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OMA’s New Stock Exchange Building, An Impressive Project In China

China impresses on many levels but we’re only interested in the architecture and design. So we’ve decided to focus on a building or actually a portion of a building that is set to open very soon. It can be found in Shenzhen and it’s OMA’s new Stock Exchange. It doesn’t resemble the one on Wall Street at all. In fact, it’s quite unusual and unique.

The building has a very daring design and structure. It’s an 820 foot tower and it has one of the largest architectural cantilevers that have been ever built. The building had to stand out because it needed to be a symbol. Since the stock market these days is mostly virtual, this space will mostly be used for commercial offices. The design of the tower can be interpreted in many different ways. OMA sees the floating base as a representation of financial risk while the rest of the tower is the long spine of commercial real estate. But you could also understand why the structured is called by the locals “the miniskirt”.


Minimalist Exterior House With Beautiful Gardens in Surrey Hills

Sometimes appearances can be deceiving and everyone knows it. For example, when you first look at this residence you don’t see much. It’s very simple and not exactly impressive. But what you don’t know is that it hides a spectacular design. The landscaping on this property is just amazing and it really makes everything seem more beautiful.

The house is located in Surrey Hills, Australia. When seen from the street, it looks very simple. It has a minimalistic exterior but, even so, you can still see that great importance has been given to the landscape and vegetation. Everything is perfect. It’s a pleasure to walk on the alley towards the entrance.


A Redesigned 1940s Duplex With A Contemporary Look

The Berri Residence can be found in Montreal, Canada. It is now a beautiful residence with a modern design. But it didn’t always look like this. In fact, it was in pretty bad shape not so long ago. The residence is actually a duplex that was originally built in the 1940s. With time it got old and not that presentable. But, after the renovation, it looks like a new home once again.

The duplex has a rich history and it’s going to be around for a long time now that it has been restored and redesigned. The project was completed in 2012 and developed by Montréal-based architectural practice Naturehumaine. The goal was to redesign the interior and to make it look modern. Of course, the exterior had to look good as well. In addition to these changes, the architects also added an extension. The result was this contemporary single family home with a chic design.


A Stunning Villa With A Private Yacht Berth

If you had a yacht wouldn’t you like to travel and cruise all the day long until you get tired and want to go home. And after that, wouldn’t it be nice if you could get out of the yacht and step right into your home? It sounds wonderful and it’s not just a dream or theory. Such a place really exists. This is a wonderful collection of waterfront estates called The Royal Villas.

There are a total of six villas here and it’s easy to see why they are called “royal”. Let’s take this beautiful villa as an example. Located in the Royal Phuket Marina, in Phuket, Thailand, it’s surrounded by beautiful palm trees and flowing water. The colors are vibrant and the whole exterior resembles a paradise. The villa also has a private yacht berth like all the other villas in this collection. It’s a unique feature that makes it that more special.


Lavish Minimalist Residence in Collingwood

During winter, there’s nothing else anyone would rather do than go to a sky resort. Even if you’re not a big fan of outdoor activities, you can still have a great time there. The atmosphere is just amazing and the views are usually spectacular. Then you reach a point when you wish you could live there forever. Some people are lucky enough to do so. Take for example the owners of this lovely residence.

This chic contemporary residence is located in a private ski resort in Collingwood and was designed by designers from Atelier Kastelic Buffey. It might not look like much from the outside, but as soon as you step inside you can feel the beauty that surrounds you. The residence has a minimalist interior design, very modern and very stylish. Here, the owners are able to enjoy and admire the amazing views while relaxing in their cozy luxury home.


Enchanting Oceanfront Estate In Koh Samui, Thailand

Having an oceanfront home is many people’s dream. They often drift away and imagine themselves walking on the beach or sitting on the terrace admiring the views. But they often forget about all the other details like the exact location, the site, the design of the house and the layout of the property. If they were to think about these facts then their dream home will most likely look like this amazing estate.

This oceanfront property can be found in Koh Samui, Thailand. It’s a spectacular estate with breathtaking views and with a luxurious design. The eight-bedroom house sits on over two and a half acres of oceanfront land and offers panoramic and uninterrupted views of the ocean and the stone-tiled infinity pool.


Stylish extension featuring three reused trees from the property

When you hear the term tree house you probably picture the traditional kind: a box-like wooden structure built in a tree. Well, over the years the meaning of this term has changed. A tree house can now also be a multi-structure project that incorporates several trees or a normal building with a tree inside. If you would like to see a more unusual tree house, we have a very beautiful example.

This is an extension built for a residence in Kagawa , Japan. It was a project by Hironaka Ogawa & Associates and it was completed in 2010. The extension occupies a total surface of 50.9 square meters. When the main house was built on this site 35 years ago, there are these beautiful trees that the owners got attached to and that they wanted to incorporate in this new project.


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