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35 Square Meter Study With A Minimalist Interior

Living in a tiny apartment is definitely a challenge. But it all gets easier if you know how to establish your priorities. For example, the interior design and décor need to be adapted to the space. you may have to give up some of the furniture pieces. Let’s take a look at this study for example. It only has a surface of 35 square meters. It’s what most people would consider too small, especially if you’re not living alone. But, as you can see, the apartment doesn’t seem cramped or tiny. In fact, it’s quite spacious and it’s stylish as well.

You can see that some of furniture pieces you usually find in a home are missing. There are no big tables anywhere in this apartment. All you can find that’s close to this are a couple of coffee table and a mini-bar. It’s a nice option if you’re the type of person that doesn’t eat or cook at home very often and if you’re not hosting family dinners. Why would you have in your home something that you’re not using?


A Tiny Manhattan Loft With Lots Of Surprises

As you know, having to live in a small space is not exactly a dream come true. Almost anyone would rather choose a home that’s bigger than they need instead of a tiny one where there’s no space for anything. But this doesn’t mean that small apartments should be banished or that they should disappear. It only means that we need to find ways to deal with them. Every once in a while we find tiny apartments that are very inspiring. Here’s one of them.


A Small Flat With Lots Of Character In London

Sometimes a small home can be more charming than a big one. For example, nobody can look at this flat and say they don’t like it. The apartment is located in London, England. It has been renovated and refurbished and now it has a very beautiful contemporary look.

As you can see from the pictures, the apartment is tastefully decorated. The color palette has been beautifully chosen and it features a nice balance between sunny and neutral shades.


Simple Yet Sophisticated Apartment In Tribeca

Very often, sophisticated is associated with simple. Like in the case of this apartment. Located in Tribeca, a neighborhood from Manhattan, New York, the apartment has a very tastefully designed interior. It’s elegant and simple but it’s also sophisticated and even luxurious. It’s a perfect example that illustrates how less is more and that opulence is not always the answer when you’re trying to create something beautiful.

The apartment is beautifully decorates with elegant furniture and with artwork. It has class and character and it seems like a very pleasant environment. Located in a six year old building, it’s also modern. The zen-inspired private courtyard offers the residents relaxing and beautiful views.This particular apartment has a total surface of 1,863 feet. It’s situated on the 8th floor of the building and it has 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths and a very large storage/laundry room.


The Kempart Loft – a 1970s home with a futuristic interior

A person’s character and interests usually influence everything they do. For example, a very calm person that loves nature will probably choose to live in a home somewhere near a forest or a lake and the interior will be bright and serene. A person that’s interested in gadgets and technological discoveries will probably have a futuristic home. The Kempart Loft could be a nice example in this case. The owner’s interest in precision engineering has driven him to transform this 1970s loft into a futuristic home.

The loft can be found in Liege, Belgium. The interior décor that you can see in the pictures was a project by Dethier Architectures. It definitely doesn’t look old now. The transformation was major and lots of changes have been made on all levels. First of all, what anyone would notice are the aluminum finishes that have been used throughout the loft. Also, the aerodynamic forms are an interesting detail as well.


A very colorful and chic apartment in London

A home should be a reflection of everyone that’s living in it and it should be a visual representation of what you want the others to feel when they enter there. In the case of the Venice House, an apartment located in London, what we see is a simple but also colorful and cheerful home with lots of bold elements and with a harmonious décor.

The apartment was designed by Andy Martin Architects. Its owners are Warren and Claire Johnson and they live here with their two young children, a 2 year old names Jake and a 3 year old named Charlie. As you can see, the interior design reflects the dynamism that characterizes the family. Situated on the ground floor of a grade I listed mansion terrace, the apartment has views of London’s most beautiful squares.


A Cool Small Apartment With A Smart And Unique Design

We’ve seen many small apartments by now by we can definitely say that none of them could even be compared to this one. This is a 60 square meter apartment known as the “Transformer Apartment”. It features a very unusual and very smart interior design. It’s basically just a one-bedroom space but it has a very flexible design. It’s organized around a wall. Well, nothing impressive so far. But what you don’t know yet is that this wall moves and this way it allows the space to be transformed.

The wall hides a recessed kitchen with a simple décor and stainless steel fixtures. It also reveals a built-in entertainment area. This space has a flat screen TV and multimedia storage and you can access it from the kitchen, living and dining area or from the bedroom. It’s because of its unique ability to rotate on its axis.


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