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A Home With A Historic Façade And A Surprising Interior

When you first lay eyes on a building that has a façade like this home has, with a historic look and intricate architecture, you definitely don’t imagine the interior being modern and colorful. But, as it turns out, the interior doesn’t always have to match the exterior. In the case of this home, it definitely doesn’t.

This is a house full of contrasts. It all starts on the exterior. It seems like a historic home but it’s not. That’s because Melbourne based Nixon Tulloch Fortey Architecture has created an extension for the house and this has changed everything. The clients wanted to preserve the façade just for the visual effect and also to emphasize the contrast. As you step inside, a whole different décor awaits you. You can find an open plan living area that’s been decorated with bright and vibrant colors. In fact, the bold colors are part of the overall design and they can be seen in all the rooms.


10 Amazing Lookout Towers Converted Into Homes

Homes in general are a subject that has so many variations and subtypes that it’s almost impossible to track them all. Yet there are some particular types of homes that stand out and that have been the subject of our attention for a long time now. Tower homes are just one example. They are interesting because of their structure and for many other reasons that we’re going to explore in this article.

Ando 4×4 tower.

We’re going to start with the 4×4 House. It’s actually a tower home and it was, initially, the result of a contest organized by a magazine. It was a project by architect Tadao Ando. That house was actually the one that inspired the creation of a second similar house in the neighboring site. With the second project the architect was able to complete his initial vision on the tower house.


Cool 10 Buildings With Funny Face Expressions

Usually all we talk about is architecture, interior design and similar things. But sometimes a building is more than just that. Today we’ve decided to take a more relaxed approach on the subject and we just found the perfect idea for this article. We’ve discovered a series of buildings which have quite interesting facades. We’re not talking about style or design but about their faces.

While the shape of the windows is quite elegant and beautiful, the house tends to seem a little evil

As a kid, the first image that came to my mind when I wanted to draw something was a house. I would make the base, then the roof and I would make the windows resemble two eyes and the door a mouth. As it turns out, there are actual buildings that feature the same characteristics. Of course, this resemblance is most likely unintentional.


A stunning tree-house community built in Costa Rica

Sometimes when you visit a place you like so much that you actually fall in love with it and wish to never leave the area. It’s exactly what happened when Mateo and Erica Hogan visited Costa Rica. The couple comes from Colorado but decided to make Costa Rica their second home. They managed to create an amazing community here.

This is Finca Bellavista or FBV. It’s a sustainable tree house community that can be found in the South Pacific coastal region of Costa Rica. The property measures 600 acres and it now features 7 tree houses and cabins. They are all available for rent. The location was crucial for this project. The couple wanted to offer their guests and clients a spectacular experience and to allow them to spend time in the middle of nature, enjoying its beauty.


Tiny Hobbit Home Carved In Bonsai Trees

Bonsai trees are very beautiful and interesting because of their size and this also makes them very cute. They are wonderful decorations but, as this artist shows us, they can become much more spectacular with a little talent and patience. Artist and bonsai enthusiast Chris Guise has created a very beautiful collection of Bonsai decorations, amongst which we found these tiny hobbit houses.

The artist has created the homes of Bilbo Baggins, Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee, the ones we’ve seen at both the beginning and the end of the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit tales. These tiny hobbit houses feature amazing details and an intricate design. They actually look like the houses described in the books and presented in the movies.


A cabin in the woods – a cozy retreat any time of the year

Every once in a while we feel the need to unwind, to get away for a while and to just relax without thinking of any of our problems. In such moments there are several options to choose from. One of them would be a nice and cozy cabin in the middle of nature. Whether it’s summer, spring or winter, a cabin is always inviting and charming. These five ones are definitely very beautiful as well.

Alpine cabin.

This is the Alpine Cabin and it can be found in Port Hardy, Canada. It covers an area of 100 square meters and it was designed and built in 2013. The project was developed by Scott & Scott Architects. It’s a snowboard cabin, great for getaways during winter. It’s the perfect place to go if what you seek is adventure.


A stylish white home with a spectacular roof terrace

Lima is a wonderful location known for its exotic charm and marvelous views. But there’s more to this place in Peru than that. Lima is also a place where architecture takes amazing forms and there are many stunning examples that could support this idea. We’ve only selected one. It’s a beautiful residence that was built in 2012.

The residence is known as the Seta House. It was designed and built by Martín Dulanto Architect and sits on an area of 136.12 square meters. The design is indeed spectacular. it’s simple but at the same time it’s also sophisticated and remarkable. Of course, such a creation needed a talented team in order to become reality. The architect in charge, Martín Dulanto Sangalli, worked with collaborators Martha Leiva, Raúl Montesinos, Juan Caycho, Paola Hagei, Pierina Sánchez and Sergio Salazar to achieve the results you see now.


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