so we should pay more attention to them. I mean you can organize and design a very nice looking bathroom with little effort by simply purchasing a very good taste bathroom vanity and matching it with the rest of the room. Let’s take for example this amazingly refreshing green bathroom vanity from Duebi Italia that belongs to the Forma P collection. It has more items that complete each other , allowing you to store all the thing you need in the bathroom in nice looking slim and graceful cabinets, a round mirror with a nice light green and white flower pattern on the frame and also a modern sink and faucet.


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