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Tiny apartment renovation featuring white walls

Even though we all wish to have big homes and to have all the space we can use, it’s usually just a dream. Some of us have to deal with small apartments such as this one. This apartment measures only 45 square meters. It might be tiny but it’s still a cozy home. When you have such a small home it’s important to know how to organize and plan your space. This was also the goal during the renovation of this apartment.

The renovation took place between 2005 and 2008. It was a long period of time but the project wasn’t easy either. The interesting thing is that not a single wall had to be removed. The internal structure of the apartment was preserved as such. Instead, the interior design was majorly transformed. The apartment got a bright and airy décor. Even though the space was the same as before, the atmosphere was completely different.


Modern urban penthouse in Chelsea

This lovely home belongs to Ms. Littman. She’s 69 years old and had three children and six grandchildren. She was born and raised in New Jersey but also spent quite some time in New York. She currently lives in this 2,400 square foot penthouse in Chelsea. It’s a sunny home with a modern design and a bright interior.

Even though Ms. Littman has always been attracted by the big city, her 75 years old husband is a Jersey-boy who lived on the same street for most of his life. He spends most of the time in New Jersey. The couple also has a beach house in Deal, N.J. where Mr. Littman likes to go. They each have their own style and they’re each happy in another place. However, this doesn’t mean they’re not happy together.


Only 23 square meter Coquette small Parisian apartment

You don’t need a large apartment to feel comfortable in your own space. As a matter a fact I think sometimes a smaller apartment makes you feel even better because it give you the sensation of a cocoon, of a shell, as a protective environment. A small apartment probably suites a single person and it’s better for a woman than a men (because they can transform it into a coquette place with colors and accessories), but for starters I think this shall do.

The next tiny apartment is incredible segmented so it can offer you all the comfort in only 23 square meter. It’s amazing how with a little creativity and intelligence you can transform a cloister space into a very cozy and welcoming one. The entire project was done by Aud Borromee.The apartment is situated in Paris so its small dimensions are a little for the Parisian bohemian style of living.


48 square meter apartment with a bright and functional interior décor

The key to decorating a small apartment is functionality. You need to carefully assess the space and to come up with the optimal plan. Every little inch counts and the space needs to be perfectly arranged and structured. In this case, we have a 48 square meter apartment with a clean and simple décor.

If you want to avoid creating a busy and cluttered décor, you need to keep things simple. You only have to include the necessary pieces of furniture and nothing more. Moreover, expandable and multifunctional pieces are also a great choice. This study apartment features a few key pieces that form a functional and simple décor. First of all, notice how airy the rooms look. It’s because the furniture was kept to a minimum.


Apartment in Barcelona decorated with vintage accessories

Sometimes deciding on a single style for the interior décor is difficult. There are many interesting elements in different styles and it’s only natural to want to combine them all. When that happens, you get an eclectic interior décor. It’s the case of this beautiful flat located in Barcelona. The apartment is situated in the historic center of Barcelona, in the Gothic Quarter.

It’s a 170 square meter apartment with a unique history and look. Its owners wanted to preserve the original charm of the apartment and some of the old features but they also wanted this place to be brought up to date. The result was a vintage décor with modern insertions. It’s in fact a common combination. These two apparently opposite styles can be beautifully combined in order to obtain an eclectic and chic décor.


From an apartment with industrial design to a wooden one

I would probably upset the next apartment’s designer if I would say it looks like a place from horror movies, but this is the first impression that the next pictures gave to me. And that is not even an offense because I really like the place, only that it gives me the chills. It is a cold, metallic place, with an industrial aspect. It reminds me of a warehouse, factory or hospital. But let’s see the pictures and you will decide for your own how creepy this place really is.

The apartment suffered two transformations. The first set of pictures shows you the first transformation. In 2005, the Russian architect Peter Kostelov transformed a single room apartment into a multiple room one, including a living room, a bedroom, study room, library, two wardrobe rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom and a lavatory and shower for guests. Now this is a great job and a very intelligent way of splitting space! The designer used almost only industrial, or to be more exact, metal materials. This is why the apartment had a cold masculine look, not very welcoming, and, as I already said, a little creepy for my taste.


Four-room apartment with terrace in Gothenburg for sale

This is yet another lovely apartment from Gothenburg. This time it’s located in Gustavsgatan, in a three-storey building that was built in 1946. It covers an area of 90 square meters and it’s situated on the second floor of the building. The apartment is very bright and inviting and it’s currently on the market at the price of 1 700 000 SEK.

The apartment has four beautiful rooms and a large terrace facing south. The living room and the kitchen share an open floor plan. It’s a light-filled area with windows in three directions. It features a working fireplace and the atmosphere inside is very cozy and inviting. The fireplace is one of the original elements that has preserved and it dates from the 1940s. The living room is spacious and has plenty of room for a large sofa. It also has access to the terrace.


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