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Nordic Apartment Showcases How to Decorate An Open Space

It’s difficult to say no to an apartment when it looks as beautiful and chic as this one does. Located in Stockholm, this apartment is indeed very charming. As expected, the Nordic interior design and décor are very simple and very bright and airy. The walls are white like in the case of most Nordic homes but this detail doesn’t mean this place lacks character and identity.

Situated on the second floor of a building that dates back to 1905, this apartment is a lovely piece of history. But, even though the building is very old, this space has a modern look. It has been renovated numerous times and every time it got more beautiful. The last owner decided to give it tasteful and stylish look while maintaining its simplicity. As you can see, every room is chic in its own way. The furniture and the accessories are beautifully distributed and there’s harmony throughout the apartment.


What You Need To Know Before Going Apartment Hunting

If, for one reason or another, you decide to move to another city or even to a different part of the city, there are a few things you need to know before you go apartment hunting. These tips will help you make a decision based on facts and informed opinions.

Learn the terminology.

When you’re going apartment hunting you may come across all sorts of terms that you need to know in order to have no surprises later. For example, you need to know the difference between a co-op, a sublet and a rental. A rental is an apartment for which you sign a lease for a certain period of time and which has a landlord. A sublet is an apartment that somebody has already signed a lease but no longer affords to pay it so they rent the place. A co-op is a place owned by a corporation that people can buy or rent.


Charming 18th century duplex renovated in Place de la Madeleine

When you usually hear about an apartment being renovated you expect it to feature a contemporary style. But not all renovations focus on bringing the décor up to date. Sometimes a different style can be chosen just to give that space more charm and character. A great example would be this beautiful duplex.

The duplex can be found in an 18th century building in Place de la Madeleine, Paris. It occupies the top two floors of the building and it has been recently renovated by Michael Herrman, principal of French studio Ateliers Michael Herrman for him and his family. The duplex now features a very interesting and unique interior.


Spacious penthouse with a contemporary and newly-renovated interior

This beautiful penthouse can be found in Warsaw, Poland. It’s very spacious and all the rooms seem airy and large even when they’re not all big. That’s all due to the new interior design. The penthouse has been recently renovated and the changes made were extensive. The renovation was a project by Warsaw-based architects and interior designers Hola Design.

As you can see, the penthouse looks very airy and light. It’s partially due to the color palette chosen for the interior décor. The chromatic palette is composed of white as a main shade in combination with grey and the natural color of wood in all its beautiful variations. The walls throughout are white without exceptions and sometimes the white and grey combo was exploited to give the décor a modern and simple look.


A 25 square meter studio with a very organized and chic interior

When choosing a new apartment, size is an important criteria that influences our decision. Most people wouldn’t even think of buying a studio simply because it’s too small. It’s true that it can be tiny but this doesn’t necessarily mean that there won’t be enough space inside for you to feel comfortable. It all depends on how to decorate it.

This example will show that even a tiny studio apartment that only measures 25 square meters can look spacious and airy. As you can see here, the décor is simple. It’s the best solution in such cases. You should only include in the décor the pieces you actually need and use. Another great solution is to have multifunctional and modular furniture.


The Essence Of Nordic Interior Décor In A Beautiful Swedish Apartment

A style as simple, versatile and chic as the Nordic style will never cease to be inspiring and popular. Usually, the crazier and more unusual an influence is, the faster it will be forgotten and the faster something else will take its place. In order for a style to last it needs to be versatile and adaptable enough to be used by everyone and it needs to have a strong base with well-defined lines.

When you choose a Nordic interior design for your apartment, you can be certain that it will look just as beautiful and stylish many years later. In fact, it’s difficult to say whether this apartment, for example, has been decorated a few years ago or a few months ago. It has such a timeless décor that it’s impossible not to like. It’s a very pure and beautiful expression of the Nordic style.


Two-level apartment in Turin with an open and inviting new interior

Usually, after a renovation, an apartment, house, office or any other type of space has a fresh new decor and that décor is more open, making that space seem somehow larger. This can be clearly seen in the case of this particular apartment.

Located in Turin, Italy, this apartment has been redesigned by Studioata. It can be found in a beautiful turn-of-the-century building and it’s known as Departamento CUBO. After the renovation, the apartment became larger and it’s not just an impression created by the décor or colors. Two levels were combined and they created this single space.


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