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Remarkable contemporary residence in the Sao Paulo city centre

Often it’s the location that defines a home. It’s a detail that can tell more to a person about that space than an actual picture. Of course, we are interested in all aspects related to a residence. This one, for example, is a beautiful residence which is located in the Sao Paulo city centre. Here, in Panama, there are many remarkable elements related to the culture and to all the marvelous holiday destinations. But today we have the opportunity to take a glimpse at a private home and to see what makes it special.

The residence is a typical rental space which you can make yours for a determined period for your holiday. It’s a structure designed to be flexible and versatile as to suit a variety of preferences. The location makes this particular residence quite special. Conveniently situated near the city center, this place offers you the opportunity to be close to all the action and to be within walking distance of restaurants, clubs and many other city attractions.


New York Contemporary Single Family House

This must be one of the most spacious houses you would come across. Its entrance itself would lure you over it! A nice green view all round the house with a small pool like miniature created at the entrance looks beautiful. Nature lovers would go crazy with the way the house is surrounded by greenery.

The house looks amazing with a glass texture and a rusty border all around it. The interiors of the house are matched well, especially the color scheme. Everything is so perfectly matched that it really catches your attention. The sofa setting is placed in a beautiful part of the house and due to glass cover; one would get an awesome view of the outside happenings and greenery. Its best suited for those, who love to live and a peaceful environment.


Fully-equipped penthouse with magnificent views of the Brisbane River

Each person has a different image in mind when it comes to describing their dream home. However, a retreat or a vacation home is a whole different story. The majority would agree that this stunning penthouse is the perfect retreat. It combines a variety of stunning features and the panoramic and magnificent views of the Brisbane River is the most impressive one.


Luxury apartment with outstanding river and city views

Sure, it’s nice to have a house somewhere secluded with panoramic views of the forest, the sea or the gorgeous nature surrounding it but it can be just as wonderful to have an apartment with stunning views of the whole city. This Riparian Plaza apartment is the perfect example.


Mediterranean cliffside villa takes full advantage of its location

Given the location and the design, I’d say this is one of the most unusual buildings we had to describe so far. This luxury Mediterranean villa is perched high on a cliff and sits on an angle. Such a site would be considered impossible to build on by some but, in this case, the architects embraced it and decided to use the location to their advantage.

Beautiful views surround the villa so a design was created for the building that allows the inhabitants to enjoy them. The villa has an open top. This way light invades the interior spaces and the views and the beautiful weather can be enjoyed to their fullest. The interior and exterior spaces are seamlessly connected by large glass walls.


Kamalaya Koh Samui – a little piece of paraside in Thailand

For those of you who wish to visit Thailand, there are plenty of options when it comes to choosing a hotel or a resort. Selecting one can prove to be difficult so let us make a suggestion. The Kamalaya Koh Samui resort won the awards for “Best Welcome Retreat” and “Best Destination Spa” but don’t let this influence you. See for yourself just how beautiful this place is.

The resort is a wonderful destination if your goal is to relax and unwind. Enjoy your stay in one of these beautiful cabins, admire the panoramic views, relax outdoors, go for a swim in the pool or for a walk in the morning and get in touch with nature. The ambiance here is amazing. Of course, the resort also benefit from a wonderful location. Close to the water and surrounded by vegetation, this place offers privacy and luxury in a very charming décor.


Khayangan – Luxury Private Villa in Bali

Bali is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in the world. This wonderful Indonesian Island impresses with its tropical beauty and unique culture. Many wish to visit it and those that do never forget its charm. Dare to be one of those people and plan your next vacation. Bali would make a splendid choice. While you’re there you can spend the days in a lovely private villa. And just know what to expect, here’s a beautiful example.

This luxury private villa is fully equipped with all the facilities one could need. Its design is opulent and modern and the atmosphere is relaxing. It’s the perfect setting for a vacation far away from home. Let all your worries slip away and enjoy this beautiful piece of paradise. Relax by the pool or on the terrace, enjoy the beauty of the landscape, the views and the splendid unknown that surrounds you. The villa is situated away from the city so you’ll be able to enjoy a quiet and calm atmosphere, without noise, without a busy crowd outside the windows.


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