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A Major Renovation Turns An Old Apartment From Crummy To Smart

This apartment is located in Sofia, Bulgaria, on the first floor of an old building. Just like the building itself, the apartment used to have an outdated interior design but only until it got a major renovation. Then it completely transformed by dontDIY. Lots of changes were made. For example, the hall was enlarged by eliminating the utilities room and the kitchen became a dressing room.

The main goal of the project was to bring more natural light into the apartment and to give the apartment a contemporary look. The living area and the sleeping zone are separated by a puzzling white wall.


Modern Swedish Maisonette With A Charming Upstairs Bedroom

Here in Vasastan, Stockholm, there are lots of beautiful apartments and buildings which we’ve presented to you over the years. Today we found a particularly interesting property. It’s a maisonette which is the diminutive for the French “maison” meaning “house”. Usually, a maisonette is an apartment which occupies two or more floors and has its own entrance.

This one was built in 2013 on the roof of an old building. It is now situated on the 5th floor out of 5 and it offers beautiful views over the rooftops. The maisonette is particularly interesting because it has a series of unusual features for such a space. For example, it has high ceilings, arched windows and a private terrace facing west.


Space-Saving Design In A 29 Square Meter Gothenburg Studio Apartment

29 square meters is not a lot of space, not even for a studio apartment. You would expect such a space to feel very tiny and crowded. However, it doesn’t have to be like that if you choose a clever interior design. Take this apartment for example. It’s located in Gothenburg and it’s smaller than it seems.

As you can see the living room, the bedroom, the dining room and the home office are all part of the same area. Obviously, you would normally need a huge room to accommodate all these functions. But not if you plan everything vertically. In this apartment, the bedroom is actually raised off the floor so it doesn’t occupy any floor area. Underneath it is a desk which serves as a work area.


Dominion – A Futuristic Moscow Apartment With Custom Interior Design

Every apartment and every home is unique and custom-designed. However, some stand out as being unusual. This is one of those cases. This apartment is located in Moscow, Russia and it has a very interesting interior design.

It was a project by Geometrix Design and the idea was to create a modern interior décor. The owner’s main request was to have bare walls and this was the starting point for the whole project.

The team came up with a very interesting and unusual design for the apartment. There are lots of eye-catching features throughout. They used a combination of materials, colors and textures which results in a harmonious and balanced look. The futuristic approach meant that the interior design features minimalist, crisp lines and a diverse color palette. Lots of elements stand out.


10 Small One Room Apartments Featuring A Scandinavian Décor

One-room apartments are very challenging in terms of interior design and décor. Because there’s such a tiny space to work with in the first place, the designer has to be ingenious and to find ways to save space without sacrificing the comfort of the owner. It’s why a Scandinavian interior is an excellent choice. It’s simple and functional, exactly what the apartment needs.

All-in-one apartment!

There are lots of examples we could show you but let’s start with this one. It’s an apartment situated in Stockholm. It has only one room but it incorporates all the functions usually found in a 2 or 3 room apartment. This all-in-one space features an open layout. The main area is the living room. It has a nice sitting area with a sofa, a chair and a coffee table. Directly in front of it there’s a dining area with a small round table and 4 chairs.


An Ultra Modern Moscow Apartment With A Glass Wall Between Bedroom And Living Room

This small apartment in Airbus is anything but small in sophisticated contemporary style and efficiency. Even though the entire apartment can be seen in nearly one glance, the architecture is true, the colors are neutral and muted, and décor is well-edited and designed to perfection.

The end result? An inspiringly maximized living space within an ultra modern apartment…and an inherently improved quality of life.


Minimalist Apartment Interior Design With A Luxurious Touch

This next apartment we are going to show you is a dream come true for a collector of porcelain figurines. Situated in Moscow, Russia, the minimalist apartment was designed by Nikolashin Alex and Catherine Emelyanova from SL Project.

minimalist apartment SL project

The “House of Pakrovsky Boulevard” residential complex is located in the historical center of Moscow. The elements of the building set a soft, quiet style, whilst the interior is highly contemporary. The designers created an open plan space with generously-sized windows that flood the place with natural light. Moreover, the color palette used is a neutral one and makes this beautiful home look bigger.


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