Bathroom Faucets

Skip Diamond Faucet by Maier

Beautiful, sparkling and luxury objects have always been eye catching. People are attracted to all that looks fine, refined and glamorous. Jewelries, expensive cars, gorgeous dresses are things which impress us more if their design is attractive, bright and modern.If you have a modern kitchen or bathroom, Maier has a proposal for you.

It presents you these skip diamond faucets which come from Spain.Usually, faucets are not items that can be attractive designed. They are practical objects which we all need in our kitchens or bathrooms.


Attractive LED Faucet Lights

There are many people who love to make all kind of changes in their houses. They always try to be fashionable so, they change their furniture or other modern accessories which have just appeared on the market and are new.

Another solution is to add a new element in order to change the whole atmosphere.This is the case of these LED faucet lights. They can be used for both bathroom and kitchen and they are LED faucet lights attachments which bring color into your rooms.Everybody will be attracted to the way the water falls blue, red or other color. They will create a special atmosphere which will definitely be more distinctive than the previous one.


Modern Bathroom Faucets by THG

Imagine yourself on a desert island. You are here to enjoy all the freedom you need and all the delights that nature can offer you.One of these delights can be a bath that you can take under a waterfall. It will make you feel fresh, dynamic and will make you forgot about all the bad thoughts that you may have.These modern bathroom faucets remind you of this image of the waterfall because the water flows the same way.

The designer thought of combining these delights with the contemporary shapes and modern materials and created these wonderful modern bathroom faucets. They create such a relaxing atmosphere that makes you think of a spa saloon. You can add the romantic candles, the soft music and the scented oils and you will feel like in the seventh of delights. There is also a romantic atmosphere created by them and you can enjoy of it with someone that you love.


3 Luxury Swarovski Bathroom Faucets

Faucets can add luxury & charm to your bathroom.There are many types and styles of luxury faucets to pick from. Those with Swarovski are true jewelry.Give your bathroom a “little” attention with these sleek, chic crystal bathroom faucets.

Swarovski Azeta Bathroom Faucets by Webert

Designed by a Italian company Webert, Azeta Bathroom Faucets feature a minimalist look and complemented by the polished chrome treatment and as the finishing touch, dressed up with a Swarovski crystals.This collection was special designed for a feminine bathroom.


Oceania bath collection by THG

The legend says that starfish are actually stars fallen from heaven and now trapped within the waves of the sea. Well, starting from this beautiful idea the designers from THG Paris used Murano glass to obtain incredible translucent effects for the knobs in the bath collection called “Oceania”. The name of the collection gives us a hint about the source of inspiration for the designers: the ocean and the life forms inside it, the starfish in particular. The objects in the collection include a wall shower and lav set, a lav set, a tub set and handle, all in the same shape of starfish that seem carved in an surreal translucent material.

The delicate handles have tiny indentations as they try to respect as accurately as possible the natural shape and aspect of a starfish and the result is amazing. If you associate this nice collection with a blue flooring , walls or even tub, you will have the perfect atmosphere for an ocean inspired corner in your own home.


Tapi or the portable water fountain

If you have children then you know that going out for a walk can be a real adventure and you can be forced to find solutions for the most unusual and unexpected problems. And the smaller they are the bigger the trouble. For example they are always thirsty and if they forgot their water bottle at home or simply finished it they will start screaming for some water. But what to do when there is no shop around and the only source of water is an old nasty looking public tap and there are no cups anywhere near you? This can be a serious problem, as kids don’t know how to sip water from your cupped hands. Well, fortunately, some smart guys from Dreamfarm have thought of this situation and invented Tapi.

Tapi is an original rubber device that can be easily attached to any tap and can be removed after using. It can be used as such or , if you squeeze its end, it will look like a water fountain and your kid will be able to drink that water that springs out of it on the side of the tap.


Unusual bathroom faucet with ball ripples

If you are sick and tired of your plain bathroom faucet and you want something modern and futuristic then you came to the right place. I will make you a suggestion that you can’t refuse – to quote from a famous movie. Here is the Water ball ripples bathroom faucet that can be called anything but ordinary and usual. It is a very nice-looking and interesting, but at the same time unusual bathroom faucet that has some ripples , a metal ball, but no tap. It was designed by Smith Newnam, a very talented designer and presented by Yanko Design and I must tell you that these guys have shown some incredible ideas over the time.


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