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Fun 45 Square Meter Apartment With A Crossword Puzzle On The Bathroom Wall

A perfect home is not one that’s large or cheap or modern but one that manages to balance the elements that make it feel comfortable. It should be cozy and inviting but it should also have a fun factor, like this apartment for example. Although it’s tiny, it has a cheerful interior.

Each room is personalized in a simple but eye-catching manner. The kitchen area, for example, features that interesting geometric pattern and that lovely combination of colors which are soft and delicate yet vibrant given the white background. The yellow rug brightens up the whole room.


Small Apartment With Hidden Rooms And High Ceilings

Sometimes, when there’s not a lot of space to work with, hiding some of the features turns out to be a good decision. By doing that, you maintain a simple look throughout. This also gives you an opportunity to come up with other ideas for saving space and adding comfort.

This apartment measures only 32 square meters which is not a lot, not even for a single person. But it has a very interesting and unusual layout. A wooden cube takes center stage and appears to be just a massive piece of furniture when it fact it hides not one but two rooms.


Studio 128 in Poland: Small in Size, Big on Style

What draws many people to big cities is their energy, their diversity, their continuous drive for life. For those of you who have chosen to make your home in a metropolitan area, chances are you live in less square footage than those who live outside city limits. It’s worth the tradeoff for many, being close to things like shops and restaurants and the heart of the city, but living in a smaller apartment has its challenges as well. But less space doesn’t mean a sacrifice of great style.


Black and White Décor Brought Together By Bits Of Yellow

At the heart of any décor are the same simple elements and colors which, when combined, result in unique and spectacular designs. Black and white and the two most basic and simple colors but this doesn’t mean that they can’t create a stunning and interesting décor. It’s exactly what this apartment in Poland shows us, designed by Kasia Orwat.

This apartment has a very limited color palette. Black and white take the center stage but the occasional yellow and green details take it over the top.

But even though the contrasts are strong, pure white and black elements are quite rare here. If you look closer, it’s actually a dark shade of gray which is the main color in this case.


Breezy White And Gold Accents Meet In A Classically Beautiful Apartment

Finding that perfect balance when you’re decorating an apartment is very difficult, especially when you also want to mix two or more styles. But there’s always a way. Sometimes simplicity is the key. Other times you just have to find the right elements to combine. In the case of this apartment, the balance was created using a color palette based on lots of white and on glamorous gold accents.


Interesting Layout And Lots Of Smart Features In A Small Swedish Studio

Although size is important in the case of any apartment, there are ways to work around the lack of space. The layout can solve the problem and there are also numerous interior design solutions which facilitate comfortable living in a small space.

Take this studio apartment for example. It measures only 34 square meters which is barely enough to accommodate a living space and a bedroom. So where do all the functions fit in this space? Well, the sleeping area is on a whole different level. It’s a semi-private space suspended above the entrance. This leaves plenty of room on the ground floor for other things.


Modern Rustic Apartment in Poland: Inspiring Scandinavian Style

While Scandinavian style is one of the major home design trends of 2014, the style, for many, is much more than a trend. It’s an embracing of the simple, modern life. Of a lifestyle that doesn’t require quantity so much as it craves quality. Through the use of neutral color palettes (and lots of white) and careful attention to impactful details, Scandinavian styled homes are clean, bright, and inspiring.

To illustrate this, let’s check out a gorgeous Scandinavian style apartment located in Warsaw, Poland. The apartment  was designed by Soma Architekci and is 1,400 square feet (large for urban standards, small for more suburban areas) and is simultaneously rustic and modern, bright and cozy.


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