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A sophisticated apartment with an elegant interior in Warsaw

In general, modern apartments are all about visual stimulation whether this is achieved through color or through other methods. The focal points in such spaces are usually bold and eye-catching. Still, there’s also a predisposition towards neutral colors are extreme simplicity. Combining both concepts is not as easy as it might seem. There are lots of examples of successful projects and this is one of them.

The apartment was designed by Republika Architektury. It has a simple and sophisticated interior and the atmosphere here in calm, inviting and elegant. The apartment covers a total surface of 180 square meters and it’s situated on the top floor in a building close to the center of Warsaw.


A Spacious Apartment With A Smart Internal Distribution

Working with a small space is not easy because you have to sometimes make compromises and you have to constantly be aware of every inch of space you’re using. But working with a large apartment is not a walk in the park either. Even though it’s true that you have more space to work with, this doesn’t mean that the design creates itself. You have to come up with a balanced and smart internal distribution.

A very nice positive example for that would be this apartment. It’s a white and spacious apartment which can be found in Sweden. The interior design is typical to this region. It’s simple, bright and cohesive. The apartment has an open layout.


The pure beauty of an apartment featuring a Nordic interior

As you may have noticed, we have a weakness when it comes to Nordic-style interior decors and designs. We admire their simplicity and we particularly enjoy the way these spaces impress without using color or other common elements in their favor. A typical Nordic interior looks something like this.

This apartment is a wonderful model and we’re going to analyze it in the following paragraphs. As you can see, the interior is mostly white. White is the main color that has been used for the interior design and décor in this case. The walls are crisp white and so is most of the furniture. The wooden floors are the main contrasting elements in these rooms. They add texture and warmth to the rooms and make them a little more inviting. If the interior was all white it would not be as comfortable as it is now so it’s important to know how to maintain the balance.


A Glimpse At A Photographer’s Stylish Apartment

Photographers are the ones that always get to find the best in any space they work with. They make homes look beautiful and presentable so we can all admire them. But what about their homes? It’s about time we took a look at a photographer’s apartment to see how it looks like. So today we’re focusing on the property of photographer Simon Upton.

It’s decorated beautifully and it definitely has personality. The rich interior décor is eclectic but it suits the apartment like a glove. In total, this place has two bedrooms. The apartment was actually a warehouse at its original and it has been converted into a private home. As a result, its design is unique and the rooms are spacious. There’s a lot of light in all the rooms. As we know, light is very important to a photographer and not just when he’s working.


A 50 square meter attic transformed into a colorful and chic space

Working with attic spaces is always a challenge. Most of the times, the problem is with the shape of the roof that minimizes the total usable space inside. There’s also the problem with the light since you can’t have regular windows in some cases. But all these challenges can be overcome and sometimes the results are very inspiring, like in this case, for example. This used to be a dark attic hidden behind an interior décor that didn’t suit it well at all.

The 50 square meter attic space has been renovated and the transformation is spectacular. The new smart design fits it perfectly. A big surprise was to discover that this space has false ceilings and a valuable portion was hidden behind them. Discovering the actual height of the attic was a big step in transforming it into a bright and airy space. Now it has exposed wooden beams hat were painted white but there’s a feeling of spaciousness throughout which completely changes the atmosphere.


A 130 square foot apartment with very creative storage solutions

Would you say that 130 square feet are enough for a comfortable home? Of course not. That’s because it’s crazy. But even more crazy than deciding to live in such a space is wanting to be the one who decorates it. It takes lots of creativity and clever thinking to be able to come up with a plan to make such a tiny space feel comfortable, even if it’s for a single person. But, as it turns out, that’s not impossible.

This is a micro apartment. It can be found in Paris and it would have to be one of the tiniest spaces we’ve ever described so far. But, in such cases, you have to be ingenious. What the apartment lacks in space it makes up in creative storage. This place once sued to be the master suite of an apartment in the Montparnasse neighborhood. In other words, one bedroom became a whole apartment. But even though it’s so small, this place has everything one needs.


Ingenious use of apartment space in the historic Malmesbury

Malmesbury is a hilltop market town that was established in 880 AD and it’s found in the UK. It’s a very beautiful town with old buildings and charming structures. Among those there is one that caught our attention. It’s this property that dates back to 1850. Here we found this lovely apartment with a surface of 775 square feet and a very beautiful interior design.

The property is built in solid stone and it has that old, rustic look that situates it in a different era. But once you step inside, everything changes. The apartment has been completely renovated. So while the exterior still has most of its original charm, the interior is wonderful in a completely different way.


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