Breville makes tea and toast for two

This magical equipment that makes tea and toast for two is the perfect product for your kitchen. You and your loved one can enjoy a morning toasted bread and a cup of tea with just the push of a button. This product is called Breville BTK 500. If you have a toaster and a product to make tea, you can order this product and give it as a present to your friends that moved in a new home.

The dual product BTK 500 has a 1 liter kettle with a fast boil concealed heating element and an electronically controlled toaster. Because of its design you can fit this product in your kitchen with not that much of a fuss, in conclusion it is a good space saving equipment for you. The recipient where you make the tea is detachable so that you can poor your tea in the cups. Also, the tea recipient, has a button with hum you can open the cover of the tea recipient.

The cool design will blend in perfectly in your kitchen. It has a modern design colored in a grey color with black buttons and handles. You can buy this product, Breville BTK 500, for a price of $130. I’ll say that is quite a deal. Perfect for those who have morning jobs, because you can make tea and toast and your breakfast is ready to be served. It is quick and easy don’t you think?

Nelson Sunflower Clock

It is amazing what you can do with a simple clock mechanism and a lot of imagination. With just these two ingredients you can obtain a lot of wonderful products, especially if your name is George Nelson and you still are one of the greatest names in modern design. He was at the peak of his career back in the 1950s and 60s, but his works are admired and treasured more than ever. This is the Nelson Sunflower Clock, a very simple, yet very beautiful and graceful objects you can admire in someone’s home. It is, indeed, pretty similar in shape and appearance to a sunflower and it was created in 1958 by George Nelson.

This clock is still manufactured by Vitra in Poland and I think it is very modern. You can take it and make it your best home accessory and you will see it fits any home, bringing a bit of great design in it. The clock is made of plywood, each “petal” being made of two bent narrow stripes of plywood. The sunflower clock has a black clock mechanism in the center and, even if there are no numbers on it, you can still tell the time thanks to the small and discreet little white dots that are placed at the joining spots. The item can be purchased now for $1,185.

The Brew Cave & Kegerator walk in cooler

There are lots of things that a person would like to eventually buy. These are things such as a huge TV or maybe a walk-in cooler such as this one. This is Brew Cave & Kegerator. It’s a walk-in cooler with lots of storage space inside. It has room for more than 30 cases and four kegs, maybe filled with beer. With such a huge cooler all you need is money to buy things to fill it with and you’ll never have to leave home again when you feel like drinking a cold beer or for simple stuff such as ingredients that need to stay cold.

Even though it sounds like a bachelor’s dream, the Brew Cave & Kegerator cooler is also a great purchase for family men and not only. It’s like having a huge place where you can store all sorts of things, from beer to water, fruit, vegetables and anything else you can think of. It’s the type of thing that any home could benefit from but very few ones have.

The Brew Cave offers great benefits but, as always, everything comes with a price. In this case the price is $6,349. It’s not the kind of money you just have lying around in the house. Still, the Brew Cave is a really great investment. It’s a great accomplishment that you will feel proud of and that everyone will envy you for.

The Camelia towel warmer

This stylish towel warmer is called Camelia. It has a beautiful name and an equally beautiful design. The Camelia towel warmer is part of a series called Naturerange. It was designed for K8 Radiatori and it’s part of the Nature collection. Camelia is a towel warmer radiator that can be very useful for the bathroom, especially during winter.

The Camelia towel warmer has a design inspired by nature. It represents stylized figure representing a delicate plant. The twisted branches as well as the buds and the flowers represent elements on which to hang towels and bathrobes. It’s an ingenious association that is also in close connection with the name of the collection. The minimalist design of the towel warmer allows it to be easily included in all sorts of bathroom decors.


Liss Professional Cream Whipper

I am not a teenager any more, but I still like all electronic devices and gadgets because they make my life easier. That is why I like being up-to-date with everything useful in this field from i-Phones to electrical appliances. One of these appliances I like so much is this Liss Professional Cream Whipper. It is very easy to use and it helps you make the best and tasty whipped cream in a few moments. Our grandmothers had to spend hours on end to make a few spoonfuls of whipped cream, but today, thanks to the fast development in this field, you can accomplish a higher goal in less than a minute.

 Liss Professional Cream Whipper is able to make cream, mousses, and flavoured garnishes that you can further use for giving a special taste to the pies or cakes you make or maybe to make your morning coffee more delicious. Whatever the purpose, the result is spectacular.

The device has an enameled stainless steel base that is resistant and also can be cleaned in the dishwasher. However, you can also choose the base to be black or white, depending on your taste. After using it, you can disassemble the device in pieces in order to make it easier for you to clean it thoroughly. It does not work on batteries now does it have a direct cord to the plug, but it works on nitrous oxide charges that can be refilled. The item is available on Wholelattelove for $109.99.

Satin Nickel Brookshire Collection Door Handle

Door handles were invented so as to let people open and close doors. Of course we could do just fine without them but they are very useful because the least wind can open a door without a handle. Any way, door handles are not only functional, but sometimes they are so beautiful that you can’t stop admiring them and forget why you put your hand on them in the first place. For example I consider this exquisite Satin Nickel Brookshire Collection Door Handle a real work of art.


It is not meant to lock the door, but to keep it closed and to look fine, too. It is great for closets and rooms that do not need to be secured. It looks amazingly well and the handle is accompanied by a very beautiful platform around it that hides the hardware part and only leaves the nice design outside to be admired. The item is available in satin nickel and this makes it look all shiny and sparking, as if made of precious metal. You can almost see the high quality of the materials used and the finishes that are coordinated with the plumbing and lighting. It is very easy to install and you only need a screwdriver and three steps in the process. You can choose between different handle types and also finishes from

The new Belling 50cm gas range cooker collection

Comfort and style are two elements that are applicable for any room of the house, even for the kitchen. It fact, since we spend so much time in there either cooking or socializing, this area has all the reasons to be elegant and beautifully decorated, keeping in mind its functionality of course. It’s the same idea that lied at the base of this new collection. It’s the new series of 50cm gas range cookers from Belling.

With these new designs, Belling expands its collection of 50 cm freestanding appliances. This is the FSG50TC. It might not have a suggestive name, but it’s in fact a very beautiful, simple and very functional piece for the kitchen. It’s a 50 cm wide gas range oven that has a separate gas grill. The FSG50DO is a 50 cm wide freestanding double oven gas range. These two gas ovens might be the only 50 cm cookers currently made in Britain. They both feature flame safety devices on all four hob burners. They also include fascia-cooling systems and rotary controls.

These new appliances are impressive in terms of technical detail but they are also very stylish and beautiful. The appliances are available in stylish silver and they have a modern design. They feature wide and sleek handles and a practical glass lid. They also have clean gloss enamel pan supports. They would make great additions to any apartment kitchen. With their simple and modern design they could easily be integrated in any décor.

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