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British Studio Converts An 18th Century Barn Into A Modern Home

Looking now at this charming house, there’s not much that relates it to an old barn other than maybe the shape. But you’d be surprised to know how it really looked like before the renovation. This building was originally an 18th century dilapidated barn located in Yorkshire. But then British studio Snook Architects started working on a very interesting project. Their task was to transform the barn into a modern home.

The Cat Hill Barn had been abandoned for years before the team was asked to rebuild the whole thing. Their task was not easy. It’s often easier to build something from scratch than to rescue a ruin.


A Tower Vacation Home Hovers Over The Forest Offering Views Of The Mountains

One of the best things about most vacation homes are the views. That’s because they’re usually located either in a secluded area, surrounded by trees and vegetation or in an open area with panoramic views over the distant landscape. What would be even better would be to have them both. Although it can be difficult to achieve, it’s possible. Take this vacation home for example.

Located in Upstate New York, this tower house sits in a the middle of the forest and yet it offers panoramic views of the lake and mountains in the distance. It’s all thanks to its unusual design. The Tower House was designed and built by GLUCK+.


Contemporary Meadow Refuge In Spain With Views Of The Mountains

Located in Segovia, Spain, this modern house was built here in 2011. Its owner bought the meadow 15 years ago but it was only recently that he decided to build a house here. The architects responsible for the design are ch+qs arquitectos.

The house is a tranquil refuge and a wonderful holiday home. It offers views in two directions: east and west. To the west, you can see rocks and trees and to the east you can admire the mountains in the distance. The house is not very big. It has an elongated, rectangular shape with clean and simple lines characteristic to modern and contemporary designs.


48 Sqm Contemporary Winter Retreat In The Chilean Forest

Located in the forest between Araucarias and Oaks, in Chile, this beautiful cabin was built in 2013 and it was designed by MC2 arquitectos. It occupies a total area of 48 square meters and it has a beautiful contemporary design. The location in wonderful as the cabin has easy access to the ski resort.

The cabin was intended as a winter retreat and thus is features reduced dimensions. It’s a serene and tranquil refuge and a great place from where to observe and admire the nature. The design is simple but eye-catching.

The cabin is shaped like a slightly inclined prism and it’s oriented north, overlooking a small waterfall. The north-oriented facade features a large window/glass wall. Throughout the cabin there are also a series of smaller and strategically placed windows which allow ventilation and focus on specific views to be admired from each angle.


Columns: Inside and Outside the House

Inspired by Grecian and Italian architecture, columns can make or break a room or porch. Although the upkeep may subside you decision, the beauty and texture of the right column set in the right space, will change your mind. Take a peek at some of our ideas and inspirations and decide whether or not you want to take on the challenge.

1. Backdoor Beauty.

Accent the backdoor near the breakfast nook or kitchen with a pair of these modern beauties. Just adds that extra bit of oomph needed to finish the space.


White House Facades – Classical, Versatile And Always Beautiful

A while ago we discussed black house facades and we gave some inspiring examples for you to check out. Today we’re going to talk about white facades which are basically the opposite. White is a very bright color and it’s usually a shade chosen when you want to make a space feel larger or more open. But what about the facade of a house? Well it’s pretty much the same thing.

White is a nice color for houses with traditional designs

A house with a white exterior has a very clean and appealing look. But it also looks very conventional and classical. A white facade doesn’t exactly make a house stand out.


Beautiful, Green Houses: Of All Shades

We’re always so focused on the interior of our homes that we forget there’s an exterior that needs to be paid attention to too! It’s all in the details, from the colors to the shudders to the trimmed bushes around the back patio. And today, we’re showing off the best of the best in green. Green is the color of life and nature, it breathes health and vibrancy into any space but it also stands out among the rest of the houses in the neighborhood when used on the outside. Take a peek at some of these beautiful, green houses of all shades and styles!

1. Olive Secrets.

This small and cottage-esque house looks beautiful and subtle in this rich shade of olive. We love it’s smooth lines and how it blends it with its natural surroundings.


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