Bathroom Faucets

Brass Waterfall Tub Faucet with Stainless Steel Spout

I sometimes think that it would be really boring if all people were the same and all things around us would look just the same. That is why I like unique and unusual things. Why should you have a normal bathroom faucet for example when you can have a very special one like this Brass Waterfall Tub Faucet with Stainless Steel Spout? It brings a special style to your home, the freshness of a waterfall that you can see in the mountains. It is nature in small replica.


Kraus Frosted 14” Glass Vessel Sink

Things you choose to place in your bathroom are very important for the overall look of this room. So if you have a small bathroom specialists advise you to use glass accessories in order to make it look larger than it actually is. So I found this beautiful glass vessel sink from Kraus and I came to the conclusion that these designers really know what they are saying. The sink is made of solid tempered glass and has a frosted finish. The faucet that comes with this sink is available in Chrome, Satin nickel, Antique brass and Oil rubbed bronze finishes. The cartridge inside the faucet is made of ceramics and this ensures a high quality and resistance.

There is only one lever that helps you control the water temperature and volume, too. It is manufactured by Kraus and it is guaranteed a life time warranty. If you like what you see you can purchase it online for $200.

Goccia – a graceful handmade faucet collection

Goccia is a collection designed by Prospero Rasulo for Italian brand Gessi. It’s a collection of faucets which has been inspired by water. What better inspiration source for a faucet than water itself. You’ll notice that the faucets have very graceful designs with curved lines and elegant shapes. They are also handmade which quite uncommon these days, but it only makes them more special and unique. In order to emphasis the fact that water stood at the base of this collection, it has been names Goccia, which means “drop”.

The collection features several different designs and all of them are elegant and stylish. The faucets are available is brushed chrome or chrome with either white or black finishes. Another very interesting detail about this collection is that the tap is eco-friendly using water-saving technology. So not only that you’ll have a unique, handmade faucet in your home, but you’ll also be able to save up to 50% of the water. Goccia is a remarkable collection distinguishable not only because of the beauty of the designs but also because of the preoccupation for the environment.


Elegant Acquaviva Swarovski Bathroom Faucet by Bongio

Many people love luxury and glamour. Most of them are attracted to sparkling objects that may embellish their homes or even their everyday life. Nothing will make them feel more satisfied and pleased then the view of a sparkling jewelry or an elegant and luxury decorative object or modern home acquisition.

Sometimes they choose these objects as a necessity, a simple pleasure or a way of soul therapy. It is said that those who like jewelry and are upset they become more joyful or forget more easily about their problem when they buy jewelry or sometimes just a simple object for their own person.


Touch faucet with LED lights

Nowadays people seem to be more and more concerned with the way their home looks like. They try to make it look as modern as they can. However, even though the furniture and the decorations are modern, sometimes people forget about basic stuff like the faucet for example.

It’s true that most faucets look and even act the same. Still, there are some very interesting models that will help your kitchen or bathroom be at the same level with the rest of the house in terms of technological improvements. USO is a semi-automatic faucet designed by KWC. It has a very simple design and it’s made entirely of stainless steel so you don’t have to worry about its durability or safety.


Refreshing ceramic bird bath

When spring first comes, the first noticeable thing are the birds that come back from other exotic places and their beautiful song that enchants our ears. Everybody loves birds, no matter how old or how friendly that person is. For those who enjoy watching these little creatures and listening to their beautiful song, Eva Solo has created this beautiful ceramic bird bath that can be incorporated in any garden, deck, terrace or other open space.

It’s a very nice decorative piece that allows you to closely admire these beautiful creatures while still respecting their privacy and freedom. The structure is composed of a ceramic dish, a decorative water supply, all on a tall metal spike with rubber on the metal pole to stabilize the whole structure. The piece us very good-looking and simple and it’s also frost resistant so you don’t have to worry about it during the winter.

Eva Solo also designed other similar pieces like bird feeders or small bird houses. If you’re a bird lover this is the designer you should work with. You can turn your garden into a very pleasant space where people and birds can peacefully coexist. It’s not difficult at all and I’m sure the little cute creatures will be very thankful for your gesture as they will have a quiet place to relax, wash their feathers, drink some water or eat some seeds.

SEESAW faucet

Faucets might not seem like a very interesting subject. They are basically a standard choice. People usually spend very little time choosing the faucet for their bathrooms and kitchens and this is a big mistake because basic and elementary fixtures are also important. Take this design for example. It’s a revolutionary faucet because it introduces the concept of economy.

The SEESAW faucet was designed by Han Chanher and its main purpose is to minimize water wasting. It’s called the SEESAW faucet because it uses the principle as the seesaw. This way, when the soap dispenser on one side is pushed down from the neutral position to release soap, the tap on the other side is raised and its flow is prevented. And this is how the up-and-down movement of the seesaw inspired this clever piece.


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