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Swoosh Pavilion at London Festival of Architecture 2008

Sometimes there is a big difference between the idea in your head and what you actually do in reality. That happens because in theory you do not consider many variables and also you can suddenly change your mind in the middle of something. That is why it’s always better to turn your ideas into real things and only after that draw a conclusion. That is probably what the architecture students think: it’s better to do something for real than only think about it if you want to stand out and people consider your visions.


Iconic church in Portugal

It looks more like a mall but, actually, it’s a church. A very nice one.The simple and clean design really makes it stand out, especially since the environment looks rather… boring. Designed by Roseta Vaz Arquitectos, the Boa Nova Church, as it is called, Has quickly become the most attractive and interesting monument in the city of Estoril, Portugal.

This iconic structure is a tall and very simple structure with a very futuristic look, compared to the usual kitschy churches. I would go inside this church without even thinking.


Bewildering modern residence in Chicago

The Cortland Residence is a modern and imposing structure spread over an area of 7800 square feet. It impresses with its strong but simple design, its size and its elegant interior. The Cortland Residence was designed by Nicholas Clark Architects. It can be found in a dense urban area, in a neighborhood dominated by similar structures, most of them featuring a more traditional design.

Despite the imposing design and structure, the residence is actually not that huge. The architects had to find a way to offer maximum of comfort given a limited space and without being able to count on having large surfaces to work with. Still, they managed to use the space cleverly and in their favor. Moreover, the property also has huge exterior spaces that include two large courtyards. The house has three distinct levels, each with specific functions. The rooms are spacious and have large glass windows and doors that open them and give them an airy feel.


Cube Pavilion- An Amazing Pop- Up Restaurant by Park Associati

Nature lovers or those who like to travel and admire all sort of beautiful landscapes and amazing things can declare themselves satisfied now. They will have the opportunity to experience wonderful sensations which can let you breathless.

If you are one of these persons, now you have the chance to take dinner or lunch on the highest peaks of the mountains or the highest cliffs from where you can admire beautiful buildings or wonderful landscapes. These incredible images will take your breath away.This pop-up restaurant is a mobile building designed by Park Associati. It can be placed on different high forms of relief, on the highest buildings or even on water. It can house 18 places inside and outside you can enjoy a beautiful terrace.


Minimalist California house with a neutral color palette

This modern residence is known as the Hayvenhurst House. It used to be a ranch-style house until it has been renovated and got a modern look. It was a project developed by Dan Brunn Architecture. The old house now definitely has a more eye-catching look. It might be simple but it’s also very beautiful and stylish. This allows it to have a strong visual impact.

The Hayvenhurst House has been updated and it now has a modern look. It features an open floor plan like most modern and contemporary homes. The main living area is very spacious and it has a clean and linear décor. A minimalist fireplace and a grey fireplace wall/partition is the focal point of the room. It divides the kitchen from the living room and it also makes the atmosphere feel a little more inviting. White open shelves and storage cabinets cover one of the walls and connect the two spaces.


Turning an old concrete factory into an incredible residence

From the hands of European architect Ricardo Bofill comes this incredible renovation of an old concrete factory that turned out to be an exceptional architectural project.

The architect discovered a vast cement factory, part of an industrial complex from the turn of the century, comprising over 30 silos, underground galleries and engine rooms.This was to be his future home, after a renovation that transformed the place into a modern proof that old charm can be brought back to life.


Denmark Pavilion – an architectural and structural wonder

The Denmark Pavilion generated a lot of comments last year when it was presented at the Shanghai Expo 2010. When you’ll look at the images you will realize exactly why.

This interesting structure is actually a big loop on which visitors ride around on one of the 1500 bikes available at the entrance. It is a purely artistic space that challenges your senses. It is not only imaginative from an architectural and structural point of view, but it is also a great representation of the Danish spirit. In the center you can find a big pool with very fresh water from Copenhagen harbor, one of the most clean in the world. You can even swim in the pool if you wish. At the center of the pool rises The Little Mermaid, a representative statue for Denmark that has become a symbol for this country.


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