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The artificial island – a new place to live

Since The population of the globe is in continuous growth, we are struggling to find solutions for that. We all need a place to live and we are running out of space. So architect Alexander Krasinski has come up with a new idea.

What he proposes is to build artificial lands. More exactly, his idea was to create an artificial land in the Persian Gulf, United Arab Emirates. It would be a nice solution for the problem of the agglomeration that the population encounters. The land would incorporate adequate infrastructure as well as an internal sea port and an airport. There you would pretty much have everything you need, the same options that you would have anywhere else, maybe even better.


Modern chicken coop

Even though chickens make a very benefic pet, not a lot of people would consider having them. Here’s something that might make you change your mind. It’s called The Nogg and it was designed by furniture designer and engineer Matthew Hayward and Creative Director Nadia Turan.

It’s shaped like an egg and it was design to house 2 to 4 chickens. It is also appropriate for both rural and urban environment. It’s a nice way of encouraging domestic farming by adding an elegant and modern touch to the basic chicken coop. When you see it, it makes you think: which one was first? The chicken or the egg?


Sleek and Refined Mallorca Villa

This luxury villa that I show below, is certainly a place that you want to spend the rest of life.Sleek and refined in its architectural lines, high level materials and sober tones, this Majorcan home style living helps you to spend long summer days outdoor.

The living area enjoys natural light through big windows.The sofa with chaise longue and chairs ade designed by Mart Luis Antonio Citterio for B & B Italia.


Strange Cube Home in Japan

When it comes to Japan, almost nothing surprises us anymore. However, when you look at this house, you just can’t ignore the fact that it has something special, something different and intriguing. Designed by Yuusuke Karasawa Architects, this project is truly impressing.

The exterior design is extremely simple and elegant. Shaped like a cube, this amazing home looks so peaceful and simple … until you go inside. Everything changes one you see the interior. The house is painted entirely in white, so at least the color is not stressful for the eye. But I can’t say the same thing about the structure of the interior.


O-14 Tower in Dubai

A very unusual design for a commercial tower and a very unusual name. But, then again, Dubai is not just any ordinary place.This 22-story tall commercial tower comprises over 300,000 square feet of office space and is located along the extension of Dubai Creek. It was designed by Reiser and Umemoto and the central idea was to create something special and original. And they did. O-14 is an example of how the usual office tower design was practically turned inside out.

This imposing structure has a protective structural exoskeleton and the whole building was generally created by using concrete and a lot of steel. The general appearance of this tower is just impressing and the inside doesn’t disappoint either. More than that, because of the exoskeleton that wraps the whole building, the view from inside out is more than you would ever expect from an office. Anyone who has an office in there should feel lucky.{found on archdaily}

Stylish tree house in the forests of Portland

If you’re the type of person who really loves nature, then you should embrace it and, why not, move there. This next design idea is the perfect example of how you can do that with style.Designed by Robert Harvey Oshatz Architects, this abstract and very interesting house can be found in the woods of Portland, Oregon.

The owner is a music lover and this unusual house is the perfect place to get some inspiration. It almost looks like a tree house, a very stylish one. The main level is located in a tree canopy and the entire structure is mostly made of natural materials, so it integrates in a very natural way in the surroundings.


National Bank of Dubai

One of my favourite movie quotations says: “follow the money”. Yes, if you follow the money you will find many dirty jobs, but also great things like amazing buildings and impressive architecture because those who have it, the money, want something nobody else has ever had or seen. That is why we can witness nowadays an amazing number of great buildings in Dubai, where the money flows thanks to the oil business. Well, they thought big even from the 1990s when this building was designed by the architect Carlos Ott from NORR International.


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