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Caroline Tabet’s artistic apartment

Caroline Tabet is a photographer and she currently lives in this lovely apartment located in the Achrafieh district of Beirut. She has been living here since 2007 and she was drowned by this location particularly because it’s very quiet. She also likes the views and the brightness of this area. The apartment has a very dynamic interior design. It’s very colorful and seems almost chaotic. It’s an artist’s apartment and this fact becomes obvious from the entrance.

The walls of the apartments are filled with beautiful artwork, some of them being photographs made by the owners while others are part of a collaborative project. Caroline’s career began in Paris and you can see many Parisian influences in her work. She decided to return to Lebanon to discover her origins and she really likes the challenges there. Everything is always changing and this is really inspiring, especially for a photographer.


Unique apartment in Hong Kong

When you think about an old apartment down a little street in the center ofHong Kong’s busiest commercial districts, nothing is unusual. However, once you enter this place, you meet the “New Yorkfeel” and more than a modern vibe, in spite of some existing Oriental pieces. The entire atmosphere is perfectly stylish and calm and there is a permanent impression that the space keeps evolving. Nothing compares to the air provided by the Asian sideboards, the beautiful tablescape of Thai Buddha, the flowers and candles all around the house.

Every corner is a thrill; no matter it is the calm bedroom that constitutes a special universe, the modern touches that give a dynamic feel in perfect balance with the calm of the older pieces. The general feeling is that of a healthy mix of old and new that makes the space calm and dynamic at the same time.


Minimalist New York apartment with a beautiful open space

Minimalist interiors are very appealing. They impress not with their flashy and bold details with the beauty of their simplicity. This New York apartment is a wonderful example for that. This apartment is located on the Upper West Side in Manhattan, New York City, USA. Originally, it had an internal structure that wasn’t exactly what its owners wanted so it had to be reconfigured. This was the job of StudioLab that also created this beautiful interior design.

This is a prewar apartment that originally featured two units that were then reconfigured into a large three bedroom structure. This also meant that the initially dark areas had the potential of becoming bright and light-filled. The result was a non-traditional layout. The bedrooms were moved to the west wall and the living room and kitchen were moved to the south where they could benefit from more natural light coming from the large window.


Renovation Project by Haiko Cornelissen Architects

The interior of Wall-All apartment, located in Jackson Heights,Queens,U.S.A. was designed by Haiko Cornelissen Architecten. Actually, the project is a renovation, as it expands the most important spaces by compressing the less used ones into the apartment’s walls. Thus, the functions of  office, library and kitchen were compressed in the walls in order to make space foe the living room that doubled its original size.

The result is a new way of bringing the old apartment in tune with a contemporary lifestyle, in fact a rich diversity of comprehension methods. What is perfect is that this result proved to be the answer to the needs of today, meaning increased spaciousness and efficiency and everything seems to stand for that. Taking into account the fact that everybody dreams about gaining as much space as possible in the most efficient way, the Wall-All apartment is definitely a great solution, a successful result.


Scandinavian and Luxury Styles Apartment Interior Design

Mixing styles is not easy, especially when they are as different as the ones in this apartment. This is a Scandinavian apartment so it has a very simple base. However, the interior design is a mix of several very different styles that go from antique to contemporary. Combining such contrasting elements can result in something very striking and very inspiring but it can also become a disaster. In this case the results and phenomenal.

This apartment is partially simple and partially glamorous. The overall base is minimalist but the rest is filled with details that stand out and really take this décor to a whole new level. The apartment features an eclectic style with a variety of elements that, instead of clashing as they could very well do, combine harmoniously and result in a very beautiful mix. There are some very lovely antique pieces in there that are combined with vintage, mid-century modern and contemporary elements and the combinations are surprising and they work really well together.


Tiny apartment with an ingenious storage solution

In a small apartment such as this one, the biggest challenge is to make all the furniture you need fit inside the rooms while also managing to create an airy décor. In the bedroom, the biggest challenge is the bed. It’s difficult to have anything else in the room when the bed occupied almost all the floor space. In this tiny apartment, the owners came up with an ingenious solution for that problem.

The apartment measures only 36 square meters. However, it has a very bright and airy décor. All the rooms presented challenges. For the bedroom, the solution was very simple. Here, the bed is hidden in a closet. It’s the same idea like in the movies but better. This way the bed is there but it’s practically invisible during the day. It’s because it’s hidden inside a very simple closet. The floor space that the bed normally occupies can be used for something else during the day. The room becomes drastically more spacious and airy.


Clean apartment in a beautiful old building with a modern twist

For a single couple, a 2-room apartment is just what they need. It’s not overly small and it’s enough room in there to even receive some guests. This particular apartment is located in Vasastan, Sweden. It’s situated in a very beautiful century-old building with wonderfully preserved details. Most of the original features are still a part of the design and this apartment has a unique charm with a modern twist.

It’s a two-room apartment with spacious rooms and airy spaces. It has white walls and ceilings throughout and this makes it seem not only larger but also fresh and airy. The wooden floors have a light finish and they’re covered with carpet for protection but also for a more inviting and cozy look. Anyone who enters this apartment gets a very pleasant feeling. It covers an area of 64 square meters so it’s quite small but it compensates with its bright and airy décor.


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