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Traditional Wine Cellar Transformed Into A Contemporary Residence

This is Haus am Steinberg. It is now a contemporary residence located in Oberberg, Styria, Austria. It has a bright and chic interior with large windows and glass walls. But it didn’t always look like this. In fact, it wasn’t even a residence before the renovation.

The building used to be a wine cellar. It had a traditional design and it was used for agricultural purposes. But it came a time when the wine cellar was no longer useful so it got transformed into what is now a wonderful home. The transformation was a project by HoG Architektur. The historic building had to go through major changes in order to become suitable for living. Its structure was not exactly perfect for a home but the problem was solved by the architects.


Small cottage with spectacular views over Switzerland’s mountains

There are many beautiful regions throughout the world and the views are so stunning you just want to stay there and admire them forever. When this is the case, you don’t really care if you stay in a luxurious hotel or in a humble cottage as long as the views are the priority. It’s what makes this cottage so charming. It might not look very impressive, but it’s the simplicity that makes it special.

This small and humble cottage also called Haus Lumbrein offers amazing views over Switzerland’s snowcapped mountains. Its interior is warm and simple but it’s enough to make you feel welcomed and cozy. The façade makes it resemble a log cabin but this look was chosen in order to create this smooth transition and to allow the cottage to seamlessly integrate into the landscape and the surroundings. This creates harmony and makes the atmosphere even more charming.


House in Netherlands With A Light And Bright Interior

The first thing anyone probably notices when they first take a look at this house is the fact that the interior is very bright and very light. That’s mostly due to that very nice combination of white and wood. The wood features are all over the rooms and they have that light finish that allows them to interact with the white décor very nicely and without resulting in a contrasting mix.

Originally, this beautiful house was built in 1760. Back then it was a coach house annex stables. Later it has been converted into the spacious house that it is today. The last renovation was a project by Zecc Architects. The house, located in Breukelen, The Netherlands was renovated in 2012 and the goal then was to remove and get rid of anything that wasn’t useful. There were a lot of features that were then for now important reason. The architects wanted to make this house look simple, airy and spacious.


Charming Summer House With A Barn-Like Structure

Summer homes are usually light, bright and quite simple. In fact, this one is a perfect reflection of how a perfect summer home should look like. It’s not a luxury home but it’s not very modest either. It’s the perfect balance between luxury and simplicity. As you can see, this vacation home has a barn-like structure and design. This instantly makes it feel cozy and inviting. It’s why the white and simple interior doesn’t seem that cold in the first place.

This lovely space is wonderful for spending the holidays and a few relaxing weeks during summer. As you can see, the location is perfect for that. The views are quite charming and the surroundings and quiet and inviting. The summer house has a very nice interior. It has a total of three bedrooms as well as an open kitchen and dining area. it has a fireplace which makes it even more welcoming.The best part about this property during summer is, of course, the outdoor space.


A Modern Residence With An Unusual Shape In Tokyo, Japan

Located in Tokyo, Japan, this house is like none other. It’s not because of its architecture or interior décor although they are beautiful as well. It’s about the shape of the house and its location. The residence was designed and built by SNARK + OUVI. It sits on an area of 10,313 square meters and it was built in 2012.

Situated in Honiyo-shi, the residence is an hour and a half by car from Tokyo. This is not usually a problem but in this case there is no public transportation available so all the residents in the area have to use their personal cars. This means that they all need a garage. It’s a common denominator for all the houses in the area and this particular one is no different. But given the shape of the site, providing parking spaces near the house turned out to be a challenge.


The House House, A Pair Of Homes With An Updated Look

This is House House. As the name suggests, it’s not a single house here but two. The two homes are part of a single building but they have very different looks. They were updated by Andrew Maynard Architects for two generations of the same family. The building is located in Richmond, VIC, Australia and it has been renovated in 2012.

These two neighboring houses were in bag need of a repair and also an update. What’s interesting about them is that they are very different and yet they share the same structure. One of them is a new construction and it’s easy to see which one it is. The new structure is oriented north-south while the original one runs east-west. But this is not the only aspect that differentiates them.The designs are also very different for each house.


The Fresco House – a luxury home surrounded by nature

The first thing you notice when first looking at this home is how warm and inviting it seems. There are several reasons for that. First of all, the design is simple and this makes it user-friendly. Also, the materials that were used for the project allow it to feel warm, comfortable and inviting. Third of all, the chromatic palette has been carefully chosen as well. It includes warm colors and earthy tones such as brown, yellow and red.

All these details work together and make this home cozy and welcoming. Even when you look at it from the outside it still looks very friendly and inviting. In addition, the Fresco House also seems to have a very close connection to nature. Located in Cariló, Argentina, the house is surrounded by a beautiful forest. The architects designed it as an open space with floor-to-ceiling windows and this allows to establish a very close connection with the surroundings.


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