The Technivorm Grand Coffee Maker aka the Moccamaster

Prepare to taste the best coffee flavor you can get with the new Technivorm Grand Coffee Maker. Available at the price of $370, this beauty will provide you with the best coffee you have ever tasted, right there in the comfort of your home. After all, it didn’t get the nickname Moccamaster, also written on it, for nothing.

This amazing coffee maker is not a revolutionary creation in terms of technological improvements. It’s a model that uses the technology we already have in a new way. We could say that it makes the best out of what we know without feeling the need for new improvements on that level. So let’s analyze it a little. The Moccamaster appears to be used a copper heating element that helps it keep the water temperature between 195º and 205º. This allows it to ensure the best possible flavor.

Of course, the user further benefits from more than that. The coffee maker also features an insulated steel container with a capacity of 64 oz. this container keeps the coffee nice and hot even after it’s done and allows you to enjoy the same taste even for your second cup. This eliminates the need to either reheat the coffee or to keep the coffee maker running for periods of time longer than required for preparing the coffee. Moccamaster also features a 9-hole spray arm for an even soak and it can brew you a perfect pot of coffee in just 8 minutes.Available for 374 euros.

Colourful Mixers from KitchenAid Artisan

I think that a person can’t be very good at everything, so you have to find your special talent, your gift or skill and polish it until you get to be excellent in it and this is when you will have a name in that particular branch or field of activity. That applies to companies, too. It is impossible for a company to manufacture excellent fridges and cookers, but also bath tubs and sinks. That is why each of these products has its own “name” that beats all the others. Well, KitchenAid seems to be one of the best in kitchen appliances, which means a lot these days. And one of its best series is Artisan. The funny thing about this series of products is the fact that it has colourful appliances like these Colourful Mixers from KitchenAid Artisan.


The W Electrical Appliances Collection by Jean-Michel Wilmotte

Since the kitchen has become a part of the house dedicated for socializing besides its primary function as a cooking area, the appliances and kitchen furniture has also taken a leap towards something closer to elegant furniture than to electrical appliances and fixtures. The W Collection is a clear example in this direction.

Designed by French architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte, the W Collection includes a series of kitchen appliances with elegant designs and compact shapes that will allow you to eliminate the discrepancies of style between the kitchen and the living room and the rest of the room in your home. The collection includes a hub and oven system, a stylish induction table with four inductors and a central workspace, a remote-controlled hood crafted with grey glass and lacquered metal, a big vaulted oven tower featuring an electric oven integrated in a wooden cabinet and with a large cupboard at the top and a separate wooden cabinet and three-drawer sideboard.


The innovative FAB28 fridge by Smeg

Regardless of the field or domain, the element of surprise is what impresses the public and brings new admirers. That’s because people love new things, things that have never been done before and that impress with their simplicity and strangeness. To support this affirmation, we have found this innovative model of refrigerator.The FAB28 fridge is offered by Smeg. As expected, they managed to impress us with their creative thinking and their way of creating something extraordinary out of ordinary elements.

This model has a design that brings together two iconic elements, the fridge and the denim. Independently they are each iconic figures and elements that everyone uses on a daily basis, all over the world. It would seem logical for two such common elements to be brought together.


Bonavita Kettle

I like drinking coffee, but, just like all people, I like my coffee to be prepared in a certain way to consider it perfect for my taste. I like it warm, but a bit warmer than usual, somewhere between hot and warm. But I hate boiling the water and then waiting for five minutes until I can drink it. What I want is to be able to drink the perfect coffee every day and to do this in a very small amount of time. So I need a special appliance that is able to warm the water until a certain fixed temperature. This is the Bonavita Kettle. It is shiny and nice, very useful and handy.

This kettle has a 1.0 liter capacity and the nice base wit all kinds of buttons allows you to set the temperature that you want for the water and can maintain that temperature for twenty minutes. It works with a 1000 watt heating element (AC 120V 60Hz) and is perfect for tea and coffee. Its brushed stainless steel look is combined in a very nice way with the black handle and lid cap that are thermal resistant and will not get hot. It is cordless and easy to use and it looks really great. You can have it for $79.99.

Nelson Sunburst Clock

I read some authors with the same pleasure every year and I find them more present than the modern writers and this is due to their wonderful ability to foreseen future and to see things clearly, which will lead to the same thing in the future. Any way, the bottom line is that some items are made long time ago but still they are considered more attractive than ever and they feel very contemporary, too. This is such a thing I am talking about : the Nelson Sunburst Clock. It is stylish and modern and designed by a very creative person who just couldn’t stand to have empty walls.


Bosch Dishwasher

I normally do all the things I have to do without complaining but there is one thing I truly hate and this is washing the dishes by hand every day. It takes forever to wash all the dirty dishes from a family of four every single day and exactly when you think you have just finished the job, you find some more dishes to wash. It is a real ordeal for me. That is why my true wish is to buy a dishwasher. And not just any dishwasher, but a good one – like this Bosch Dishwasher for example. First of all this baby is very useful, since it does the job for me and I avoid getting skin allergy from the detergent.


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