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Glossy apartment interior design by Melinda Néder

Today we’re going to take a close look at a very special apartment with an interior décor created by Hungarian designer Melinda Néder. The apartment is a 130 square meter family home that was built over a period of 1 year and a half. When the owners placed their requests, they only had a few things they really wanted: a modern home with a black and white interior and red and silver insertions.

The result was this friendly apartment. As for the black and white combination the owners requested, it had to be changed. Instead, a series of more friendly colors was chosen. The owners agreed to the change when they realized it was a good suggestion. Still, they needed a place for their vinyl record collection. That wasn’t a problem for the Hungarian interior designer.


Mats Gustafson ‘s Apartment in Stockholm

As I have already confessed by love for everything that is Swedish there is no doubt that I adore their life style, their houses, their practical way of thinking and many other fantastic things they owe. My Swedish experience marked my whole life and I will always be grateful to my Swedish friends who have helped to become what I am today.

Mats Gustafson apartment living room

The images of this elegant and stylish apartment located in Stockholm reminded of all these great things related to Sweden. The apartment, designed by Fernlund + Logan belongs to the artist Mats Gustafson and is a place that is characteristic to the Nordic people. Its simplicity, sobriety, refinement, classic style and the vintage accents are features that can characterize Scandinavian people. They love modernity but at the same time they adore and try to keep their traditions.


40 sqm Studio apartment renovation by SFARO

These days it’s not that easy to just buy a new house. The prices are not that friendly so if you already have a house it’s easier to just renovate it and make it suit your current needs instead of buying a new one. Let’s see how this is done. This studio apartment is located in Tel-Aviv, Israel. T’s a 40 square meter apartment and its owner needed a bigger place couldn’t afforda new home so she decided to renovate this one instead.

40 sqm Studio apartment renovation

The renovation was taken care of by SFARO Architects / Nir Rothem & Bosmat Sfadia Wolf and the project was completed in 2011. the small studio apartment only covered 40 square meters so it’s wasnt much to work with. The architects managed however to turn it into a spacious home that now includes 1 bedroom, a large separate kitchen and a full-size queen bedroom.


The 106 Carpenter Street Residence in Melbourne, Australia

A great example of impressing contemporary architecture is the 106 Carpenter Street Residence. The property is located in Brighton, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia. It features an unusual contemporary design that makes this residence stand out. It’s an impressive two-story contemporary home with an intriguing modern architecture.

The exterior of the house features full height sliding timber wall panels that function both as practical elements that allow the inhabitants to let in the natural light whenever they want, and as a modern architecture element. The entry door is impressive and it’s made of solid oak. The full height door leads to a large hallway. Then you get to the informal, open plan living area that also includes the dining area.

The interior design is mostly minimalist, with white walls that contribute to the brightness of this space and minimalist furniture. The general image is hat of a spacious and elegant home.


The smallest new house in Echo Park by Louis Molina

What once was a dream of a three-story house with views of downtown Los Angeles turned into a 495 square foot home, not as large as envisaged but inviting and cozy as anyone would want it to be. The house was designed by Louis Molina who calls it “the smallest new house in Echo Park”.

This tiny house has large windows and high ceilings that allow natural light to flood the interior. The interior design is simple, modern and playful. There are sleek built-in cabinets, wood-framed doors and windows, wood paneling that conceal the appliances and beautiful views of the garden.


Elegant black and white interior duplex

Black and white is a timeless combination of colors. It’s been a popular choice for years and it’s unlikely to disappear all of the sudden. It’s used in basically everything but mostly in fashion and interior decorations. Let’s take a look at a stylish black and white interior and see exactly what is it that makes it so beautiful.

black and white interior duplex living

This duplex has been decorated almost entirely in black and white. The walls and the ceilings are white and the floors are light grey. The same colors have been used throughout the apartment and the result is a uniform look. The furniture is either completely white or completely black. It’s interesting that there are no combinations. That’s probably because the designer wanted to create strong contrasts.


Artistic two-leveled loft in Madrid, Spain

Cozyness and comfort don’t depend on any particular style. After all, we’re all unique. Unique is also the word to describe this beautiful loft located in Madrid, Spain. It’s a two-leveled loft that was designed by Fernando Tapia and Monica Andina. The interior is both artistic and casual.

Artistic two-leveled loft in Madrid

Even though the décor features the typical Spanish national coloring, there’s nothing typical about this loft. That’s not because it’s unusually striking in terms of furniture, colors or materials but because it’s a loft full of art. The designers managed to find a way to combine functionality with style without compromising one or the other. The result was this extremely functional apartment with a great sense of style.


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