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The 12.20 House And Its Unique Architectural Approach In Just 45 Square Meters

One of the advantages of living in a house as opposed to an apartment is that you can contribute to its design and make it suitable for your needs. Also, a house is usually bigger than an apartment. But it’s not always the case. For example, this contemporary house only occupies an area of 45 square meters which is relatively small, even for an apartment.

The house was built in Campo Grande, Brazil. It was designed by architect Alex Nogueira and completed in 2013. Some of the requirements for this project included a simple design with clean lines and a unique twist.


Full-Concrete Cabin Inspired By An Old Barn In The Swiss Alps

This is Refugi Lieptgas, a cabin you can find in Graubünden, in the Swiss Alps, between the village and the wood. From a distance, it looks very much like a traditional wooden cabin. However, as you advance to take a closer look, you realize you couldn’t have been more wrong. What looks like a wooden hut is in fact a concrete house.

The cabin looks so deceiving because its design was actually inspired by that of an old barn which used to be on that property. It’s an homage to the past, something to remind the owners of what used to be there before they transformed the place. In any case, this is why this modern concrete cabin looks like an old hut when in fact things are very different. It all becomes clear once you step inside and see the minimalist, contemporary design.


Tiny Cabin In California, Camouflaged In The Woods

Last week we showed you a selection of micro houses and they were all tiny and extremely interesting, featuring well-organized interiors and ingenious designs. Today we’re going to talk about something similar: a tiny cabin in the woods of California. It could very well fit into last week’s article, if only we knew about it then.

The shape of the house and the green roof allow it to blend in

The cabin looks very simple and it’s also quite small. It features an A-frame which gives an appearance similar to that of a tent but, of course, with a better structure and better insulation.


Metallic Home Exteriors: To be or not to be?

Metallic sheeting has been an exterior option for structures for ages. Not until the past little while, however, has the material been a viable option for homes with a decidedly stylish design. Modern and contemporary homes thrive with a metallic exterior, but rustic styles can benefit as well. Is a metallic exterior in your home’s future?

It can be more expensive up-front, to go with a quality metallic exterior. But for the lower cost of maintenance and upkeep over time, paired with the potential for modern high-style, it’s definitely worth considering.


British Studio Converts An 18th Century Barn Into A Modern Home

Looking now at this charming house, there’s not much that relates it to an old barn other than maybe the shape. But you’d be surprised to know how it really looked like before the renovation. This building was originally an 18th century dilapidated barn located in Yorkshire. But then British studio Snook Architects started working on a very interesting project. Their task was to transform the barn into a modern home.

The Cat Hill Barn had been abandoned for years before the team was asked to rebuild the whole thing. Their task was not easy. It’s often easier to build something from scratch than to rescue a ruin.


A Tower Vacation Home Hovers Over The Forest Offering Views Of The Mountains

One of the best things about most vacation homes are the views. That’s because they’re usually located either in a secluded area, surrounded by trees and vegetation or in an open area with panoramic views over the distant landscape. What would be even better would be to have them both. Although it can be difficult to achieve, it’s possible. Take this vacation home for example.

Located in Upstate New York, this tower house sits in a the middle of the forest and yet it offers panoramic views of the lake and mountains in the distance. It’s all thanks to its unusual design. The Tower House was designed and built by GLUCK+.


Contemporary Meadow Refuge In Spain With Views Of The Mountains

Located in Segovia, Spain, this modern house was built here in 2011. Its owner bought the meadow 15 years ago but it was only recently that he decided to build a house here. The architects responsible for the design are ch+qs arquitectos.

The house is a tranquil refuge and a wonderful holiday home. It offers views in two directions: east and west. To the west, you can see rocks and trees and to the east you can admire the mountains in the distance. The house is not very big. It has an elongated, rectangular shape with clean and simple lines characteristic to modern and contemporary designs.


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