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Bringing Architecture To The Next Level: 18.36.54 House By Daniel Libeskind

The world of architecture and design is constantly changing, from year to year.  It’s not easy to come with something new in these fields. People tend to be reluctant if they are not used with a certain shape or structure.  This is the kind of house that makes you wonder how far architecture can get.


10 A-frame House Designs – For A Simple Yet Unforgettable Look

Building an inviting and impressive house is a complex project and one of the first steps is choosing the shape and the exterior look. An A-frame house is simple, someqhat conservatory actually yet it’s also intriguing and unforgettable. Also, you can customize it and come up with your own version for your dream house.


Colorful Rustic House With Traditional Romanian Motifs

What makes a house become a home? Coziness, comfort, personality, that warm feeling that comes over you once you open the door? The next one has everything we just mentioned, and one more thing: Romanian traditional elements.


The Loft Bauhaus – Contemporary, Rustic Style

A gorgeously modern residence – the Loft Bauhaus – is located in Brasilia, Brazil and blends beautifully the elements of contemporary design and rustic warmth. Add the gorgeous views and wonderful location to the mix and you get a perfect home.

Although this transparency doesn’t offer much privacy, the purpose becomes obvious at night when everything is peaceful and calm and you can relax in the living room and admire the surroundings.

Sliding glass panels create a seamless transition between outside and inside and serve to open up the space – literally and visually. It’s not easy to tell where “inside” begins (at first, the home’s living room just looks like a beautifully bedecked patio).


Renovated Farmhouse Introduces Modern Living But Maintains Rustic Charm

Built in the late 1800s, a 288-square-meter farmhouse in Germany has become an idyllic example of the best of both worlds– then and now – in home design.

The exterior allows the farmhouse to beautifully fit into the surroundings thanks to the overall traditional charm.


Mini Prefab Accommodations For A New Sort Of Vacation Experience

When you’re trying to get away from everything and everyone and just relax for a few days and enjoy your vacation, staying in a crowded hotel full of people is not exactly an ideal choice. It would be much more charming to find something a little more private and secluded.Carre d’Etoiles offers such an option.

This is one of their mini prefab accommodations. It’s a cube-shaped structure big enough for four persons. It was designed for those who really wish to get away from it all. The compact structure is luxurious yet rustic.


Spacious Mansion In South Africa With Views Of The Garden From Almost Every Room

The way I see it, the only reason to live in a house and not in an apartment is if you want to have a closer connection with nature and if you have a big garden. The clients that requested this impressive residence in Johannesburg, South Africa, seem to share the same vision.

The project is named House Duk. The residence was designed by Nico van der Meulen Architects and one of the main requests was a strong connection with the outdoors, particularly with the garden. As a result, the team came up with the perfect layout for such a lifestyle.


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