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Stadler Form Viktor air purifier

Today one in five people is allergic to something and does not know that. That happens because of pollution, because of the many chemicals dumped into the environment – in the water, in the air and in the soil – all of them eventually get onto our skin and affect it in a bad way, causing allergic reactions as a form of protest. Many of them get into our lungs, as we inhale them together with the air we breathe and cause asthma and allergies.


Menards Black Friday Ad:Massive Discounts

One of the biggest shopping event in the United States is Black Friday.Menards is a home improvement retailer which has released their Black Friday Ad.Menards offers massive discounts on home furniture, appliances and other home gadgets.The complete Black Friday Scanned Ad here. My sister used to live in the States and she once told me that you don’t buy something when you need it, but you buy it on Black Friday because then you can get the best price all year round. As you can see in the picture, you can save more than 50% of the initial price of a product if you buy it on sale for Black Friday. The best thing to do is to try and buy big items that are quite expensive like that LCD TV , which is a bargain, even if it does not have a famous name in this industry. But if you have some smaller items to buy and you purchase quite many, you can save a good sum if you add up all the discounts. This being said: Let’s go shopping!

Crystal glasses – do we still use them?

Crystal glass manufacture used to be a very noble and hard job at the same time. Only rich people would use crystals and when they took out the crystal ware because you were visiting, it was a huge honor. There used to be certain countries with a long tradition in crystal manufacturing, among which the Czech Republic and Poland. The most famous crystals were made in Jena .

Nowadays people no longer give the same importance to having this kind of glasses in the home and they drink out of normal glasses. However, at special occasions, they do use their finest glasses that can be made of crystal. Of course they are very expensive when compared to the other glasses , but , as you know, quality always comes with a price.


3 Roman Numerals Clocks

I covered in two articles 12 Beautiful & Decorative Clocks and Modern Wall Clocks, now I will show you some antique cloks.

Try Pennington Copper Harbor Wall Clock by Howard Miller

This 28″ gallery clock has a brushed, antique copper finish with embossed decor, and features Ty Pennington’s signature on the dial. Designed for indoor or outdoor use, the clock aslo offers a thermometer and a hygrometer, which indicate temperature and relative humidity.Available at 332$


Latest countertop from Miele

Latest countertop Miele steam oven combines the rare characteristics of healthy cooking, great good, and ease of use. In result the device becomes suitable for almost any kitchen.Technically it is based on the previous model DG 1050 but countertop Miele steam oven carries a number of additional features not available with its predecessors. New DG 1450 is one of the freestanding appliances with the width of a meager 50cm only.

Key difference between its predecessors and countertop Miele steam oven is the contemporary and extremely user friendly features in the later. Touch controls and glass screens make it very comfortable for the user to make appropriate selection of the temperature and cooking times.

Green Electrolux vacuum cleaners

Electrolux is one of the biggest and best companies that produces home appliances and then sells them all over the world. But this company is very aware of the fact that ecology is important and we must do everything in our power to limit the bad effects of pollution because it will affect all of us in the future. That’s what a big and powerful company should do to make a statement and an example of its actions. That is how Green Electrolux vacuum cleaners collection came into being. This collection of vacuum cleaners is made in a proportion of 70% of recycled plastic, but they would love to take this percentage as close to 100% as possible. And they created the models of this collection as representatives for the recycled plastic that was recovered from different parts of the ocean. For example one model is representative for The North Sea, one for the Indian Ocean, or for The Mediterranean Sea, The Pacific Ocean or The Baltic Sea.

It is actually an awareness campaign that is meant to warn people from all over the world about the danger represented by plastic waste dumping into the world’s oceans and seas, while all this plastic should be recycled and used for producing new equipment and appliances.

It’s an admirable idea and also the design of the model vacuum cleaners is unique and quite interesting, trying to capture also the main features of the ocean area it represents.

Re-Inventing The Kitchen With Range hoods From Frecan Light Collection

If you want to re-inventing the kitchen,the latest trend in technology and design have brought the range hood.Kitchen spaces are all about the marriage of beauty and practicality.The new hoods from Frecan Light Collection feature an unique design and technology like extraction systems, powerful blowers, halogen lights, ambient lighting, dishwasher safe aluminum filters, remote control and different finishes available with many models.Also the noise level is reduced to 36, 38 dBA. These hoods are very decorative because they look so great and shiny, but they are also very functional.


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