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Secluded Green Getaway Off The Coast Of Maine

Visiting a spa or a resort can be very invigorating and rejuvenating but having your own little getaway, your own secluded sanctuary can be even better. We found the perfect example. This green cottage can be found on a small island off the coast of Maine. It makes the most out of the site and it takes advantage of the views, the weather and the beautiful surrounding nature.

The owner wanted the cottage to as close to the water as possible so it was built as close as legally allowed. The cottage belongs to a writer who got some help from his daughter when he decided to start the project. Many other possibilities were examined before this cottage became the final project.


Rustic cabin in Swan Valley made mainly of wood and stone

A getaway cabin like this one gives you the opportunity to distance yourself from your apartment and to really get to enjoy the warmth that nature has to offer. Regardless of how cozy an apartment can be, such a cabin can offer more simply because of the materials involved in its construction. The concrete can’t even be compared with the wood.

This rustic cabin can be found in Swan Valley, Montana, US and it was a project by RMT Architects. Notice how authentic everything looks. As seen from the outside, the cabin seems quite spacious and with a very nice indoor-outdoor connection given by the windows, especially the large one on the front and the outdoor living areas. The interior confirms the same ideas and also adds something to the mix: the warmth and coziness of the cabin.


Faithful Renovation Of A Waterfront House In Auckland

Renovations don’t always need to mean dramatic changes and unrecognizable structures and designs. Often, we see projects for which the main goal is to preserve the original character and as much of the design as possible. The idea is to make the structure more space-efficient and functional, to bring more light inside but not necessarily to change the style in which it was designed.

In the case of this house located in Auckland, New Zeeland, the project was developed in 2012 by Dorrington Architects. It was a renovation of the existing house and the goal was to preserve many of the original details and features.


Mediterranean Architecture As Seen On House Exteriors And Facades

Mediterranean architecture as a whole is composed of a variety of styles that include romantic settings, simple and direct looks and elaborate details. In this large category we can include buildings that are very ornate and organized as well as simplistic structures that impress with their elegance. The Mediterranean style is quite easy to recognize given a series of distinct particularities.

An imposing Tuscan residence featuring a Mediterranean exterior

The structures are usually based on a rectangular floor plan and they feature massive and symmetrical facades. This makes it easy to identify Mediterranean architecture from the distance, even before you step inside a building.


A Calm And Modern Retreat With Echoes Of The Past

Hidden in the center of the old city of Silves, in Portugal, lies Casa Xonar, a contemporary residence that was designed by Studio Arte architecture & design in collaboration with Lusco Fusco Concepts. In a way, it reflects the history of its surroundings while also featuring a unique look. The residence has an all-white exterior which hides a very colorful interior.

One of the main requests and concepts that were taken into consideration when designing this place was privacy. As you can see, there are no huge windows or glass walls that let the interior areas communicate with the exterior.


A Contemporary Farm Building in Dublin

Calling this collection of structures a farm building wouldn’t really be fair because of the contemporary architecture. It elevates the building to a whole new level. Located in Dublin, Ireland, this property dates back to the 18th century when, of course, it looked very differently. It was transformed little by little until it became the modern residence is it today. Recently it got a new wing.

The new addition is a single-story structure that replaces the old stone crumbling wall that used to occupy this area. It features an open plan with the kitchen and dining area included in the design. On the other side of the building there’s a more private zone that includes the en-suite master bedroom.


22 Peaceful Cottage Designs That Seem Like Taken From A Fairy Tale World

As a kid, I really enjoyed reading stories and fairy tales and I liked the descriptions of their palaces and cottages. I always imagined them as being very dreamy, with leaf-covered roofs, a very cute construction and tiny windows and doors. Then, when I started watching movies and cartoons, these images became even more real. Recently we came across some very beautiful examples of cottages and they brought back all those memories.

The rich colors surrounding this cottage are absolutely amazing

These are fairy tale cottages, structures with cute designs and they seem just like the ones in the stories. Most of them can be found deep into the forest, hidden behind trees and vegetation.


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