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Modern Penthouse in Sydney

Located in Sydney, Australia, this penthouse apartment is the work of Christopher Polly Architect. The apartment is situated in a building originally designed by Ancher Mortlock & Murray in the late 50’s that offers beautiful views over the Sydney Harbour to the north and to the Double Bay and Point Piper to the east.

Penthouse by Christopher Polly Architect

What you see here is the result of a complete internal reconfiguration and refurbishment of a top floor penthouse. The whole project was meant to improve the way the apartment was divided and structured, to make it more functional and to give it a new look. The new penthouse now has a clear and practical distinction between the public and private areas and the rooms and joined together by a common structure. The bathroom and kitchen were enlarged and all the rooms now benefit from more natural light thanks to the large windows.


Chic maisonette in London

This beautiful property can be found in Queens Gate, London and it’s a very stylish maisonette. The term maisonette usually defines a set of rooms for living in, typically on two stories of a larger building and with its own entrance from outside. This one occupies the first and second floor of a building and it sits on a 2,788 sq ft area.

Chic maisonette in London

The maisonette recently underwent a complete renovation and now it has a more modern look and a unifying décor throughout the property. Some of the architectural details are classic, like for example the high ceilings, the details from the ceiling and walls and the windows leading to a portico balcony. The entire property feature hardwood floors, another unifying element. Also, the property features Lutron lighting and integrated sound systems in all rooms.


Unique Penthouse in Stockholm

Stockholm is a city with many beautiful residences and gorgeous apartments and penthouses. One of them is this beautiful penthouse designed by Tailwind. It features modern architecture and it occupies and entire floor. The building has an elevator. A second floor is currently in progress and will be finished towards the end of 2012.

Unique Penthouse in Stockholm

The living room is more than 5 meters high and it’s a very welcoming area. In fact, all the rooms are spacious and generous. The total floor area is 286 sq m. From those, 84 sq m are glass surface so natural light is something you sh9ould get used to in there. There’s also a 7 feet long terrace located to the northwest where the owners can enjoy some fresh air and admire the surroundings.


A Chic House with a Touch of Scandinavia

This chic house that you see here seems pretty modern and you would be surprised to find out that it actually dates back to 1902. It’s a 210 sq m home and it’s located in Zeeland. It’s actually not just a home but a villa. You’ll probably notice that the interior design reminds a lot of the Scandinavian style.

Zealand Villa with a Touch of Scandinavia

The interior is clean and simple, the colors and bright and there’s a very warm feeling in there. The walls and ceilings are completely white throughout the whole house and so is the floor in most of the rooms. An exception in this sense would be the kitchen for example that has brown tiles in different tones.


Apartment turned into a stylish loft by Triptique

This apartment might be smaller than your dream home, but inside there;s a very surprising and beautiful image awaiting you. The apartment is located in the Jardins areas in downtown Sao Paulo. If we would have to be very specific, we shouldn’t call this place an apartment. It’s actually more like a loft.

That’s because the owners didn’t really like the original structure and decided to make some changes. They wanted a more modern and airy place to call home so the apartment suffered a total make-over. The couple that owns this place also owns the Dbox company, a design company that sells restored vintage furniture. So they had an eye for the design that they wanted.


Modern 1880s apartment in Stockholm

This unique apartment in located in one of Stockholm’s best areas, one blobk from Odin and Vasa Park. It has high ceilings and a large dining area. It has been recently refurbished so it’s a modern 1880s apartment. As you enter, there a hallway with high ceilings, oak floors and bright walls. From there you have access to both the kitchen, bathroom and living room.

Fresh 1880s apartment in Stockholm

The living room-bedroom is spacious and very comfortable. There’s plenty of room from social gatherings and it can also be sued for sleeping. There’s a large window that allows plenty of natural light to get in and also helps with the ventilation. It has been renovated and now it’s even more cozy than before.


Remodeled small apartment in Madrid

Small places can also be beautiful and pleasant. In fact, it could more inviting and warm just because of its small dimensions. For example, let’s take a look at this beautiful place in Madrid. The design was created by Paloma Martínez Gil, Argensolacuatro Architecture Study. What you see here is actually a redesign and restructure of an already existing house.

The original place had a small living room, two bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchen. The space available was limited and there wasn’t anything drastic that the designers could do. The changed made were regarding the distribution of the rooms and the interior décor.


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