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Nordic apartment with exotic touches

The Nordic style is so simple and easy to recognize. A Nordic décor is usually white and with minimalist furniture. But there are lots of styles that would look great in combination with this one. This particular apartment, for example, features an eclectic mix. It’s obvious that the dominant element is the Nordic décor. However, there are several other styles that are quite strong.

The apartment is actually a combination of more than twos styles, which is difficult to achieve, especially when the styles are so different. The first two directions are the Nordic and the vintage inspirations. These are elements that usually look beautiful when combined. They are both relatively simple and they complement each other nicely. The Nordic style is minimalist and usually cold whereas the vintage elements bring warmth and comfort into the décor.


Bright Maison Drolet 2 Apartment in Montreal

Maison Drolet 2 is a very large, contemporary apartment located in Montreal. Its current state is not the originally intended one. The apartment occupies the first two floors of a building from Plateau Mont-Royal, Montreal. They have been rearranged and remodeled by Canadian design studio La SHED Architecture and turned into a large contemporary apartment.

Even though the interior of the building was drastically changed, the exterior architecture was voluntarily preserved. It’s a testimony of the building’s history and some of the elements were priceless and impossible to recreate. The façade of the building has been faithfully restored and the original look has been preserved. Some changes also included the outdoor area. For example, in order to offer more privacy to the residents, a series of colored panels have been installed in the yard.

As for the interior, the original layout of the building was not very functional. Bringing light into the rooms was difficult due to the internal structure. However, there were some benefits to it as well. The full height openings allow natural light to get through. The contemporary white décor also helps create an airy and bright atmosphere. The space had to be reorganized and some new architectural elements had to be added as well. They include elements such as the stairs or the wood-covered wall from the kitchen. The interior is quite simple. It has been decorated with neutral color and some small pops of color here and there for contrast.

Symmetry in the Kiev Apartment Brought by Ivan Yunakov

Although is not my strong point, mathematics seemed to be very useful and pleasant in the real life than at school. I have never liked geometry but now it seems that a lot of its applications can make our life easier. If you want to paint a room you need to use some geometric notions for example. You need to find out the surface of the place, its height and so on.

Here it is a spacious apartment located in Kiev, Ukraine where Ivan Yunakov made a very good job using a lot of symmetry for example.The interior of the apartment covers a surface of 1,076 square foot, has two bedrooms and two bathrooms. There are two main features that characterize this apartment: the use of contrastive nuances and items that create an artistic ambiance.In the hall there is a nice piano and a vintage wall clock. If we refer to contrasts, in the same place we find a white carpet with some colored accents that contrasts the dark floor.


Bright and modern studio apartment in an old building

A 1-room apartment is something most people avoid. It’s mostly because most 1-room apartment are very small, tiny and crowded. But it all depends on the way you decorate it. For example, this apartment is very bright and airy, despite the fact that it only has one room. It’s a beautiful room and that’s what it counts.

The apartment is located in Linnéstaden. It sits I a building that dates from 1929 with a classicist style and it covers an area of 41 square meters. It’s a tiny apartment but it’s surprisingly spacious. The starting bid for the apartment is 1,350,000 SEK. It’s a studio apartment that, despite the building’s old age, looks very modern. Some of the original elements have been preserved during the renovations and they give character to this place making it unique.


Mixing classical, hip and arty for a cool edge with family feel

Everybody can transform their old style designed home into a beautiful new one, a home that will shine with grace throughout the years that will come. If you want to do that with your interior space you have to fallow some easy steps. In the next paragraphs I will tell you what you could do to modify your apartment.

First of all you have to rethink your light, because you will need light to see what you do in your home. Well in this particular case the light in the kitchen was to week and so the owners, Olivia and Frank, put more light in the kitchen. Because of the high ceiling rooms they hanged pendants to close the space in. In the second place you have to customize your space to fit your personality and your style.Coming back to Olivia and Frank’s apartment, an apartment that is situated in West Berlin, they bought a new bed to fit their bedroom because the old ones were too tiny and ugly.


Extraordinary one bedroom flat in the middle of Stockholm

We all want space, because it makes us feel free and comfortable, that’s why people search for large, multi-room apartments. But that doesn’t mean that an apartment with less rooms doesn’t offer us the cosines we need. The next apartment is a good example of how a one bedroom flat can offer us all the space we need.

This interior breaks all misconceptions because it proves that you can mix different designs in only one spacious room without crowding the place or making it look kitschy. The flat has 690 square foot and gathers a bathroom, a kitchen, a living room with balcony and only a sleeping room. The main advantage of the place is that is it very bright so it offers the impression of space. The bathroom, the kitchen and the bedroom are painted in light pastel colors to increase that feeling and their simple design makes them look very airy.


The house of 10,000 books in New York

This is the home of Jane Friedman. It’s located in New York and it’s a duplex. It’s always inevitable to bring work at home. However, for this publishing executive it wasn’t something she wanted to avoid but rather something she enjoyed doing. As a result, her New York apartment is filled with approximately 10,000 old-fashioned books.

With a career dominated by books, Ms. Friedman considered her extensive library to be a part of her. The library tells the story of her life. It’s a home that has more books than actual libraries. It must be very nice to see all those books and to be able to tell the story of each one of them. Some of them belong to authors that Jane Friedman met personally while other have a different kind of sentimental and professional value.


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