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Open space apartment interior design in Madrid

This apartment is located in Madrid and it features a very beautiful and exquisite interior design. The apartment is functionally divided into separate areas. The living room and dining room form a shared space. This area is decorated with tones of beige and brown. The atmosphere is casual and relaxing but also elegant. Small touches of blue and yellow break the monotony and add brightness to the room.

This is a turn-of-the-century apartment situated in the center of Madrid. It still features the elegant feel of the original design. However, the interior has been remodeled, adapted and updated. It’s now a beautiful combination of modern and classic. The apartment once served as an office. When the current owners found this place a few years ago, they saw the potential it had and decided to start a new project. Transforming it into the lovely and inviting home it is now was a challenge.


Sweet Parisian Apartment With A Bright Carpet in Living Room

People have different tastes and preferences. They love things that others may hate and vice versa. The same thing happens to me and my husband. I love Sweden and everything that is Swedish while he is in love with France. His dream is that one day he can reach Paris, the city of lights and lovers. He loves French language, French music and especially Tour Eiffel.If we mentioned about Paris, we could continue to speak about it but from a different perspective. We present you a sweet Parisian apartment designed by French studio Double g. The combination of vivid colors and style adopted amaze any viewer.

The white living room has an impressive library and some lovely retro armchairs, all wrapped in a vintage air. The red carpet and some other colorful details contrast the white interior which makes everything look more airy and spacious.The gorgeous nuance of blue chosen for the bedroom makes you love this room. The color is lovely and the white and yellow pillows contrast it beautifully.


Elegant 65-square meter apartment from the 1800s

This lovely apartment has a very long and interesting history. It might seem now like a relatively modern home but it’s not the whole story. The apartment is located in a building that dates from the 19th century. Back then it had traditional roofs and balconies facing the street. It was not an apartment building but more like a conglomerate of houses. It the 20th century the building was extensively remodeled. The houses were restructured and turned into 65-square meter apartments. This is one of those apartments.

The original internals structure of the apartment was not what the owners had in mind for their new home. As a result, they decided to remodel the apartment. The living room, dining room and the kitchen were brought together to form a single space. It’s an area that seems really spacious and that also has a very inviting feel. The apartment also includes a bedroom suite with its own dressing room and bathroom. There’s a second bedroom and another bathroom that complete the apartment.


Lovely Renovated Madrid apartment by Rafael Llamazares

Even though it might sound surprising, sometimes it’s easier to just build a home from scratch than to renovate an already existing one. In the case of apartments the last options tends to be the only one. This apartment is located in Madrid and it was recently renovated by Rafael Llamazares. As in most cases, the owner wanted a big change.

When renovating an apartment it’s just the décor that changes but sometimes the internal structure as well. In this case, the renovation brought with it exposed beams and pillars that were hidden before. The team that worked at this project re=introduced these elements into the décor. In one of the rooms there were two cast-iron columns. These were painted black in order to create a visual contrast with the rest of the room.


Tiny black and white apartment decorated with subway tiles

When you have a small apartment the best solution is to find versatile elements and trends. The black and white color combination is a timeless mix that basically goes with everything. It seems like a simple decision and a perfect solution for an apartment such as this one.

This apartment measures only 39 square meters. With such a small floor area delimitating all the spaces would be useless and not functional at all. As you can see, this apartment features a large common area that includes the living room, dining room, kitchen and even bedroom. The bedroom is usually a separate area but given the space and the type of home the owners wanted, it wasn’t a big compromise but rather an original thing.


Warm Norwegian Apartment

We are at the middle of spring and days seem warmer and warmer. We almost forgot about the cold winter days although sometimes the cold weather seems to remind of them. Now we can enjoy the warm rays of sun, the nice walks in the park watching the rebirth of nature. Trees seem to catch color while the fields are already green. The only thing that is missing is the trees in blossom which offer spectacular views.

If you are in search of a warm place too you may think of this warm Norwegian apartment where you can relax and enjoy all its comfort.Its white interiors make of it a spacious and bright place, but the decorations and the art works add some spots of color and charm. Thus there are used huge paintings on the walls, colored pieces of lighting or furniture and vintage items which are very attractive.


Penthouse with beautiful views by Smith Designs

The 90 Project is actually a penthouse located in British Columbia, Canada. The interior of the penthouse was designed by Smith Designs. The penthouse has indeed a very impressive interior. Before it was purchased by the current owners, the penthouse suite served as a display suite for the condo development. After that, the 3300 square feet property was purchased by a couple who loves to entertain.

With 3300 square feet of floor space and a very large deck that might very well have the same size, the penthouse is the perfect combination of indoor and outdoor spaces. It’s also perfect or both entertainment and relaxation. The team from Smith Designs decided to make the most out of this space. They also wanted to take into consideration the views and they decided to raise the area so called “Kitchen Theatre” in order to allow views of Victoria Harbor and the Olympic Mountains


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