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Ingenious use of apartment space in the historic Malmesbury

Malmesbury is a hilltop market town that was established in 880 AD and it’s found in the UK. It’s a very beautiful town with old buildings and charming structures. Among those there is one that caught our attention. It’s this property that dates back to 1850. Here we found this lovely apartment with a surface of 775 square feet and a very beautiful interior design.

The property is built in solid stone and it has that old, rustic look that situates it in a different era. But once you step inside, everything changes. The apartment has been completely renovated. So while the exterior still has most of its original charm, the interior is wonderful in a completely different way.


A Beautiful Balance Of Bright And Dark Tones In This Apartment From Stockholm

Making an apartment feel inviting and comfortable is not exactly difficult but it is a challenge. Most of the time there’s something missing but you can’t figure out what so you can’t fix the problem. The key is to create a nice balance and to make sure everything is in sync but without exaggerating with the details and accent features.

A perfect example would be this apartment. Located in Stockholm, this place is wonderful. It has a simple interior but it looks so cozy and inviting that you can actually imagine yourself being there.The apartment features an interior design that follows the main lines of the Nordic style. It has white walls and ceilings and the floor has also been painted white.


A compact 34 square meter apartment with an elegant interior design

When someone is looking to buy an apartment they tend to stay away from small places. It’s difficult to work with a small space but still, there are lots of small apartments that have wonderful interior designs. This one is a perfect example. It’s an apartment that measures only 3 square meters but that has a very elegant and open design.

Located in Gdansk, Poland, the apartment has a modern look. It’s small so it’s suitable for either a single person or a couple. It has a cozy and inviting feel and an elegant décor. The color palette is very beautiful and includes warm and earthy shades of brown combined with golden accents, beige and white.


A Charming White Apartment With Colorful Accents In Sweden

Almost all the apartment and houses from Sweden we’ve ever shown you had this very simple and bright interior design. It’s a very beautiful style that is based on few but clear lines. Still, there are all sorts of variations. Some apartments, this one included, feature an interior with a white background color but they are complemented by colorful accents in the form of furniture, artwork, decorations and other items.

The apartment has white walls, white ceilings and white floors throughout and this gives it a very clean look. All the colorful accents break the monotony and make the décor stand out. It’s a nice way of personalizing the space without necessarily changing the style.


The Sleek And Sophisticated Coppin Penthouse Overlooking Melbourne

Located in Melbourne, Australia, the Coppin Penthouse impresses with its amazing design, sophisticated interior and overall luxurious charm. It benefits from a wonderful location from where it offers expansive views over the city. The overall design of this penthouse is contemporary, with simple and lean lines and with a simplicity that gives it style. But there are also other features besides the interior design that impress in this case.

A wonderful feature is, of course, the lap pool from the roof. This area is surrounded by 360 degree views over the city and the atmosphere is just breathtaking. The penthouse was a project by Jam Architects. They managed to combine exquisite architecture with amazing views and the result is marvelous.


A fun and colorful loft with a creative interior design

It’s very interesting to find modern apartments in old buildings because of the contrast and the way they integrate there. This loft, for example, has a modern and fun interior but, if you step back, it doesn’t really have much in common with the rest of the building. It’s a nice way of individualizing your home. We are all unique and different and our homes should be the same. They should reflect our character and everything we like.

So let’s see what we can find out about the owners just by looking at this apartment. Well, we see from the start that it’s modern and colorful, suitable for someone that prefers a more dynamic lifestyle. The loft is also full of unexpected features that work together to form a harmonious décor. Notice all the unusual artwork that stands out and that makes this place so interesting. There’s a very nice and balanced combination of simple and unexpected elements.


A stylish apartment featuring a warm and elegant color palette

It’s quite difficult to make a small apartment look elegant mostly because you have to focus on the functional side of the interior design and you have to make sure you use the space efficiently. Still, there’s no reason why you couldn’t combine practicality with style in order to get an elegant interior décor like in the case of this very beautiful apartment.

This is a compact space even though it doesn’t look like it. That’s because it was very cleverly decorated. There are lots of features meant to specifically make the rooms seem larger and more spacious. The mirrored wall from the living room is just one of them. The interior design in this case is very smart but also very elegant.


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