Undercounter Refrigerators – The New Must-Have In Modern Kitchens

Undercounter refrigerator drawers have lately become increasingly popular in modern and contemporary kitchens. They’re an ideal addition as they don’t only provide extra storage but also enhance the functionality of your kitchen and can serve as a focal point. To learn more about these features, check out these great designs.


6 Of The Most Popular Oven Arrangements For The Kitchen

Everyone should feel like a pro in their kitchen. It’s why having everything exactly the way you want it is very important. When choosing your appliances, think of your needs and then think of how you’ll be using them in order to come up with the perfect arrangement. Not everyone prefers the same type of arrangement. For example, there are lots of ways in which you can configure your work space and plenty of options for each type of appliance. To make things easier, today we’re focusing on ovens.

Double ovens.

Modern kitchen featuring a stacked double oven and stainless steel appliances

A double oven offers the user more flexibility when cooking. Another advantage of having a double oven is that you can place it on a comfortable level so that you don’t have to bend down when using it. It’s good for your back and it also gives you plenty of ideas for the rest of the kitchen décor as well.


A lovely way to make your coffee

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and yet the harder to prepare. It is awful to wake up in the morning and make breakfast for your family when you know you could have been sleeping a little more. But, when you know that your kitchen is fully equipped and you have some machine friends that give you some help, waking up in the morning becomes a pleasure.

The De`Longhi Breakfast Series Brillante not only look fabulous in your kitchen but still gives you the help you need when you are preparing the breakfast. But, what do these machines imply? This 3D diamond facet pattern set comes with a filter coffee machine, kettle and a toaster. And the most amazing thing is the way they play with the light, like they were shinning.


The Help from your Kitchen

The kitchen machine is in every woman’s dream. I say that, because it does all the hard work we have to do when we cook for our family members. Imagine how hard is to make by hand your mayonnaise, every time you want to make a salad. That’s why, when these machines appeared, they didn’t only been very appreciate but also very bought.Now, you find one in every home, because it helps you cook faster and better. But, an improvement is always well received.

For that, we present you the KMX80 a striped and retro styled Kenwood Barcelona kMix that is a very special kitchen machine. It combines utility with design and I bet it will look awesome in your fancy kitchen. It is an amazing object because of his controles that are very well placed and the easy-fit attachment outlets that makes him looks very fancy and modern. The cover is a combination of happy colors and I know it will bring happiness to your kitchen.


Karlsson Spider Clock

Spiders are not very beautiful insects, but they can be really interesting because of the web they weave with great skill and use it for hunting afterwards. A spider’s body is simple in design and as interesting as its work: a round body in the middle, surrounded by long thin legs on the sides. It is sort of funny, but this description also applies to this Karlsson Spider Clock. And except for the stylized shape, they do not share anything else. This clock is beautiful and colourful, with a strong round shaped center where you can see the clock arms showing time, with the clock mechanism on the back.

Every “leg” has a coloured ball at the end and also represents a number that should be on the clock dial. The whole disc is divided into small parts that are supposed to stand for five minutes and each time the colour of the ball changes. The clock is perfect to be placed against a white background, as it will bring a touch of youth and will value its design best. The clock is made of metal and plastic and is big enough to be noticed – 32 cm diameter. It needs one AA battery to work and you can purchase it for £50.00 from Urban Outfitters.

Colorful New World Freestanding Cookers

Collect the ingredients, wash them, cut them, and prepare them for boiling or frying. These are the main steps that you need to make in order to cook something delicious and not everybody is so anxious to try them or spend much time in the kitchen cooking. Thus kitchen should become a more attractive area for these people so that cooking or the time spent in the kitchen becomes a real pleasure.

Made in Britain, the colorful New World Colours Collection offers a great variety of colors for its freestanding sector so that your kitchen can be transformed into an attractive and pleasant place. This Collection refers to a brand new twin cavity and double oven freestanding cookers that feature some nice metallic shades. Purple, blue, green, red, copper, black, white, stainless steel or chrome are the available nuances and there is also a large variety of sizes and types of fuel.  Two 55cm models, the gas NW551GTC and the electric NW551ETC are part of this collection. Some other gas options or electric models belong to this colorful collection and each of them has other interesting features too.


Elegant Miele DA 2900 Kitchen Ceiling Hood

If you love cooking or you need to cook many hours in the kitchen, a kitchen hood is definitely an appliance which is absolutely necessary in your kitchen. Soups, steaks, barbeques, doughnuts and many other types of food suppose boiling or frying so that your kitchen will be easily invaded by steam or smoke. Here it comes the useful kitchen hood which saves you from these uncomfortable situations.

Things can become even better if you think of trying the elegant Miele DA 2900 kitchen ceiling hood. It has four removable glass or steel panels which can be integrated into the kitchen ceiling easily. Its four bright 2 watt LEDs offer the necessary light for cooking while the noise level can be hold at 66dB (A) due to its 4speed which include an Intensive setting motor. This Intensive setting can be programmed to switch off automatically after 10 minutes.A supplied remote control can help you operate ceiling hood.


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