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The Black Iris Café Interior Design in Montenegro

The Black Iris Café is a contemporary creation of Russian architect Alexey Nikolashin. The café is located in the coastal town of Budva, Montenegro or Montenegrin Kuwait. Even though it’s called Black Iris Café it can be considered a restaurant. It serves Greek, Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. Sitting in the busy shopping plaza in Buvda, the restaurant is always full of people.

As you can imagine, there’s more to this place than just a simple restaurant. It also includes a bar area. The interior design of both volumes is contemporary and simple. The décor is modern and yet rustic, with wooden furniture and simple lines. The bar is simple and chic. It features wooden tables and chairs and the bar is made from the same material as well. The finish is the same throughout. The chairs have brown leather upholstery and they are both stylish and comfortable.


Multi-level apartment redesigned by Peter Kostelov

Even if you have a big apartment, you will always want more. Some may say the solution is to move out. But what can you do if you don’t want to change the place? It seems that modern technology and architecture come with a new ingenious solution which was put into practice in an apartment from Moscow.The next house shows another way to enlarge the living space. It is actually about a two floor apartment from Moscow.

The architect that worked for this project is Peter Kostelov. The architect came with an ingenious idea. From a two level apartment he created a four level one, with the help of giant timber structure that was installed in the central common room. The result is that the 258-sq-m apartment grew in a 348-sq-m one and the walls don’t even look shrink. The designer managed to add some ceilings varying from 3 to 8 meters. This is how the experiment finished well. If we think now, the idea seems simple, but how many of us would have thought about it? After this project the apartment gain two extra bedrooms, a bathroom and a study and glass partitions.


Luxurious penthouse in Vienna by Loebell Architects

This beautiful penthouse apartment is located in Vienna, Austria. It’s a two-storey single family residence that was built in 2012. The penthouse has a luxurious and stylish interior that des created by Loebell Architects. They were the one to choose all the furniture and the ones who also optimized the floor plan.

The apartment is functionally structures and it benefits from a contemporary and very elegant interior design. The living room area has large windows that offer views over the cupolas of the Museum of Natural History. This area shares an open floor plan with the dining room. The living room from the lower level was designed, on the client’s request, in an Art Nouveau style. It was decorated with tones of brown and gold. These shades fill the whole room, from the walls to the floor and the furniture and accessories.


Classic mid century and modern interior design

The house is extraordinary beautiful. With a pure, modern design, the home is a representative one to the Scandinavian design. The live colors in the place are making you smile. I also like, in some rooms, the combination of white (walls, floors and ceiling) with black modern objects. The lines of the furniture, which includes the lamps and the chandeliers, keep the same style but all together they work in keeping the place very modern.

The big window in the living room is making the place glow. The living room is a great room for reading a book or socializing with friends. What I like the most about the room is the bookcase, I’ve always loved bookcases that combines books with decorative objects. The bookcase is the only thing that keeps the room alive and happy.


Elegant residence in Madrid renovated by Luis Door

This is a modern and elegant home located in Madrid. It has been recently renovated and it got an updated look. It’s now a lovely home, with lots of colors and textures. It was a renovation conducted by Luis Door and the results are exceptional. The living room is particularly interesting. It has large windows overlooking the garden and two parallel sofas. The furniture is simple, casual and very comfortable. The living room also has a beautiful coffee table and a fabric pouf that adds color and texture to the design.

The combination of materials, colors and textures is a real work of art. It takes talent to do that and it’s not easy when you have to work with an already existing décor. Besides the beautiful furniture, the residence also features several art pieces. For example, the living room has a beautiful abstract painting signed by Joaquin Capa and a sculpture by Curtis Jere. On the hallway there’s another similar painting, this time by Paul Palazuelo from Fernández-Braso gallery.


Stylish and artistic apartment with an eclectic décor

The key to a successful and beautiful interior décor is not just knowing and mastering interior designs techniques but also having a sense for style. You need to create something with personality, with character. Even if you choose to create a minimalist or simple interior design, you need to use your imagination and creativity.

The owners of this particular apartment wanted to create a simple and casual décor without investing too much. After all, it was no point in completely redesigning an apartment if it was just a rental. Now let’s take a closer look at this place. It seems like a very comfortable home. It has a simple interior décor and lots of versatile pieces of furniture. The idea was that if the furniture is versatile then it can be adapted to fir different décor and possible future homes that the owners might have.


Minimalist white attic apartment in Norrmalm

In Norrmalm, a district of Stockholm, lies a beautiful apartment building with lovely homes. The apartments have been carefully restored and renovated and they are now ready to become new homes. There’s a fixed prices for this particular apartment and that is 12.25 million KR. The property was built in 1878 and it has a lot of history. However, the renovations and remodels it went through helped it keep up with the times.The apartments in this building are modern and minimalist. However, they still retain some of the original charm the building has to offer. The apartments still feature the original floors plans and some of the original elements such as the stucco and the double doors. They all have balconies or terraces with beautiful views, as well as freestanding kitchen units and joinery designed to match the architectural features of the building.

All the apartments feature either partially or fully preserved sanded and oiled tiled floors. They also have large windows and high ceilings.The attic apartment is particularly beautiful. It has an elevator leading right into the apartment. It also benefits from under floor heating. The apartment has two large bathrooms and laundry room, a large kitchen and an open floor plan. The living room is spacious and had large windows and skylights.


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