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Pioneer Springs Ranch

Pioneer Springs Ranch was built in 2004 and is located in the Snowmass Village area of scenic and still pricey Aspen, Colorado.The living space is over 13,000 square feet featuring seven bedrooms including a master suite, two media/family rooms, a fabulous bar with a fireplace, a walk-in closet, a private office and an exercise room.

As you can imagine, an estate in the luxury and famous resort Aspen, Colorado is pretty expensive, but it’s not just the location that makes it worth the money. It’s the area covered by the ranch, the number of rooms, the interior design and the things used for decorating it, the details that make the whole and they certainly did a great job this time.

The ranch looks big and welcoming, both on the inside and outdoors, too, with comfortable sofas placed near the outdoor pool and beautiful flowers in among the tables on the terrace. It’s not just a home for two but it is made to have lots of guests. The house has a pretty traditional way on the outside, but it has all the things you need – all of them really expensive and in good taste. So if you want to buy it or just want to see what a property of its value looks like, take a look.

Refined mixture of classic and modern in a London home

Old and new, traditional and modern, rustic and contemporary, these contrasting combinations are always interesting and always created in a unique way. In the case of this beautiful property in Belgravia, London, the mixture of old and new comes in the form of accent details that are reminiscent of the Victorian style combined with modern features.


Trailer wrap project of Michael Hughs

Have you ever imagined the modern mobile homes that you can take away along with you wherever you go. The latest trailer wrap project by Michael Hughs is the best thing that can happen in the world of architecture in this field of trailers.

Now you do not have to pack your stuff and clothes anymore but you can carry your house along with you wherever you go. It is designed beautifully and also provides you with your personal lobby that is open so that you can enjoy the view around you completely.

Yes, it’s true. These pictures were taken inside a trailer, not inside a normal home, I mean one that is built on land. Maybe the designers were inspired by snails which can carry their house with them everywhere they go, so they designed something similar for human beings, too. You only need the wish to buy it and then you have the freedom to travel all over the world in your own home. Look at the fantastic interior design.

The choice of wooden panels and floors and the minimalist, yet very useful furniture is amazing. You have there everything you need, even if in smaller sizes, but cleverly arranged. And the idea of saving some space for the “lobby” where you can stay indoors and savour your meal and yet being able to enjoy the view is just brilliant.

House by Angelo Cassiello

The grand view house by Angelo Cassiello is something that can be completely compared to heaven. It is designed so beautifully that you will never want to go out of this house. It dazzles in the night and looks flawless during the day.

Everything, right from the interior to the garden outside is perfectly coordinated with the design of the house. You can enjoy the beautiful surroundings around you. Each and every part of the house is designed with the latest furniture and gadgets.

The living room area is very well delimited by the stone walls and the use of stone can be also seen in the way he arranged the bathroom. This feature gives the house a rustic appearance or better said a touch of rustic cabin, but somehow combined with all the benefits of technology. Glass is heavily used , but in a very clever way, so  it gives you the idea of space, freedom and cleanliness and adds an extra feature to the house architecture, leaving you the possibility to admire the surroundings from indoors.

The rooms are spacious and have high ceilings, giving you the permanent idea of freedom and open space and the furniture is really comfortable and large enough to make you feel fine. Everything in it is examined to the tiniest detail and chosen carefully so as to fit the whole picture like a piece of the puzzle.

A striking design for the Singapore Civic & Culture cenre, shaped like a ship

Here’s a building that you can definitely not miss. Its unusual design and striking shape are guaranteed to catch your eye from a distance. This is the Singapore Civic & culture centre and it was designed by Aedas. The building is more or less shaped like a ship and has a majestic allure. But wait till you see the interior.


Curvy spiral house design

Are you looking for a place where you can hide or can call up all your friends for a private party? The exquisite colorful, creative and curvy spiral house design is something that you will love to own. It looks magical in various colored shells that have been used to design it from outside. The shell house is equally beautiful and surprising from inside as it is from outside. The place has a great décor from inside and everything is created to make you feel as if you are living in a sea shell.

As you can see from the pictures above, the source of inspiration for the architects (Senosiain Arquitectos) was a sea shell, as it offers a unique shape, which is quite unusual for a house. The house is made of steel and a combination of concrete that form together a very durable structure, able to go through a serious earthquake without any damage.

But the base, the structure was completed by the amazing details like this colourful stained glass that brings an almost unreal atmosphere. Add the interior design and you will get one of the most wonderful places to ever visit.{found on dornob}

Romantic Apartment Interior by K2LD Architects

Small spaces are always a challenge to decorate. You have to be more careful about which colors you use and to not fill them too much. Here is a Apartment of Westwood, designer by K2LD Architects. The designer choosing minimalist furniture and natural color to create warm interior tones. Lights can add so much to your apartment, for this apartment the K2LD Architects realized a romantic atmosphere. If you have one of these small places to decorate and are looking for some advice you should take a look at this pictures.

So if you’re not decided yet how to decorate your apartment, maybe this would be a nice choice. It’s both modern and romantic. So if you plan on sharing the apartment with your partner, it could be the best choice. Everyone has its own preferences when it comes to interior designs. People often know what they want but they are having trouble finding it. And sometimes they have no idea what they want and they just make their decisions on the spot. So in this case some extra help is always welcomed. We present you a few options to choose from or to be inspired by.


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