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Sunny Tiny Ground Floor Apartment With Complementary Outdoor Living Space

It’s a little unusual to see an apartment that has a patio. It’s like seeing a house without a yard. What’s also unusual and interesting about this place is that it’s so little. The apartment measures only 31 square meters. It has an open floor plan and a very inviting interior.


Meticulously Renovated Apartment Takes Advantage Of Color And Chic Accent Features

Once a family home, this apartment from São Paulo, Brazil was just converted into a beautiful single-person space. At the same time, the place was renovated. Architect Flavio Castro was in charge of the transformation.

The apartment has an open floor plan and the kitchen, the dining room and the living space form one large area. Each section is beautifully customized and, although there are no physical barriers between the functions, each has its own personality.


Monochromatic Pad With Brass And Copper Accents For A Rustic Touch

Picking a color scheme for your home is a difficult choice. Some prefer bold colors like neon red or green. Other enjoy pastels. But it’s all about your preferences. Sometimes the space dictates the color palette. For example, this small Gothenburg apartment demanded something simple, chic and cozy. It’s how these shades were chosen.

The color palette features shades of gray and white combined in a variety of ways. There are also brass and copper accents throughout. They give the space a rustic feel and make it seem more charming and inviting.


Cozy Studio Apartment Seamlessly Mixes Old And New

Marrying two very different styles, elements of old and new is not uncommon but not easy either. So every time we find such a space we love to just analyze it in detail. Let’s now take a look at this apartment. It’s a studio and it measures only 35 square meters. Nevertheless, there are plenty of interesting things to see here.


Small But Bright Upper Floor Loft With Elegant Design Features

Although it only measures 36 square meters in total, this little apartment is a real treasure. The interior was cleverly divided and organized in such a way that all the functions are interlinked yet clearly separated.


Luxury Apartment Designed With Timeless Elegance

It’s rare to find an apartment with an interior design that looked great 10 years ago and will still look beautiful 10 years from now. Usually trends come and go so if you want something to last then you have to go back to the classics. The key to a timeless and elegant interior design is simplicity and just the right amount the sparkle.

This apartment in Warsaw, Poland, designed by Hola Design features a perfect balance between style and comfort. It has a visibly elegant feel but it also feels inviting.


Mysterious Apartment Which Hides Secret Spaces Behind Its White Panels

This apartment was designed by Mili Mlodzi Ludzie and it can be found in Lazarz, Poland. As you can see, the interior design is minimalist but it definitely doesn’t lack ingenuity.

With a geometrical design, the walls, ceilings and floors are white and black contrasting lines intersect each other creating eye-catching focal points. Light fixtures were also ingeniously integrated.


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