Glass Pocket With Nail

Every once in a while I look for something unusual and interesting to help me decorate my home. That usually happens in spring because this is the season of rejuvenation, of the whole nature coming to life. So we come to life, too, and try to make our homes pretty places to live in. And, after the long and grey winter i want to bring some colour and joy in my house by using different accessories like this unique Glass Pocket With Nail.

This “pocket” is a kind of an unusual vase of flowers that is mounted on the wall, so you can use it to embellish any corner of your house. It really looks like a pocket and it is made of glass, which makes it transparent and allows you to see all that is inside. You can use it as a vase and fill it with water and after that arrange some flowers in it or maybe just place some colourful leaves there or any other home decorations you may think of – from coloured glass to maybe flower arrangements. The nail is part of the decor, too, that is why it is big and obvious, made of forged iron and really long. The whole package can be now purchased for $32.

Moka Alessi – Espresso Coffee Maker

I love drinking coffee and during the time while I was pregnant this was the thing I regretted most. Any way,  coffee is the magical liquid that awakes us in the morning and prepares us for a hard day at work, of course, if we do not exaggerate – just like with all other good things in life. But because I like drinking coffee at home and I also like drinking espresso, I started looking for a device that could help me get my favourite coffee in the comfort of my house. This device is Moka Alessi – Espresso Coffee Maker.

First of all it is very useful and easy to use. It is designed by Alessandro Mendini and looks amazing. It is small in size, so you can take it with you when you go on a trip and also you can store and transport it easily. It is made of aluminum, so it is pretty lightweight, but it also has a handle and knob that are made of resin. This helps you hold it and pour the coffee without getting hurt from the heat. The guys from Alessi bring us one more time high quality for affordable prices, as you can now purchase this item for just $42.

The OTTO stove top espresso maker

This is the OTTO stove top espresso maker. It has a design inspired by the legendary Atomic Espresso Machine designed by Giordano Robiatti in 1947. In fact, this espresso maker copies the Atomic Espresso Machine and its beautiful mid-century design. It could be considered an elegant homage to the 1947 creation.

The stove top was first launched in 2008. However, it took three more years to come up with the final version. The final product was introduced to the market in late 2011. Several changes were made but they mostly relate to the technical part. The stove top has the same voluptuous forms that it had back in 2008. It’s a stylish and modern piece with a popular design. Even though it’s a modern creation and a masterpiece in the domain, the OTTO stove top espresso maker doesn’t rely only on technical elements. In fact, it’s not one of those machines that only require you to push one button.

The stove top is a little more old-fashion. It’s a product that requires your attention and a bit of familiarity to this type of items in order to maximize the potential. However, there’s nothing to worry about. It’s quite easy to operate and if you have any trouble, it also includes a DVD with all the instructions you need for using the machine. The stove top also comes with two Italian latte glasses, a stainless milk jug, and a custom tamper. Moreover, you can take it with you everywhere you go because you can also opt for a robust premium travel case. Available for 850$.

Mosaic Glass Deep Round Platter from Target

Ceramic has been used for millenia and most times it has been used for manufacturing bowls or plates that were used for serving food. These were the ancestors of modern porcelain dishes, but they were not at all transparent and a lot more rough. However, since then people have turned these objects into decorative objects. So you no longer have dinner from ceramic bowls and dishes, but you put them on the walls and use them to bring a special touch to your dining room or even kitchen. This Mosaic Glass Deep Round Platter from Target is the perfect example.

This special looking platter is made of ceramics but it is decorated on the interior with red glass mosaic tiles. They looks great against the black of the ceramics and remind you of the old ways of decorating your home – ever since the Roman times. You can use this platter for display on the shelves in your living room or even as a bowl for the fruits you prepare for your visitors. You can show it or simply place it on the side or coffee table and it will instantly change the whole design of a room. It is simple and nice, and the combination of strong colours certainly draws attention. You can have it now from Target for about $34.99.

Nespresso Lattissima Plus Capsule Coffee Machine

Nothing compares to a nice cup of coffee in the morning. It’s a great way of starting your day. It gives you the energy boost you need and it also helps you make the transition from the cozy bedroom to the office. That’s why investing in a good coffee machine is a great idea. This is the Lattissima Plus, the second generation of capsule coffee machines created by DeLonghi.

The coffee machine was developed in collaboration with Nespresso. The final result was a compact and stylish coffee machine that uses the DeLonghi patented milk frothing system. The Lattissima Plus capsule coffee machine also features the optimized steam jet technology and the new milk/steam ratio that create fewer bubbles. It offers delicious coffee and the density of the milk froth also allows you to enjoy creamy cappuccinos and latte macchiato.


Vinyl Rainbow Vases

All people of Irish origins around the world celebrated Saint Patrick’s Day on Saturday, 17th March. I talked to my students about this celebration and also about the beautiful Irish legends, among which there is a legend saying there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I find it very nice and inspiring and it reminded me of these Vinyl Rainbow Vases I saw on Unison Home web site. These vases are great and yet simple in design. Normally vases are made just to support flowers and to allow them to be admired and displayed in the middle of the table and of the room.

But these vases are pleasant for the eyes by themselves, without needing the beauty of flowers for being admired. They are very interesting in design as they do not look at all like normal vases, but they are rather flat and looking like a plastic bag. They are made of Polyester, Polyamide and Polyethylene and come from Japan. Part of Hope Forever Blossoming series, these unusual flower vases are available in two models: pink and green. They spread light though the water and give you the impression of rainbow, creating a great visual impact. However, these vases are not very stable and they can easily tip over if you do not make sure the bottom is properly filled with water. Designed by D-Bros, the set of vases can be bought for $25.

The Boxes decorative radiator

No matter how big our home is, at one point we’ll still need more space. We tend to fill our homes with things we perceive as necessary and they all take space. That’s why designers try to come up with items that can fulfill a double function. One example is the Boxes unit. It’s both a storage unit and a radiator.

The Boxes unit is part of the HIT collection and it was designed for Deltacalor. It’s in fact a frame with a minimalist design and a slim and beautiful shape. It also serves as a frame for three boxes. The boxes are made of ultra-clear polymer-methacrylate. They can be used as glove compartments, tower rails and even storage compartments for decorations, accessories, maybe even books. Still, I would think twice before storing flammable items in there because the Boxes unit is also a radiator.


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