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Bodiam Castle in England

I admit I have always been fascinated by castles and all the Medieval stuff because of all the books I read as a child. But there is something really interesting about these buildings: they have resisted the passing of time, even 500 or 600 years and most houses nowadays don’t even resist a stronger wind and get blown away. Hm, it makes you wonder if they were the stupid ones or … we are.

Any way, I have found the portrayal of my dream castle by mistake, while searching something on the Internet. It is the Bodiam Castle and it drew my attention thanks to its amazing architecture.

Old Clingstone House

Every one of us dreams of a peaceful place where you can spend the rest of your life. It should be a place which can offer you good conditions of living, a peaceful atmosphere, a place where you can feel free to do whatever you want without any disturbance.

This 103 year old Clingstone House could be one possibility for those who dream of a peaceful and comfortable place of living. It is an old mansion, situated on a rock island in Narragansett Bay, owned by the architect Henry Wood.


Chapel of the Holy Cross in Sedona – Arizona

If you ever go in the desert and you are surrounded by red rocks and miles of wilderness, the last thing you expect to see is a chapel. And not any kind of chapel but a great accomplishment of modern architecture that is placed on top of a rock, looking as if it emerged from it and half buried in it at the same time. It’s simply amazing and leaves you speechless.


Azadi Tower in Tehran – Iran

If you ever visit Iran then you must go and see the landmark of Iran’s capital -Tehran which is the Azadi Tower. It is situated at the entrance of the city and stands there like a watch tower that guards the whole city from above. It was designed by Hossein Amanat, a Canadian of Iranian origins who actually fled the country after the Revolution in 1979 and who won a contest organized for that occasion. The tower was supposed to be built in celebration of the 2500th anniversary of the Persian Empire, but it actually meant the end of the Pahlavi dynasty that was then ruling Iran. So the original name of the tower, “King’s memorial” changed into Azadi meaning Freedom.


Modern primary school design by UArchitects and LENS°ASS architecten

This new school building can be found in Bochold, Belgium and is the result of the cooperation between UArchitects and LENS°ASS architecten. Even though the main purpose of the building is to act like a primary school, it was also intended to be used as a theater, as well as for evening education.

The design is modern and the whole project was intended to create new experiences for education. It is a step forward that would hopefully make school more attractive to children. As we all know, school is not the most pleasant place to be when you’re a kid. But it is also necessary, so the best thing to do is to try to make it as pleasant as possible, because there is no 3rd choice.


Office centre “1000” or the Banknote Building

What would you say when going home one evening you saw Ben Franklin’ s face smiling at you from the building across the street? You would probably think it’s a funny commercial or something similar, but temporary, not permanent. Well, some funny guys from a design and architecture company in Lithuania thought it would be original to paint the facade of an office building in the second biggest city in the country with the image of the national banknote. This project is called Office centre “1000” , but people call it simply “the Banknote building“.


The artificial island – a new place to live

Since The population of the globe is in continuous growth, we are struggling to find solutions for that. We all need a place to live and we are running out of space. So architect Alexander Krasinski has come up with a new idea.

What he proposes is to build artificial lands. More exactly, his idea was to create an artificial land in the Persian Gulf, United Arab Emirates. It would be a nice solution for the problem of the agglomeration that the population encounters. The land would incorporate adequate infrastructure as well as an internal sea port and an airport. There you would pretty much have everything you need, the same options that you would have anywhere else, maybe even better.


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