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Charming Nordic White Apartment Interior Design

When you first look at this house and its beautiful interior you get the feeling that you’re in a home from the Hamptons. It looks chic and stylish, open and airy and you expect to see views of the ocean when you look out the window. But on a closer inspection you realize that this is actually a very small home and the views outside and not nearly what you expected.

That’s because this place is not located in the Hamptons but in Gothenburg, Sweden. It’s a small house that has a total floor area of 65 square meters. The interior design is simple and tasteful. Most of the décor is white. This main color was used for the walls and ceilings throughout the house, as well as for most of the furniture. This makes the décor seem airy and open and makes the room seem larger.


An apartment in Brazil defined by luxury and eclecticism

Eclectic interior designs are very popular. They’re a very nice choice when the client either doesn’t have a clear idea of what he or she wants or when the preferences can’t be restraint to a single style. Most of the times, an eclectic interior features a combination between old and new elements and it’s a sort of transition from vintage to modern. In the case of this apartment, the combination is between luxurious and simple elements.

The apartment is located in Brazil and it was designed by architect Henrique Steyer from Albus Design. The clients were a young couple that enjoys travels and have been around the world. They wanted their home to reflect that and they wanted to incorporate multiple influences in the interior design. They wanted lots of cultural references to be included in the décor and they didn’t want to have anything to do with trends and other similar elements.


Romantic Apartment Interior Featuring Neutrals And Pastels

Even though red is the color of passion and it’s considered to be a symbol of romance, other more subtle and less bold colors can create a romantic mood as well. For example, a soothing décor can be quite romantic if you choose the right features. This apartment perfectly illustrates this idea. The apartment only covered an area of 67 square meters but it looks more spacious than it is.

That’s due to the interior décor, the colors, the style and the layout. Let’s start with the color palette. We can see that it’s very simple and it’s composed of white which has been used as the main color in combination with grey and pastel shades of pink. The wooden flooring also has a light finish and further contributes to the overall soothing and relaxing atmosphere. It merges nicely with all the other colors and it also adds warmth to the space.


Sophisticated apartment with a contemporary interior and views to the park

Located in Warsaw, Poland, this beautiful apartment offers splendid views over one of the main parks of the city. But the location is not the only great feature that defines the apartment. The interior design is also impressive. It was a project by HOLA Design and it’s a very interesting combination of influences.

The apartment feels like an inviting family home and this is due to the interior décor. It’s both sophisticated and simple at the same time. The clients had few but clear requests. They wanted the apartment to feel like a cozy home but to also be stylish. They wanted it to be pleasant for both children and adults, to include rooms specially designed for the children but to also have a cohesive look.


Small apartment morphed into a spacious home[Video]

We are all unique and we all do things differently, we think differently and we tend to also modify the elements surrounding us to fit our style. It’s why each person has a specific image in mind of what their home should look like. We design our homes and we modify them constantly. Sometimes we need help from professionals for achieving the result we wanted and sometimes we need another mind to help us understand what is exactly that we want. For the owner of this unusual apartment, the help came from two Romanian architecture students.

At first, the apartment that you see now had a whole different structure and layout. It was a tiny and cramped space with four minuscule rooms. Of course, for the owner that used to live in either a tiny trailer, a tent or a boat, it seemed spacious. The 350 square meter apartment encouraged him to appreciate the features that came with compact living.


A 38 Square Meter Home, Small But Perfect For A Single Person

When you’re living alone you don’t need much. Having a large home would just mean you would have more space that you don’t use. A single person usually feels cozier in a small home. But would a 38 square meter apartment be enough? Some might say it’s too small but we say it’s perfect. You just have to know how to decorate it, to make it functional and to cleverly use the space you have available.

If you’re still not convinced, take a look at this place. Believe it or not, it’s a 38 square meter home. It doesn’t look that small and that’s because of the interior design and décor. Notice that the walls have been painted white or grey throughout. This makes the rooms seem more airy and more spacious. A room with white walls is like a blank canvas waiting to be filled with color.


Clifton View 7, A Dream Apartment With Artistic Interior And Spectacular Views

There are many spectacular apartments throughout the world that could be called unique but some of them stand out more than others. The reasons for that are diverse. For this beautiful apartment from Cape Town, South Africa, it’s more like a combination of elements. The apartment is, first of all, contemporary. It was designed by Antoni Associates and constructed in 2012.

The style chosen for the design and interior décor is eclectic. It’s also original and consists of a very interesting combination of textures, patterns, materials and colors that result in a dynamic yet somewhat simplistic design. Even though the interior décor is so diverse, dynamic and full of unexpected combinations, the atmosphere is very pleasant and the whole image is harmonious and pleasant to the eye.


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