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The Garden House – a beautiful symbiosis between natural and artificial

It’s difficult to crate harmony between nature and artificial creations, especially on a large scale. For example, when you design a home, making it integrate into the landscape is not easy. Still, it’s not impossible. The Garden House is a beautiful example of a house that merges with its surroundings and manages to harmoniously communicate with the nature surrounding it.

The Garden House is located in Vistahermosa, Alicante, Spain. It was designed and built by Spanish architect Joaquín Alvado Bañón and the project was completed in 2012. The house has a contemporary design. It’s simple but it’s also eye-catching. One of the most beautiful features of the site is the garden. The architect wanted to take advantage of this detail so he designed the house in such a way that it offers unobstructed views of the garden while also allowing nature to become a part of it.


Old family home replaced with a new and stylish one in Vancouver

Here, on a site on Chilliwack Street in New Westminster, a suburb of Vancouver, Canada, once used to exist a family house with a rich history. It had originally been built in the 1950’s and it was quite charming. But the time came when the house became too small for its owners. Then they decided to extend the house. Since the property had a determined size, the solution they’ve chosen was to build another level.

However, this plan had to be abandoned because the conditions didn’t allow for a new floor to be added to the structure. As a result, a new solution had to be found. The final decision was to demolish the house and to replace it with a new one. All the history was lost yet the fact that the new house is built where the old one used to be allows its memory to be preserved. The clients chose Randy Bens Architect for this project.


Beautiful villa with a spectacular aquarium on the upper level

Aquariums are beautiful in more than one way. An aquarium is a way of bringing a piece of the natural environment into our home, a way of feeling closer to nature without having to leave the comfort of our home. Aquariums come in many different shapes, sizes and designs. Some are designed for display and include colorful, exotic fish and decorations while others are purely functional. The aquarium that this villa has is definitely a great display feature.

This villa is located in the Netherlands. It was designed and built by Centric Design Group and has a unique interior. The most distinguishable feature is the aquarium from the upper level. It’s a spectacular focal point. Actually, there are two aquariums, one on each side of the supporting column which is also the fireplace wall. As you can notice, the aquariums aren’t just for display. They also have a different function as they serve as banisters.


A Charming Log House In The Wilderness Of Lapland

Lapland is a charming and mysterious place. Here, in Finland, more exactly in a region called Rovanniemi, you can find a very interesting house. It’s called Villa Valtanen and it won the respected prize “A Log House of the Year”. The house was designed by Arkkitehtitoimisto Louekari. It occupies an area of 55.5 square meters and it was built in 2012.

The villa impresses not with its actual design but with the beauty of the contrasts between old and new. Houses made of wood are no longer just cabins or small retreats. Thanks to the modern technology and new treatment methods that have been discovered, they can become actual residences and large-scale projects. Lapland is not the palce where you would expect a wooden house to be cozy and warm. However, it is the case here.


A Cozy Wooden Cottage In The Mountains Of Cantabria

As a child, all you want is to have fun, to spend time with your friends and to always find something new to do or to explore. Children enjoy exploring new places and they also like to be adventurous. They particularly enjoy to explore the mysteries of the forest and to find a place that they can call their own. It’s why a wooden cottage in the forest sounds like a perfect idea.

For the children living in a region from the mountains of Cantabria, Spain, it all became reality. The local craftmen from the area built them a special place where they can gather and spend time together. It;s a lovely wooden cottage situated in the forest. The area is safe and close to their homes but it’s still far away and hidden enough for the children to feel safe and to be able to have fun. The cottage looks very simple when seen from the outside and it’s quite simple on the inside as well.


Charming retreat in Catalonia, a place with a rich history and lots of character

The whole idea of spending your vacation in an exotic place or somewhere far away from home is to experiment something new, to explore new cultures and to have a look at the history, traditions and all he things that make that destination unique. So what better place to go to than an old, rustic retreat that can allow you to be transported back in time and that lets you perfectly integrate into that particular area?

This beautiful and charming retreat is exactly what we’re talking about. Located in Catalonia, Spain, this holiday home has three centuries of history. Its rustic appearance is like a glimpse in the past. Originally built in the 1700s, the house has been rehabilitated and restored by architect Nuri Vidal. Over time, it has been the subject of many changes. It has been extended and its layout and interior design have changed as well. Currently, its owners are a couple with three children.


The luxury Kudos residence from Dorset, England

Most often, the most difficult part of building a house is choosing its location. It’s a long and challenging search and the goal is to find the location that offers the most advantages and this usually includes views and convenience. This property has it all. The Luxury Kudos residence is located in Dorset, England and it’s a contemporary home with an eye-catching design.

The striking curves and all the other architectural details are just elements that add character to the residence. The location and the elevated position of this residence offer views across Poole Harbour. As for the actual design, it’s somewhere at the limit between simple and sophisticated. The architects carefully chose every detail when designing this place and the result is a harmonious residence with just the right touch of uniqueness.


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