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The Perfect Adventure Homes – Tiny, Mobile And On Wheels

Sometimes it’s fun to go on an adventure with just a backpack and the little things that can fit in it. Other times a little more comfort is welcomed. If you really want to enjoy every destination you choose you should have a mobile home to take with you. We have the perfect examples to inspire you.

Walking House.

This particular structure is a self-sufficient home which you can take with you to any desired location. It’s called The Walking House (maybe a reference to The Walking Dead although it’s much more exciting than that).

The tiny house was designed by N55 and is equipped with solar panels and micro windmills and it even has a composting toilet and a rainwater collecting system.


Stunning Rustic House With Traditional Features Near Piatra Neamt, Romania

There comes a time in our life when we get tired of living in the city. Nothing compares to the authentic experience of a rural home, especially if you’re looking for a slower pace and a healthier way of life. I almost feel the fresh air in my lungs when I see the pictures of this wonderful rustic house.


15 Contemporary Houses And Their Inspiring Garages

The garage is often the part of the house which gets overlooked. It may not be as important for you as the living room or bedroom but, when you think about it, it’s your car’s home. So how would you design the garage in your own home if you had the opportunity? Perhaps these examples can help you figure that out.

Roof Car Park House.


Huge Private Home Built From 31 Shipping Containers In Australia

When you think of houses or any other structures built from shipping containers you usually imagine something small and compact. Well, bigger projects can also be created. For example, this is a residence found in Queensland, Australia. It’s a big home with 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a study, a home office, a workshop and a gym and it was built using a total of 31 shipping containers.

The house was designed by Todd Miller of Zeliger Buile. It measures a total of 6,000 square feet and it’s an impressive on the outside as it is on the inside.


Tiny House On Wheels Featuring a Smart and Modern Design

Not everyone enjoys to live in a small space when something bigger and more spacious is available. However, it’s all about preferences. For Andrew and Gabriella Morrison, the perfect home measures 221 square feet and was built by the couple.

Being a professional builder definitely has its advantages. In this case, for example, it allowed the couple to reduce the cost of the construction and to also control all the little details.


House Designs Featuring Glass Extensions – Enjoy Nature From The Comfort Of Your Home

Adding an extension to an already existing residence is quite common. But building a glass extension is a whole different story. Glass is the perfect material if you wish to get in touch with nature and the landscape surrounding you but still to be able to enjoy the comfort of being indoors. You might think that a glass extension only looks good on a modern or contemporary home but, as you’ll see, that’s not necessarily true.

Minimalist glass extension.


20 Of The World’s Narrowest Houses – Comfort In A Tiny Space

When designing or building a home, size matters but it’s not the most important thing. In fact, there are lots of tiny houses which look incredibly inviting and comfortable. Today we’re going to take a look at some of the world’s narrowest houses and see how they were designed and how functional they really are.

Keret House – from 122 centimeters and 72 centimeters in its narrowest spot.


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