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Modern two-room apartment in Gothenburg

This apartment measures 52 square meters but it’s surprisingly spacious and bright. It has two rooms and an airy kitchen and it’s currently on the market for 1.795 million SEK. The apartment is located in Kungsladugård, a region of Gothenburg, in a building that dates from 1924. It’s a lovely apartment, on the third floor of the 3-story building.

The apartment has been beautifully restored and it features the original windows on the east and west sides as well as the original flooring, the paneling and the mirrored doors. These are all elements that have been preserved during the renovation, that create the charm and character of the apartment.


Tiny studio apartment with a cozy and airy interior

This is an apartment that measures only 33.5 square meters. It’s a tiny place but it can be enough space for one person. Sometimes it’s better to have a tiny space that’s yours and yours only than to live in a huge house with a bunch of other people you don’t really like. It’s nice to escape from family and to be on your own. And just because this apartment is small it doesn’t mean it’s not inviting and cozy.

The reality is that a small space is more likely to feel personal, comfy and welcoming than a large one. This mini studio apartment only has one room. This is where its owner works, spends time with guests and rests. It’s a room that was functionally divided to make space for storage, work and relaxation. One wall features a series of suspended cabinets. They are great for storing all sorts of things. Underneath these cabinet is the work area. It’s a simple desk with a chair but it’s enough.


Minimalist open space apartment in Moscow

This is the kind of apartment perfect for a successful businessman who travels a lot and when he gets back home he wants to find a simple and clean space where he can rest. This dwelling is situated in Moscow, in a residential complex named “Welton Park” and it is decorated by Alexandra Fedorova using mostly monochromatic colors and warm accents of wood.

The living room is very simple; the main piece of furniture is that big and comfortable beige sofa facing a big flat screen TV suspended on the wall and in the back we can see a small kitchen with a round, minimalist dining table for two persons and simple furniture in dark tones. To let the light in, the windows weren’t hidden behind some dark, thick curtains, but they were emphasized by some white silk curtains which also create a warm, romantic atmosphere.


Madrid apartment at the limit between old and modern

This stylish apartment dates back to 1914. It’s an old structure but this only makes it more interesting. The apartment is located in Madrid and it has been recently renovated by architect Vazquez de Prada Pure Borja. After the renovation, it got a new look but with traces of the old décor. It’s an eclectic mix of old and new and a beautiful example of combined styles.

It wasn’t just the décor that underwent serious changes. The internal structure was modified as well. Some of the spaces had to be relocated in order to make the apartment more functional. The kitchen, for example, was moved into the former dining room. This area used to have a small corridor that was removed during the renovation. Now it’s a continuous space and the transition is smoother.


Spacious loft remodel with open space

This loft already was a great family home but, as the family was growing, some changes had to be made to the apartment as well. A new baby was about to enter the world when the owners decided they needed more space. As a result, they asked CreaProjects for help. The team helped them remodel the loft and make it a friendlier space for the new family member.

The loft had an elongated plan, not the most functional but still great. The whole apartment was restructured and this allowed the architects to include two bedrooms into the new design. Moreover, they made some very useful space in the attic. The loft features alternating rooms. There are two rest areas that are then succeeded by the bedrooms and all the other spaces. Because the floor plan was so difficult to work with, bringing light from the peripheries into the center of the loft was a challenge.


Bright apartment in Amsterdam by I Love Architecture

There are few apartments that can be compared to this one. This is a bright and very beautiful apartment located in Amsterdam that was designed by I Love Architecture.It’s an open and airy space with a modern and chic interior décor.The walls are white throughout the apartment and this is one of the reasons why it seems so bright and airy. White is a color that can easily create the impression of a larger space and it’s a very practical solution for small spaces but it’s also an elegant color for open spaces such as this one.

The monotony of the white décor is interrupted by wooden elements that add warmth and character to the décor. Moreover, small but strong touches of color further contribute to the overall modern and joyful décor.


Nordic apartment with exotic touches

The Nordic style is so simple and easy to recognize. A Nordic décor is usually white and with minimalist furniture. But there are lots of styles that would look great in combination with this one. This particular apartment, for example, features an eclectic mix. It’s obvious that the dominant element is the Nordic décor. However, there are several other styles that are quite strong.

The apartment is actually a combination of more than twos styles, which is difficult to achieve, especially when the styles are so different. The first two directions are the Nordic and the vintage inspirations. These are elements that usually look beautiful when combined. They are both relatively simple and they complement each other nicely. The Nordic style is minimalist and usually cold whereas the vintage elements bring warmth and comfort into the décor.


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