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A very colorful and chic apartment in London

A home should be a reflection of everyone that’s living in it and it should be a visual representation of what you want the others to feel when they enter there. In the case of the Venice House, an apartment located in London, what we see is a simple but also colorful and cheerful home with lots of bold elements and with a harmonious décor.

The apartment was designed by Andy Martin Architects. Its owners are Warren and Claire Johnson and they live here with their two young children, a 2 year old names Jake and a 3 year old named Charlie. As you can see, the interior design reflects the dynamism that characterizes the family. Situated on the ground floor of a grade I listed mansion terrace, the apartment has views of London’s most beautiful squares.


A Cool Small Apartment With A Smart And Unique Design

We’ve seen many small apartments by now by we can definitely say that none of them could even be compared to this one. This is a 60 square meter apartment known as the “Transformer Apartment”. It features a very unusual and very smart interior design. It’s basically just a one-bedroom space but it has a very flexible design. It’s organized around a wall. Well, nothing impressive so far. But what you don’t know yet is that this wall moves and this way it allows the space to be transformed.

The wall hides a recessed kitchen with a simple décor and stainless steel fixtures. It also reveals a built-in entertainment area. This space has a flat screen TV and multimedia storage and you can access it from the kitchen, living and dining area or from the bedroom. It’s because of its unique ability to rotate on its axis.


A redesigned mid-century apartment in Seattle

Located in Seattle, Washington, this apartment has been recently redesigned and it now has a very charming and beautiful interior. It was a project by local SHED Architecture & Design. The mid-century apartment got a somewhat eclectic interior. You can see that it’s simple like most modern and contemporary homes but it also has that classical elegance and charm you see in some more traditional spaces. Also, the colors have been interestingly chosen.

The walls are white throughout the apartment and this provides a very nice and neutral background for everything else. The grey floors can also be seen in almost all the rooms, the exceptions being the bathroom and the bedroom. The rest of the furniture is either matching one of these elements or stands out with a completely different color.


A Modern Transformation For The St Pancras Penthouse Apartment in London

The St Pancras Penthouse Apartm London and it has been recently redesigned and transformed. It was a project by Thomas Griem of TG Studio. The 3-bedroom penthouse got a fresh new look. Situated in the grade I listed St Pancras chambers, the apartment is surrounded by 51 other penthouses in this development.

The penthouse occupies the top 3 floors of the west tower. The owner wanted this place to become a home. He wanted it to feel more personal but also luxurious and to have its own identity as opposed to being just another penthouse that gets lost in the crows.


Very Stylish Duplex With Cleverly Hidden Storage Spaces

Usually it’s the small houses and apartments that require you to find unusual solutions for storage and to try to hide these spaces anywhere you can. But why not it anyway, even if you have a spacious home? It would mean you have some extra free floor space and that most of the things you store will be hidden from sight. It’s a wonderful idea for those that don’t like to expose themselves too much.

We have a wonderful example in this case. This duplex is located in Gothenburg. It’s very beautiful and it’s quite spacious. It has a large living and dining area upstairs and this lounge space has direct access to a terrace. It’s a perfect place to relax in the evening.


Small But Well Distributed Apartment With A Modern Interior

An interior designer will work with what the space offers. For example, if it’s a spacious apartment, there’s enough room for oversized artwork and for all sorts of accessories and elements. If, on the other hand, the apartment is tiny, the designer will try to use everything in his favor and to use the space wisely. In a way, small apartment are more interesting because you get to see how others have managed to solve the problems related to the lack of space.

This apartment is quite small. The rooms are tiny but they definitely don’t seem so. The solution found in this case was to use clean and clear lines, an overall minimalist and Nordic décor and to use bright colors with well distributed accent details. Like in the case of any small space, the biggest challenge here was to integrate plenty of storage space.

Old Clock Tower Converted Into A Modern Penthouse

Over the years we’ve shown you all sorts of spectacular conversions and transformations such as water towers turned into family homes, churches turned into private residences or fire stations converted into homes. But I don’t think we’ve ever talked about a clock tower and the possibilities it offers. This old clock tower can be found in the DUMBO neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York. In 1998 a factory was converted into an apartment building. It was a project by David Walentas. That unit also has a clock tower.

The building was originally built in 1915 and this makes the clock a wonderful piece of history. It was very beautiful as it was but, at one point, it became even more interesting. The tower got converted into a 3-floor penthouse with a total surface of over 6,813 feet. The main elements that defined it are the 14 ft glass clocks that can be found on every wall.


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