The s.Home refrigerator and freezer with transparent doors

There are many different types and designs for refrigerators/freezers. They come in different shapes, sizes, colors and models. However, most often, the differences between them can be seen inside. They consist in different arrangements for the interior different types of compartments and different accessories. Some would say that there aren’t many variations regarding the exterior appearance. That’s probably because they haven’t seen this one yet.

This is s.Home. It’s a very simple piece, with a refrigerator on top and freezer on the bottom. There’s not much you could say about the interior. It’s a classical. However, something else makes this piece unique. It’s not the way the interior is organized nor the accessories. It’s the door. The doors of s.Home are transparent. It’s a very simple element but a very ingenious change. People have always been fascinated with the way things work and they always try to sneak a peek inside. Now they can easily do that.

Usually the refrigerators with transparent doors are seen in bars. It’s because there are many refrigerators there and you can’t always open them up to see if they contain the kind of juice or beer the customer asked for. The principle for this design is very similar to that one. At one point we all find ourselves sitting in front of the refrigerator with the door opened, thinking what should we choose. With s.Home you can first look, then think and only after that open the refrigerator and take the thing you need. The transparent doors are also a fashion statement and they serve a double purpose: style and functionality.

Electrolux green color fridge freezer

I couldn’t imagine my life without all the appliances i use every day. I think I would go crazy if I had to go back to the times when people did not have a freezer, a fridge or a TV set. They are now part of our daily routine and they make our lives a lot easier. Any way, I just love this Electrolux Inspiration fridge freezer because it is very useful, with many features and also looks very nice in every kitchen. First there’s the brand. It is well-known all over the world and people recognize quality when they see it. Then there are all the features that the appliance  has and which can be quite impressive for any person.

There are many features that make this appliance really cool – literally and some of them are listed below. The fridge freezer is Fresh FrostFree meaning it will not freeze completely and turn your food into packs of ice. Then it benefits from FreshFlow MultiAirflow Technology which allows the air flow to freely circulate inside and spread the same cool temperature everywhere. It has humdity control and also an air filter that does not allows smells to mix and create an unpleasant result. The door has LCD touch controls incorporated and is A+’ Energy Rating, which is a saver. The product is now available for a price starting with £ 900.

Make your summer more refreshing with a Philips Avance Juicer

Summer is almost knocking at the door and everybody already thinks of the hot days of this season. People search for appropriate clothes, which must offer comfort and keep them cool, try to consume many raw fruits and vegetables so that they can get the maximum of hydration, necessary for their body. So, besides fruit salads, vegetable salads, the natural juices are very refreshing, healthy and almost indispensable for summer season.

The 800- watt Philips Avance Juicer is an appliance which proves to be very practical and useful in every kitchen. It can help you get the best natural juices from every fruit or vegetable you want. This appliance is easy to use and very fast due to its 8 cm feeding tube where you can put the whole fruit without any precutting.


Wall mounted air switch kitchen hood from Elica

Since the kitchen is a social area where people spend time together chatting while working, it’s important for this particular area of the house to be inviting, comfortable and pleasant. It means that the décor needs to be functional and the atmosphere needs to be clean and fresh. You can make sure that that happens with the Air Switch.

Air Switch is a wall-mounted cooker hood created by Elica. It was designed by Fabrizio Crisà in 2012 and it has a simple and modern design. Air Switch is also much more than just a simple hood. It’s a modular hood that suctions but also filters and purifies the air. With this in your kitchen you can be sure the air will always be fresh and pure. The hood is very easy to operate. All you have to do is rotate the command controls and change the position of the air vent. Air Switch also has three specific high efficiency filters.


Challenging Concrete Espresso Solo Machine

Life is a road full of challenges and experiences. Sometimes the only way to go forward is to accept the challenges and try to face them. It may seem hard or you may ask yourself why you but you should not pay attention too much to these details because every man has his own way and thus his own challenges, so that nobody can escape his destiny.

At Shenkar College of Engineering and Design there is a student named Shmuel Linski from Israel. He succeeded to design an original espresso machine which looks like a real challenge. He chose some contrastive materials which make this espresso look very interesting and challenging.The espresso machine was named Espresso Solo and the chosen materials were the concrete for its case and metal for its working parts.Espresso Solo makes only espresso short and long and it works with coffee beans. You will definitely adore the smell of a fresh coffee that will stimulate all your senses and make you feel fresh and full of energy.


Roscoe Clock Bronze

I need to have a watch or to keep my eyes on the clock all the time because I am, just like most people nowadays, always on the run. I have things to do and places to go according to a schedule and that is why time is very important to me. So I made sure I have a watch on my wrist and at least one clock placed in a visible spot in my home. But I also wanted to bring something fresh to my home, to accessorize it in a pleasant way, so I chose a very beautiful clock that can very well be used as a home accessory, just for design and not for its main purpose – telling the time. This is the Roscoe Clock Bronze.

This cock is bold and sophisticated in style and it surprises you at first sight, but it also delights you. It looks like an explosion inside a round piece of board, as it shows a bunch of little sticks arranged in a radial position from the center, looking pretty interesting. It is made of dark small and narrow pieces of wood put together, having just two silver arms. There are no dots nor numbers on the clock surface, but since human mind is already used to their position, you can tell the time without any effort whatsoever. The bronze finish of the clock only completes its general picture and makes it stylish. The clock has 24″ in diameter and is available for $130.

Sophisticated Fargo Desktop Fan

If you are a business man you can definitely find a use for the new Fargo – 360 degree Desktop Fan. What is this? Well this is a cool way to chill in your office without papers blowing and jumping in your office like in the cartoons. It looks amazing and sophisticated and it will definitely set your standards. The old time bankers used something like this in the past but this is quite new with a retro touch.

It looks very antique and off course it will make your relax and fill like a boss in your office. You can smoke your cigarette and do some paper work along the Fargo’s – 360 Degree Desktop Fan little noise. This piece is inspired from the 1920s banker fans. The Fargo – 360 Degree Desktop Fan has 3 speed settings and also a carrying handle helping you to move it easily whenever you want.


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