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James Stock well’s Leura House

Planning of settling down between the valleys to stay closer to the nature! James Stock well Architect has come up with solid solution to satisfy all your housing desires. The masterpiece of architect created by James is located in New South Wales in Australia. The house is big enough to accommodate your big family easily. It is designed smartly to provide you enough space in style. The interior of the house is adorned with contrasting and superb furniture.

The house glows like heaven in the night and will make you keep on admiring its influential architect. The wooden work and the window glasses are evergreen and will make you want to say WOW! Even after years of living in it. The window allows plenty of sunlight during the winters and keeps the house insulated. You can enjoy the view of the vast natural beauty spread along several kilometers near the house. The upper storey of the house provides you with calm and enjoyable lounge room.

Casa Monte na Comporta – a personal luxury resort far away from all distractions

A vacation house or a holiday home should be located somewhere beautiful, far away from all the noise and traffic in the city, where one can go to relax and unwind. In other words, it should be more like this. Casa Monte na Comporta is located in Portugal, in a vary beautiful and open area with magnificent views and natural landscape.


North Office Interior by Skylab Architect

Designed by Skylab Architecture, this office design concept targets a branding company that has their 10,000 square feet.The design responds to alternative social interactions-cooking, eating, lounging, and gaming-that inspire creative work. Workstations are replaced with modular structures, furniture and equipment defined around each activity. Collaboration is based on portability and a cluster-on-demand breakaway from the traditional static office.

The overall impression of the design is that of professionalism, but every now and then you can see some details that make a certain room, office or recreation place special. For example all the furniture is dark in colour and pretty conservative, but the atmosphere in the offices is brought a funny touch by the little golden lamps on the desks or tables.

As a matter of fact the dark colours are dominant in the working area because the lunch area for example is quite light and using white and transparent materials, this way being able to relax the brain and eyes. They use both plastic and other synthetic materials, together with raw wood and the result is spectacular. Any way, the overall impression is great.

Horizontal Space by Duilio Damilano

The Italian architect Duilio Damilano has constructed a sleek sideways home that showcases sleek, simple lines and substantial rectangular shapes.The house is about 300 square metres (3230 square feet), with 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.

Horizontal Space by Duilio Damilano

This building is not called “Horizontal space” for nothing. It is indeed a space that ranges mainly horizontally, not vertically. There are many rooms and a lot of space, but the house only has one floor, not even the bedroom upstairs as people use to. Everything is kept simple and nice, showing good taste and elegance. The colour of choice for the walls is white that goes with virtually everything inside the house, but every once in a while you can see pale shades of yellow.

Horizontal Space by Duilio Damilano

However, this omnipresent white that gives the impression of cleanliness and purity is cleverly combined with vividly red furniture like the rose armchair and the visual effect is great. Big windows and wide terraces make it an almost open space and the overall picture is that of a “free” home.

Eco-Friendly Villa Harmoniously Embraces The Landscape

Designed by RB Arkitektur, this modern Swedish villa is a bunker-style house. It was designed to embrace the landscape and to perfectly interact with the site. In other words, instead of shaping the site, making it flat and fit for a regular building, this one was left as such as the house was molded to become a perfect match.


Stunning house on a hill with views of Lake Hollywood

Modern, elegant and quite imposing, this house is situated in Los Angeles and was a project called Arrowhead Drive. The house sits on a hill and offers beautiful views of the surrounding landscape and also of Lake Hollywood. Its design is simple and modern, with large windows, glass walls and everything your heart desires.


Modern Solar Powered Beach House

With the rising cost of power in this current economic crisis and the environmental toll it takes on the earth people are starting to look at DIY Solar Power as a real alternative. It makes sense to turn to a more natural, cheaper sustainable source to fulfill our energy needs. What could be more natural than harvesting the energy given of by the sun?

Zero Energy Design is one of not many studios that think about a house design.Here is one of their creation.A beach house which was designed to become perfect accommodation of a large family when their living their Boston residence for weekends and summers.With many bedrooms with a extraordinary water view, your morning days will be beautifully.


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