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Small one room apartment with an unusual bed

This tiny apartment is located on Roslin Road 1 in Ribersborg, Malmo. It measures only 33 square meters and it only has one room but it’s very bright and charming. For a single couple or a single person, one room is enough, especially when it’s as beautiful and spacious as this one. The apartment is small but functionally planned.

The apartment benefits from a convenient location, close to the beach, to parks and downtown. One room serves as a bedroom, living room and dining room. Each of these functions has its own space. For example, the bedroom is the corner of the room with the bed. The bed is quite unusual. Since there was only one room and every inch of floor space counts, the bed was raised on a platform and equipped with a ladder. Underneath it a space was created where one can relax, sit on an armchair maybe read a book.


Foldaway features apartment interior design

This is the kind of apartment perfect for an art collector or an artist who doesn’t need so much space for himself, but just a place for living and showing its paintings. Interior designer Oleg Trofimov managed to create a spacious place despite its modest proportions only by integrating some storage spaces into the rooms that hide some pieces of furniture. The flat is divided in two different parts: the living area which includes the living room and the kitchen, and the private area, with an en suite bedroom.

The living room is very simple decorated; it has white walls and ceilings and the furniture, floors and windows frame have the same wooden tones. The key piece in the lounge area is the concealed storage that hides the entire dining room which includes a pull down table large enough to seat four diners in fold-up chairs, which are also suspended in an adjacent compartment, near the one with the table. The kitchen is all white because the designer didn’t want to disturb the relaxing environment in which the main elements are those big minimalist paintings.


Luxurious Triumph Palace Apartment, Moscow

We all know that in Russia live some of the richest persons in the world. For a person like them, Alexey Nikolashin designed the interior of this amazing apartment located in Moscow, Russia. Its interior design is defined by opulence, quality and fashionable pieces of furniture that make from this space the perfect place for any oligarch with good taste. To create a bright space, the architect preferred to create a large open space with big windows that allow the light in, and many shiny surfaces that reflect it.

The walls and ceilings are white, and the floors are made of stained concrete in soft beige tones. Excepting the yellow wooden wall from the living area, we can say that the whole place is decorated using neutral colors which create the impression of an intimate and clean space. The living area is divided in two different parts: on one side, there is a magnificent living room decorated with an unique white leather sofa in the middle of the room facing a big flat screen TV.


Spacious penthouse in Södermalm with views of the lake

We have the tendency of presenting a lot of apartments and houses from Stockholm but that’s only because they are so beautiful and appealing. They have a unique look that makes them very special. This, for example, is a penthouse apartment located in Södermalm, a district in central Stockholm. It’s a three-room apartment with a spacious interior and a beautiful décor. The penthouse is also for sale at the price of 7.9 million €.

Not only that this penthouse is charming and beautiful, but it also offers wonderful views of the surrounding area, the rooftops and the Salt Lake. The penthouse apartment covers a total area of 98 square meters and it offers a 108 square meter floor area. The apartment is bright and very spacious. It has large windows that offer panoramic views and several very beautiful architectural details. Among those we can mention the beamed ceilings, the cozy fireplaces and the beautiful staircase.


Clean white 57 square meters apartment

This stylish apartment is located in Hvitfeldt, Denmark. It’s a 2+1 apartment with a total area of 57 square meters. It’s situated on the 3rd floor in a five-storey building and it can be accessed by lift. The apartment is currently on the market at the price of 2.095 million SEK. It has been recently renovated and it benefits from a beautiful location that allows wonderful views of the city.

The apartment features high ceilings throughout along with beautiful moldings and paneled doors. There are some of the elements that have preserved during the renovation and that are part of the apartment’s charm. As you enter, you reach a hall and a renovated kitchen. The hall features white tiled floors and white walls. It’s an area that can accommodate a dresser, a mirror, a closet, maybe a chair or bench. The kitchen has been renovated in 2011 and it’s also white. It has oiled oak work surfaces, a gas stove, electric oven and an integrated fridge and dishwasher.


Stylish small flat with lots of storage space

Storage is always a problem, not just in the case of small homes. The more space you have the bigger the storage needs and this means you need to carefully and efficiently design your space. This is a small flat that proves us that size isn’t always everything that matters. Let’s see how the owners of this place managed to solve the problem of storage spaces.

First of all, notice how airy the rooms are. They seem spacious and not at all cluttered or busy, despite their rather small dimensions. In just cases you can either need to reserve a room for all the things that you don’t need all the time or to include storage furniture and cabinets wherever you need. Also, suspended cabinets are a good idea. They free up floor space and they add storage space. In this case, the owners of this apartment made every little inch count. For example, the lounge area features a sliding door that doesn’t take much space. Moreover, the white glass blends nicely with the walls and the door goes almost unnoticed.


Contemporary Three-story Loft in Romania by In Situ Architects

I am so proud and honored to say a few things about a construction designed by Romanian people. Maybe I am a little subjective, but I think we all agree that the architects from Romanian studio In Situ did a really great job. Located on the top floors of a new building also designed by In Situ, the loft offers really amazing views of the surrounding mountains and the historical center of Brasov, one of the most beautiful towns in Romania.

From the exterior we easily can see that our loft has irregular shapes, so we expect to see a place with lots of angles and interesting spaces. I was right! The interior is very carefully designed and decorated. To maximize the space and to create the impression of a bigger area, the second and the third storey’s floors are from glass, to allow the light penetrate from top to bottom’s area.


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