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Old Farmhouse Converted Into A Contemporary Family Home In Lennik

There are several ways in which you can get a new home. One would be to build one of your own. Another option is to buy one. Then there’s also the more complicated option of finding an old house and giving it a complete makeover. Sometimes it’s easier to start a project from scratch than to have to work something that already exists and to transform everything. However, it all pays off because a house with history is a house with character.

This contemporary family home is located in Lennik, Belgium and it used to be an old farmhouse. It was remodeled and transformed by Studio Farris.The complete conversion was no piece of cake but the results are amazing.


Chalet C7 – a remote destination hidden among the Andes

With a very simple design and a visible lack or ornamentation, Chalet C7 doesn’t stand out with its design. However, it impresses with its amazing location and its incredibly inviting interior. Hidden among the peaks of the Andes, the chalet is a cozy and remote getaway destination. Civilization may be far away but nobody misses it here.

Although the design of the chalet is very simple, the design is very precise. The building was designed with great spatial awareness and no area is a wasted space.

The architecture may not stand out with sumptuous and sophisticated details but it manages to impress on a bigger level, beyond immediate little details. The chalet was a project by architects Nicolás del Rio and Max Núñez.


Triangular Homes: Funky Exterior Shapes

We’re all used to Cape Cod styles and boxy shapes when it comes to our homes. It’s expected and it’s traditional, and it’s rare that we see anything different when it comes to any building or piece of architecture. But what about those homes that show off a bit more shape than the usual four-sided look? Take a look at these magical, mischievous and unique triangular homes and how they’re styling their funky exterior shape.

1. Found in Norway.

Maybe not at first glance, but on that double take you’ll have of this beautiful home, you’ll quickly realize how special it truly is. A triangular shape doesn’t mean small.


Glass Houses From Around the World

There’s something incredibly mysterious and dramatic about the look of a glass house. Although the entirety of the building may not actually be made of glass, the floor to ceiling windows of any style house give an extra bit of bold beauty that traditional homes cannot recreate. Let’s take a look at some amazing glass houses from around the world for inspiration, interest and just for the mere sake of loving architecture.

1. A German Escape.

This home is modern but still very livable. Opening up to the living and dining room areas, guests get a great view of the yard in an extra special way.


Contemporary House In La Bilbaína With A Geometric Structure And Design

Located in La Bilbaína, Spain, this residence occupies an area of 545.07 square meters. It was completed in 2013 and the project was the work of Foraster Arquitectos. Visually, the house has a very well defined design. It features straight and simple lines and it’s a combination of simple geometric shapes.

The residence was built to serve as a family home where two generations could live comfortably. The interior of the house is organized in a practical manner. The social area is situated to the south of the building and it’s an open and bright space with glass walls and views of the garden.


Home Sweet Home In 21 Square Meters Of Space In Madrid

21 square meters is usually the size of a small room which could be better if it were bigger so it’s very difficult to imagine how one could live in such a tiny space and call it home. But sometimes interior decors can surprise you. Size becomes less important when you have functionality and comfort on your side.

Take this apartment for example. It only measures 21 square meters but it’s inviting and not as cramped as you might think. The apartment is located in Madrid, Spain and it has been designed by MYCC in 2012. It’s spacious enough to allow a single person to live and work here without problems.


Contemporary Post & Beam Residence At The Bottom Of A Slope In Auckland

Located in Auckland, New Zeeland, this residence was just completed this year. It’s a contemporary family home situated at the bottom of a slope where it benefits from privacy as well from exceptionally beautiful views. The residence was a project by BOX Living, a New Zeeland-based company that specializes in modular design.

With a total surface of 160 square meters, this family home is spacious and, most of all, bright and full of light. The lights get though the large windows and glass walls. Moreover, the house is opened towards the exterior and the ground level is almost like an extension of the outdoors inside the home.


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