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Beautiful, Inspiring Beach-Style Homes

Whether you live in Charleston, South Carolina or just love the style and relaxed vibes a beach home can bring, there’s a lot to take notice of and be inspired by when it comes to any Oceanside house. From the pure, pastel colors, the delicate, architectural details and the whimsy doors and windows, when building or dreaming of your forever home, take a look at some of these beautiful beach-style houses for ideas and lots of inspiration.

1.Victorian Yellow and Green.

Not too many places you can get away with having such a bold color combo. This home, dressed in a creamy yellow and hunter green, looks incredible at the likes of Martha’s Vineyard. And who wouldn’t want that wraparound patio for entertaining and decorating for the holidays?


Complete Reconfiguration Of A 1950s Home In Montreal

Located in Montreal, Canada, this residence was recently renovated by Naturehumaine. It was, in fact, more than just a renovation. It was a complete reconfiguration of the house. The structure also got an extension. All these changes were made in order to respond to the needs of a growing family and to make the house a comfortable and contemporary living space for everyone.

The 1950s concrete house has also been modernized. It now features a minimalist and contemporary look. The original house already had a modern flair so making the transition was easier than in other cases.


15 Black House Facades – Mysterious & Dark But Also Attractive

The façade of a house is mainly for everyone else and not for the inhabitants. The house needs to look pretty for those walking by it and for the guests. So people usually choose to make their houses look bright and to paint it in cheerful colors. But, when you think about it, all colors are beautiful and they all have a lovely side, even black.

A Victorian house painted black, with a bold and edgy look

Although black is the darkest color you can find, it doesn’t always signify bad things. A black house façade will look mysterious and imposing. After all, the design is important as well. Your house doesn’t necessarily have to look creepy just because it’s painted black.


100-Year Old Gas Station Converted Into A Modern Home In New Orleans

This building is located in the Bayou neighborhood of New Orleans and it was originally a gas station. It was built in 1918 and then it was preserved as a furniture-building shop and jewelry-making studio for a period. In 2003 it was put on the market and an artist names Robert Guthrie decided to buy and to turn it into his new project.

The artist is now the owner of the old gas station and he managed to convert it into a modern home. The 2,000 square foot residence is original and has many great features.


Fairy Tale House Built In Thailand In Only 6 Weeks

The story of this unusual house is quite interesting. It can be found in Thailand, in an area surrounded by vegetation. It’s a 500 square foot structure shaped like a dome and it looks very mysterious. It was built using mainly materials from the vicinity of the site and the whole process took only 6 weeks. The idea was to create an unconventional structure that would stand out from everything else and the man behind this project is Steve Areen.

The tranquil and magical house is however powered by conventional sources. Still, it’s naturally cooled and lit during the daytime thanks to the cutouts in the roof. The house is shaped like a dome and the idea behind the design was to create an organic-looking structure that would perfectly integrate into the landscape. The bedroom features a grass roof and the bathroom is filled with plants and it has a bamboo faucet.


New Zeeland Residence Combines Vertical Architecture With Delightful Ergonomic Features

This cabin-style residence can be found in New Zeeland where it was designed and built by Glamuzina Paterson Architects. It’s a modern home although it has a rustic feel. It’s also a beautiful example of how vertical architecture can be used in a more uncommon setting to create unique structures and designs.

The residence measures a total of 81 square meters so it’s quite small. Nevertheless, it has an open and airy interior. The main goal for the architects working at this project was to create an ergonomic and energy-efficient home. In order to do that, they took advantage of the orientation and location of the house. Natural light fills all the rooms making them look bright and stunning. The orientation of the house allows it to feel open.


1906 Church Updated To The Status Of Luxury Living Space

Churches are often perceived as places where peace is dominating and they’re synonymous with sanctuaries. So, when you think about it, converting a church into a home is not a very bad idea. You get to combine two independent but similar types of spaces. There are many cases of churches that got transformed. One of them can be seen in Seattle.

This used to be a church and it was originally built in 1906. 100 years later the building was sold to developers and it got transformed into a complex of homes.

Many of the original elements have been preserved in order to let the character and charm of the old building influence the new design. The historic landmark now houses 12 town home units. They all share a very large atrium with a stained glass roof.


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