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Luxury London Property By Finchatton

Probably you know that London’s most prestigious developers, has fully remodeled this traditional brick and render four-storey townhouse into an exceptional four-bedroom, four-bathroom house. The outcome is a property with an understated, worldly sophisticated and timeless elegance.

At Chester Row Finchatton has created a property where natural light permeates from roof line to lower ground floor, thanks to glass walls, a floating staircase, strategically placed double height mirrors and subtle chrome detailing. Combined, these create vertical and horizontal vistas throughout the property.

Finchatton has extended the property through additions to the lower ground and second floors and by digging down to create a new basement level which houses the Crestron cinema room with 90” screen and Dolby Digital surround sound. Basically, as you can see from the photos displayed here, this luxury property offers you everything you could possibly dream of, all very refined and impeccable taste and quality things, luxury at its best. {found on adelto }

Coser House By Architect Marcio Kogan

Here is a Brazilian architect,  Marcio Kogan who has revealed a project named Coser House. Enclosed in the boxed ground floor, the living room sits in a central position in the home, accompanied by wide windows that open the living room to external space. Marcio Kogan gave a sensation of coziness in Coser House,  accentuated by the texture of the concrete ceiling made with a narrow wooden framework. In this way, a desired horizontal proportion for this project is created.{via gradientmagazine }

I am not an expert , but I have eyes to see and I live in a house, so I can tell when something looks really great and my opinion is that this house does. It is large, so the architect and the interior designer had the possibility to play with shape and colours and angles and all the details that need to be considered when you want to obtain a beautiful house in the end. But, in spite of being made of concrete and all the other modern materials, this house is continuously connected to the natural environment surrounding it and it is open to nature. The living room area gets directly in the garden and the trees are surrounded by the luxury tiles. The area around the house is covered with wooden flooring and the transition to the natural surroundings is pleasant this way. Modern furniture sits next to natural trees and everything is perfectly fit, giving the Cosy atmosphere intended by the designer.

18th Avenue Residences by Dwell Development

Dwell Development is a focused design and construct company that is dedicated to creating homes in Seattle that are ecologically sound and a positive addition to the community.

Dwell Development has recently completed this community of four freestanding single family residences in the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Seattle. Each house has unique layout including lofty living spaces, luxurious master suites with private balconies and bonus/media rooms.The 18th Avenue interior is beautiful with nice design and a good color contrast.The finishes are high-end and eco-friendly including: Ann Sacks tile with 30% recycled content, Australian Cypress flooring, Jenn Air glass front appliances and more. Everything in this residence breathes air and a lot of space. The fact that the property has plenty of room to cover allowed the interior designer to play with colours and furniture and to add a lot of decorative objects.

The inside of the house is painted in warm shades of beige and in white, which makes the rooms appear even more spacious. The furniture is carefully chosen and fits the overall design of the room, being either beige or black and even natural wood in colour. The interior is totally modern and simple, yet showing good taste and style. The simple chair next to the table is ergonomic and classy, black and pretty expensive. All the rooms are discretely lit by the many lighting spots placed in different corners of the house. A great place to live in to summarize. {found on Dwell Development }

Thailand Wood Prefab Houses

This project is made by a non-profit group of student architects – designed these unusual wood prefab houses, Soe Ker Tie Hias, which translates to “Butterfly Houses,” in Noh Bo, Tak, Thailand. The Butterfly Houses is eco-friendly made, with a natural ventilation. Made from bamboo, the homes are prefabricated and assembled on site, adding to their sustainable appeal.

It’s not a very durable and resilient house, but still, it’s very creative. It’s an interesting house, with a creative design. It’s not so often that you see butterfly house made from bamboo. It has more than an unusual shape and an original material choice. It also has that cool natural ventilation system. It’s just a small project but maybe the idea will catch on and it will be incorporated in larger projects.


Guirey Residence – Arizona Architecture Classic

Originally designed and conceived in the 1940s, it grew with the Architect’s family and needs.Nowadays the house remains a shining example of regional Modernism that has been untouched and unaltered by trend or fashion, maintaining a timeless elegance that clearly speaks about the place we live, the time and materials we used, and an ethic of scale.

The spaces are filled with perfectly filtered light that is carefully balanced with well-designed overhangs, trellis and thoughtful plantings. The spaces are generous yet comforting, offering simple details like the large working kitchen, clever storage and woodwork that nears perfection. The interior is cosy and comfortable, not very modern, but you have everything you need. The terrace is partly covered so as to protect those who want to have dinner there even if there is a bit of rain or cloud. Most of the building material is wood and this gives the residence a familiar air, as if you were feeling at home even if you are just visiting. Comfort and generosity, space and family.{via azarchitecture }

Panama House, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan designed for art. Located in São Paulo, the house makes a powerful but subdued statement in its low, open, elongated elegance. All levels of the three-storey house — including the bedrooms, office, gardens and patio. But this is not just another ordinary house you can see everywhere. The house is a bit special because its owner also intended to use it as an open exhibition for his collection of modern art pieces. That is why Marcio Kogan had more to do than simply design a building meant for living. It had to be appropriate for the owner’s intention to show his exhibits. Any way, the designer did a very good job and you can see a very modern and some times futuristic residence which has some appropriate places where you can admire sculptures or paintings that do not hide nor stand out too much.

All the sculptures are very well p-laced to be valued – for example in very large hallways where there is a lot of light thanks to the huge windows. The pool reflects the stones in the wall and this way you realize that the house is made of modern materials like concrete and plastic, which is combined in a very fortunate way with wood and stone – which are specific tot he traditional Brazilian buildings. The house has all the rooms you might need spread on the three floors, including a gym and a pool and a garage, but it also has exhibit and living areas.

100% wood and stone house

Litmus completely renovated this former home of an esteemed horticulturalist, preserving its original landscaping and relocating its main entrance. A farmhouse kitchen, dining room and living room are one communal space with an outdoor living room. The home is grounded by quartzite from the owner’s Montana property.

The house looks very traditional for a mountain cottage or even bigger house, but after it has been restored it is now equipped with many technological appliances and you have all the comfort that you need there. The solid foundation made of mountain rocks is perfect for holding a heavy building without any problem and without the fear you can’t add any more storeys to it.

It has a beautiful location and you can admire the scenery around it from the front porch. This one and also a big part of the interior and exterior design of the house is made of wood, the material of choice for this area. {found on limus}.

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