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Energy-Efficient Single Family Home In South England, Built On-Site

Lately more and more people prefer prefabricated houses because they are much easier to assemble and to build and they can be ready in no time. This modern option is supported by many successful examples and projects. This is one of them. This single family home can be found in Kusala, South England. However, it was manufactured in the US and only assembled on site.

The two-story house was designed by Western Design Architects and it was completed in 2011. It’s a large luxury home and it has a rather simple design. The exterior of the house is quite unique. It’s not very unusual but it has some features that you don’t normally see in many houses. It’s the little details that make this house so special.


The Modern Architecture And Unusual Shape Of The Hill House

The Hill House is a residence located in Mount Martha, Australia. As you can see, it has a very imposing structure and design. However, the initial plan was quite different. The house was a project by Rachcoff Vella Architecture. At first, the idea was to create a simple and tranquil home that takes advantage of its location. It was supposed to be a simple but not modest beach house for a single client. But then the plan changed. There were several factors involved.

One of them was the size and shape of the lot. The narrow site has a north-south orientation with beautiful and panoramic views. The client wanted to take advantage of these views. The house was designed into two parts. First the team took care of the simple linear plan and the curvaceous form that follows the shape of the site. Then they had to give the house personality and character so the façade had to stand out.


The Unconventional Forms And Modern Design Of The M House

The M House is a project that, even though doesn’t have a unique name, it does have a very special design. The M House can be Sinera, in the Republic of Moldova and it was designed by Chisinau-based architectural practice Marcel Luchian Studio. It’s a single family home and it impressed with its unconventional shape and modern architecture.

Even though it doesn’t stand out that much because of its simplicity, the house is a surprising structure. It impresses with its modern architecture, smooth design and shape. The unconventional forms are just one of the elements that make this building unique and special.


The Premium Eco Home Soleta zeroEnergy in Bucharest, Romania

Every day we try to find solutions for the major problems of the humanity. One of them is related to the consumption of energy and we are constantly coming up with new and innovative solutions for this issue. The latest development was Soleta zeroEnergy. It’s a new concept of eco homes the proptotype can be found in Bucharest, Romania. Developed by Justin Capra Foundation for Inventics and Sustainable Technologies (FITS), this prototype is based on several major principles.

Soleta is a home that’s versatile, eco-friendly, affordable and that has minimal energy consumption. It’s a concept that could be adapted to permanent homes, vacation retreats, offices, social spaces and all sorts of other developments. Soleta manages to reduce energy consumption by minimizing loss and with the help of energy-saving measures.


The Simple, Soft And Elegant Design Of A Vacation Home In Japan

A vacation home needs to be simple. It doesn’t have to look like a regular residence since it’s not. It should be inviting but it should also lack certain elements that would also make it feel less comfortable. But since it’s not easy to describe with words such a design, we found a perfect example. This vacation home can be found near Mount Yatsugatake in Hokuto-City, Japan.

The house was built in 2012 and it was designed by MDS architects. The Tokyo-based architects had to face the challenge of creating a design for a vacation home in an area that doesn’t offer the most pleasant temperatures. Making a house feel inviting and cozy is easy when the weather is helpful as well. But when you can have to do that in spite of what nature throws at you, it becomes a challenge.


A Modern Weekend Retreat In New York That Takes Maximum Advantage Of Its Location

Most of the time, weekend retreats or vacation homes have designs that allow them to blend in, to disappear into the landscape. It’s the perfect option if all you want is to get away and to forget about everything else. A perfect example would be this retreat. It’s a weekend home that was recently built in upstate New York. It was designed by CWB Architects and it has a very interesting look.

The house was designed to replace an existing weekend retreat. It’s basically an update of the existing structure. The designs are very different. This modern retreat is a 2,700 square foot house. The goal was to make it blend with the surroundings so the exterior of the house features earthy colors. The façade is brown but the roof is grey, just like the sky. This allows it to almost disappear into the landscape.


Stylish Dog Houses For Pampered Pooches

Man’s best friend deserves a place to call their own in any home. If you are a dog lover, then why not set aside a space for your pet to enjoy. Either indoors or out of doors, dog houses add a bit of fun for pets and owners alike. There are plenty of kennels and dog houses that you can purchase, but check out some of the contemporary designs that are more suited to fitting in with a modern home’s design.

Nowadays dog houses will not necessarily be a place for a pampered pet to sleep in overnight, outdoors. They tend to feature visual and play stimuli, so that your dog does not get bored. But even simply designed dog houses can be given a bit of style with the addition of some accessories and a bit of paint. Why not upgrade your dog’s house and really pamper your pooch?


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