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Serene And Relaxing Residence in Vietnam Is Like An Oasis In A Busy City

It’s not easy to leave all the stress behind when you enter your home, especially if you live in a busy city with lots of noise and crazyness everywhere you look. But there are ways to turn your home into a relaxing oasis. We found a beautiful example in this sense. This is the M11 House and it’s located in Ho Chi Min City in Vietnam.

The facade of the residence is eye-catching featuring a modern look

The house was completed in 2009 by a21 studio. It’s a three-story structure with a modern design and an intriguing facade. The architects used a selection of natural materials for the project such as wood and stone in order to give it that peaceful and serene look which makes it feel so welcoming. The materials used also give the house an elegant allure.


Modern Stone House In A Peaceful Spanish Village

A small and peaceful village populated by old houses is the location chosen for this beautiful house. Here, in the Baix Empordà area in Girona, Spain, the atmosphere is very friendly. However, fitting the building in these surroundings turned out to be a challenge. The house was designed and built by Núria Selva Villaronga architects and it was completed in 2011.


100% Recycled Home Project In The Czech Republic

Lots of homes are presented as being sustainable or built of recycled materials when in fact that’s not 100% true. Usually it means that the floor or some of the wood used on the walls is recycled while the rest is made of new materials. But in the case of this home things are different.

Located in the Czech Republic, this home was designed by studio Labor 13 on a site where a barn was already existing. The barn was recycled and it became the base structure for the new building. The brief was for an inexpensive and energy-efficient house with a small environmental footprint. The existing barn featured a series of partial stone walls which were used in the project along with mostly everything else.


20 Beautiful And Modern Cantilevered Buildings From All Over The World

Cantilevers, which can be technically described as beams anchored at only one end, are widely used in construction and most often found in balconies or roofs. Modern buildings, however, take the concept even further and they feature entire rooms and sections sticking out of the main volume and hovering in mid air. Their designs are often impressive and eye-catching.

1. The Trojan House.

Located in Melbourne, Australia, the Trojan House was a project by Jackson Clemens Burrows Pty. Ltd.The sculptural architecture you see here is an extension built for the existing house.


$25,000 Dream Home Built In 80 Days With Recycled Materials

You can’t really put a price on your dream home just like you can’t put a price on happiness. It is, however, possible to build your dream home on a budget and to make it perfect. If you don’t believe us, take a look at this house. It’s a long and narrow structure in the Utah desert and it was designed and built by a team of students from the University of Colorado.

The total budget for the project was $25,000 and it was enough to build this amazing home. Measuring a total of 745 square feet, the house is very comfortable and practical.


Tiny Steel And Glass Desert Shelter With Room For Only A Bed

Have you ever been in a place so beautiful you wish you could stay there longer? All you wanted then was a bed, four walls and a roof and that’s exactly what you would have gotten if you were to choose this tiny house. It’s a project created by a student and it’s called the Miner’s Shelter.

Each year, students are assigned o create a temporary shelter in the desert near Taliesin and each year they come up with all sorts of interesting ideas. This one, however, stands out and inspires them year after year.

For this interesting project, Frazee, the one who designed this whole thing, used the concrete ruins which were already existing there/ The stone chimney and the concrete walls were used as a base for this tiny structure. The actual shelter is a steel and glass box so small that there’s only room for a bed inside. The oxidized steel allows the tiny house to blend in and to become a part of the desert.


Flexible And Modern Community Center In Shanghai Made Of Shipping Containers

Shipping containers introduce a whole new dimension to architecture as we know it. They are affordable and they allow for flexible and easy-to-build designs to be created. It’s why they are currently used in a variety of projects, from residential spaces to playhouses and public structures. A very interesting project in this sense was the Shanghai Gucun community center.

Designed by the architects from INCLUDED, the center was designed to be affordable, mobile, scalable and highly flexible.

It serves the marginalized migrants of Shanghai and it can be easily moved around with the community in case they are forced to move. The project was completed in 2013 and it used shipping containers donated by OOCL.


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