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Large open space apartment interior design in Paris by Isabelle Stanislas

Decorating a contemporary apartment is simple and difficult at the same time. On one hand it’s easy because there are no unnecessary details and accessories that you need to pay attention to and the style is familiar, is something that you experience in real time. On the other hand, it’s difficult to create a striking décor that’s simple at the same time. Everything has to be structurally perfect because there are no accessories to hide the defects. This apartment is a very close to perfection and something that could inspire everyone else.

The apartment is located on Rue de Rivoli in France and it was designed by Isabelle Stanislas and Leiko Oshima. Their designs are known for the elegance, glamour and color contrast they offer. This particular apartment is situated in an XVIIIth century Louvre facing building so creating a contemporary décor for it wasn’t as easy as it seems.

The apartment has 4.45 meter high ceilings so there was grandeur in there from the start. The interior first had to be modified in order to create large open spaces. The greatest challenge was to create a striking contemporary décor while also preserving the building’s history and original charm.


Colourful apartment

Normally interior designers would advise you never to use more than three colours when decorating a room because otherwise the visual effect created is one of chaos and is maddening. Too many colours do not look well together and when you ue three there is harmony and good taste and you can combine them in a nice way without too much of a n effort. Any way, if the walls are painted in white and the furniture in the room has a neutral colour like grey or dark, you can bright up a room by bringing in many colourful decorations, as you can see in this colourful apartment. They are smaller in size so they will only bring a touch of colour to the general interior design, so the effect will be a fine one.


Spacious apartment in New York with a sustainable design

This apartment is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY and it belongs to Evelyn Lee who has been living in it for two years. It’s a 1,185 square feet apartment with a lovely and modern interior design. The thing about this place is that it’s not only very beautiful and stylish but it’s also sustainable. Evelyn has been sharing this apartment with her cat called Sam and they are both very happy here.

This sustainable apartment is still a work in progress. However, the path chosen by its owner is very clear. Decorating the apartment was quite difficult given its size. The most challenging area was the great room. Here the owner decided not to use rugs since they were difficult to keep clean and the cat would have made things even more difficult. This space was turned into a very serene room with a simple décor complemented by bold decorations that add color and dynamism.


Modern apartment with a mix of mosaic flooring and exposed wooden ceiling beams

Casa Roc is a modern apartment located in Barcelona which wa designed by Nook Architects. It has a striking interior, mostly because of the size and décor. The kitchen is very large and has a modern design with an industrial feel. It’s an impression given by the fact that the furniture is made of steel and has a metallic look and there are also exposed beams in the ceilings that have painted white. The walls are white the floor features the original mosaic that really adds pattern and color to the whole décor.

The internal structure of the apartment wasn’t exactly what its owners wanted. However, despite their efforts, the wall from the center of the residence couldn’t be removed so, instead, the architects decided to just wrap the kitchen and bathrooms around it and use as a central axis. The kitchen is part of a large open plan living area that also includes the dining room. The private areas such as the bedrooms are located on the other side of the apartment.


The Yautepec Gallery in Mexico City

The Yautepec Gallery is one of the most fun places to see in Mexico City. It started as an abandoned house in the Condesa neighborhood when Brett and Daniela went to visit it. They found there a building that has been abandoned for 10 years. It had some offices and a food production facility for a taco chain. It wasn’t really appealing but it had potential. The couple started doing shows right away and after a while they managed to renovate and fix the house a little until the point where it ended up looking like this.

The schedule was pretty chaotic at first and, at one point, the couple decided they had to slow down a little in order to be successful. At the beginning this wasn’t a commercial gallery. It was something similar to an exhibition space where friends and acquaintances could showcase their work. The gallery slowly became more formal and it then became a commercial space. The Yautepec Gallery has been there for 4 years. At the beginning it was more of a social space and it hosted a lot of one-night events and it then became more formal, with a more organized program.


The Las Flores modern apartment in Mexico City

Las Flores was a project conducted by Central de Arquitectura, a Mexico City-based design studio. It consisted in the creation of a luxury apartment building located on Blvd. Adolfo López Mateos, Mexico City. It’s a contemporary building that was completed in 2008. It’s composed of two distinct towers. They are both oriented towards south-east in order to take advantage of the splendid views. The buildings are surrounded by trees and offer views of the city’s volcanoes.

The atmosphere in that particular area is very tranquil and it gives you a sense of isolation even though you’re surrounded by other buildings and people. The two towers have 13 levels each. They share an identical exterior design and basically the same internal structure as well. Each tower includes 25 apartments, three basements, a lobby and 122 parking spaces. Some of the apartments have large balconies with glass railings and large sliding glass doors separating them from the interior areas.


Caroline Tabet’s artistic apartment

Caroline Tabet is a photographer and she currently lives in this lovely apartment located in the Achrafieh district of Beirut. She has been living here since 2007 and she was drowned by this location particularly because it’s very quiet. She also likes the views and the brightness of this area. The apartment has a very dynamic interior design. It’s very colorful and seems almost chaotic. It’s an artist’s apartment and this fact becomes obvious from the entrance.

The walls of the apartments are filled with beautiful artwork, some of them being photographs made by the owners while others are part of a collaborative project. Caroline’s career began in Paris and you can see many Parisian influences in her work. She decided to return to Lebanon to discover her origins and she really likes the challenges there. Everything is always changing and this is really inspiring, especially for a photographer.


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