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Colorful 400 square foot apartment in Chicago

Continuing our research on small and tiny apartment and the ways in which they can be cleverly decorated in order to seem bigger, we found this beautiful apartment in Chicago, IL. The apartment belongs to JoAnn. It measures a total of 400 square feet so it’s a tiny home. However, it’s also a welcoming and very cozy home.

The apartment is small but very beautiful and cleverly decorated. Since it’s such a small place, some things had to be sacrificed. For example, there’s only one closet in the entire apartment. It might seem like an unfortunate compromise but the fact is that there are also other ways of storing things without having to rely to space-wasting closets. In this case, a clever solution was to create some functional storage space under the bed. In the bedroom, a series of shelves placed above the bed are the perfect solution that makes the nightstand seem useless in this case. It’s a space-saving solution and a very clever one as well.


Contemporary Schein Loft in New York

Not everything that is old is necessarily broken and ruined and must be destroyed. Some things keep their patina and this makes them even more beautiful. All you need to do is give them a new face, a make over, and they will look great again. For example some guys from Archi-Tectonics in New York thought of giving a new face to an old warehouse in Soho and covered it in a waterfall of glass. Underneath the apartments were given a modern look and the result can be seen in this Contemporary Schein Loft.


Don Draper’s Apartment in “Mad Men”

Films can be of various kinds: adventure films, romances, dramas, thrillers, detective films, SF films and the list may go on. Usually a film focuses on a certain idea and tries to feature a certain world. The moment you watch a film you will be exposed to a total different society, with different ideas and mentality.

“Mad Men’ is an American dramatic television series which is set in 1960s.This film has as protagonist Don Draper and the focal point of the series goes around him and the people that appear in his life. ”Mad Men” is also a film which tries to depict the changing moods and social mores of the 1960s America.


Spacious penthouse and carefully compartmentalized

This beautiful apartment is located in the heart of Malmo City, in Stockholm. It’s a lovely penthouse apartment with a stylish interior. It’s currently a three-bedroom apartment but it could be converted into a 4-room apartment if needed. It has either two or three bedrooms, according to the client’s needs. One of the rooms can be used as an office, nursery, work space, etc.

The apartment is currently on the market with the price of 6,995,000 SEK. It covers a total area of approximately 87 square meters.The apartment would make a nice home for a small family with children. The rooms are spacious and the internal structure is adaptable. The living room is large and beautifully decorated. The atmosphere is casual but still elegant. There’s a cozy sofa, a beautiful wooden coffee table and plenty of storage space. The living area also has access to a balcony.


Challenging 50-square meter apartment with Nordic interior décor

It’s not easy to decorate a small apartment, especially when the internal structure is not as you would want it to be. In this case, for example, this 50-square meter apartment was a real challenge. The rooms didn’t exactly have the structure that the owners wanted. Moreover, some of the walls even seem to have a curved shape which makes things even more difficult than they already are.

As you enter, there’s a relatively small hall that then becomes larger and eventually becomes one and the same with the living room. Since it would have been difficult to create a separate kitchen and it would not have been what the owner wanted anyway, the kitchen shares a space with the dining room. It’s a large area and the combination seems natural and quite common.


Bright French loft with a retro interior décor

The key to a bright and airy interior décor is knowing how to choose the colors and materials. The internal structure of the house or apartment is also a very important factor. For example, this French loft already had a great layout and the fact that it features windows everywhere was a big plus.

This French loft is very bright. IT’S filled with natural light coming from all the windows. Not all the windows have the same dimensions nor the same shape or orientation. They basically surround the apartment and provide views on every side. However, even if the windows weren’t as many the loft would still be bright and airy. It’s because it has a very fresh interior décor. The walls are white and so are the ceilings. The flooring varies in color but it’s mostly neutral.


Open space studio apartment in New York

This is a 443 square foot apartment. It’s a tiny place but it’s also a cozy home for its owner. The studio apartment is located in New York and it belongs to Caroline who shares it with her friendly pet cat. As in most similar cases, the key to designing a tiny apartment such as this one is simplicity. You need to give up anything that’s useless. This includes purely decorative items and things you hardly ever use.

Caroline’s tiny apartment is like a sanctuary. It’s a very calm and cozy place where she can relax and be herself. Despite the apartment’s small dimensions, it’s a very bright and airy place. That’s because the apartment is simple. When decorating such as apartment you need to try to open it up and to cleverly take advantage of every little inch. You also need to be organized. If you weren’t already, living in a tiny apartment will teach how.


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