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Top 10 Revolutionary Projects by Zaha Hadid Architects

Famous all around the globe for her futuristic and unique creations, Zaha Hadid is an exceptional architect whose name is recognized in all the corners of the earth. She is best known for the distinctive futuristic design of her buildings which synonym for modern architecture. Her practice is responsible for numerous amazing projects, most of which are revolutionary and extremely impressive.

1. The Qatar FIFA World Cup Stadium.

Although not yet completed, this is a project which promises an amazing design and a revolutionary look. The stadium will be located in Qatar. Its construction is scheduled to begin in 2014 so we’re very eager to learn more about the project in the near future. The stadium will have a total of 40,000 seats but the size isn’t the most impressive thing about it.


Eye-Catching Concept House Shaped Like A Pyramid

What makes a house unique? Is it its shape, the color of its exterior, the landscape around it, the interior décor or is it something else? I’d say it’s the element that makes them stand out and it doesn’t have to be anything out of the ordinary as long as you use it in a unique and unexpected way. For example, pyramids are not news but a pyramid-shaped house is definitely not what you’d expect to see anywhere in the world.

This is the Pyramid House. It’s a conceptual home designed by Mexican architect Juan Carlos Ramos and it’s indeed unique. It was created and submitted as a proposal for an architecture competition. It has this very simple geometric shape that we’re all familiar with but it presents it in such a unique and unexpected way it’s impossible not to be mesmerized by it. The house is eye-catching, unusual and iconic at the same time.


Art Lover’s Villa Designed Down To The Smallest Detail

Although there are many incredible houses with stunning designs in all the corners of the earth, it’s not every day that you see one with such a well-thought design. This is a villa located in Stuttgart, Germany. Known as the SU House, the building was designed by Alexander Brenner Architekten in a villa quarter at the edge of a forest. It was built for an art lover and her family.

As you’ll notice, the villa is designed down to the smallest detail. As you get closer, you see the garage and the upper garden with its beautiful lake and patio. Pebble stone flooring connects everything to the entrance. As for the house itself, the design is clean, modern and smart.


A Lovely Dream House In The Middle Of Nature

Maybe you remember some of those fairy tales with the lovely little house in a clearing in the woods, with a stream in the garden, beautiful flowers around it and everything else. It turns out it’s not just something that exists in fairy tales but in real life as well. We found the perfect examples to show you. It’s a lovely house located near a forest, with an attic, a red playhouse and even with a stream in the garden.

Well, that’s how the house looks like now but it wasn’t always like this. It used to be a former stable. Sure, it was situated in a dreamy location with beautiful views and a lot of ground but it definitely needed rehabilitation. Its current owner just couldn’t resist it. One of the most important aspects of the whole renovation project was to make the most of the surroundings. The garden was one of the house’s best features so it had to stand out.


12 Modern Architecture Libraries Around The World

The first libraries have been around since 2600 BC and back then they were nothing more than archives or clay tablets in temple rooms. With time, they evolved into imposing structures and respected buildings all around the world. Modern libraries now take the concept one step further.

1. The new Library of Birmingham.

This is Europe’s largest public library and it’s located in Birmingham, England. It was designed by Dutch studio Mecanoo and it has a very interesting façade featuring interlocking metal rings.


Netherlands Railway Station Made Of Shipping Containers

Reusing shipping containers and turning them into houses or other usable structures has become a popular idea lately. The containers aren’t used just for housing but also for other more elaborate projects. For example, there’s a railway station in the Netherlands that was made using shipping containers. It was a project by Dutch studio NL. Architects.

They designed the Berneveld Noord station for Dutch national railway service ProRail and it was part of a project meant to upgrade 20 stations across the country as part of a campaign called Prettig Watchten (Pleasant Waiting). The goal is to make waiting for trains a comfortable and pleasant experience. Chipping containers were chosen in order to create a temporary structure that could be relocated.


Old Barn Converted Into A Contemporary Home Designed For Entertainment

When converting an old building into something else, the whole idea is to change most of its design and structure so that it suits the needs of its new users. That usually means a whole new look for the building. Nevertheless, in most cases the charm of the old building is preserved. Take this old barn for example. Although it’s now a contemporary home, it has a few elements that give away its history. One of them is, of course, the façade.

The barn was converted into a modern home by Maxwan Architects. It’s located in Geldermalsen, The Netherlands and it sits on a 2 ha site near the Linge river. The new owners of the place bought the old barn planning to convert it into their dream home.


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