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Contemporary Apartment In Kiev Featuring A Natural And Warm Design

Proving that a space needn’t have electrical wires or ducts hanging from the ceiling to be an expose on exposed industrial style, a 250 square meter apartment in Kiev (known as the “16th” Apartment) maintains a clean, contemporary style while inserting plenty of personality and a bit of industrial rawness around the edges.

Let’s take a closer look.


Attic Apartment With Rustic Charm And A Spacious Balcony

Situated on the 5th floor of a building which dates back to 1882, this attic apartment has all the ingredients of a perfect dream home. In total, it measures 87 square meters, 17 of which are occupied by the balcony. Attic apartments don’t usually have spacious balconies and this makes this particular apartment that much more special.

The attic was built in 2008 and the style chosen for the interior is a mix of rustic and modern. Simplicity defines each of the rooms. The living area has a corner fireplace which can’t possibly go unnoticed.

The wooden floor and the antique furniture make this space feel very charming and welcoming. The bedroom is all white and it too has a corner fireplace. The fireplace, like the walls and the furniture, is white and it has bronze accents that somewhat match the floor and bring in a subtle contrast.


The Transformer Apartment Shows You How To Save Space In A Tiny Home

The complex mind of a human being can solve almost any problem so, naturally, the lack of space won’t stand in its way. A tiny apartment doesn’t represent a problem if you know how to use the space in your favor. Still don’t know what we’re talking about? Take a look at this place. It’s a small apartment in New York and it has a very interesting interior design.

The apartment was designed by Margarita McGrath and Scott Oliver or Noroof Architects. In total, it occupies 640 square feet of space. It’s a compact space with narrow rooms and not exactly a great layout.

The architects were faced with a big challenge when they had to turn this place into a practical and comfortable home. Remodeling the apartment was not easy but the solutions the archtiects found for all the problems are very inspiring.


Practical One Bedroom Apartment With A Linear Layout

When living alone, you have no need for extra rooms or anything else you wouldn’t normally use yourself. So what should such a space include? If you’re the practical type, you’d probably enjoy having a home such as this one: a small apartment located in Leblon, Rio the Janeiro measuring 27 square meters. The apartment has a linear layout so the kitchen, the living area and the bedroom could form a single long space.

The apartment is comfortable and practical. The partitions between the rooms have been removed, thus making the apartment larger and more spacious.

Considering that it’s a one-person apartment, the need for partitions between the rooms was not really necessary. The kitchen was also repositioned at one point. The bedroom/sleeping area featured a sliding door. The mirrored door, when closed, provides privacy and makes the room seem more spacious.


Bachelor Pad Featuring A Modern Décor With Accent Details From The ’60s

Today we’re going to take a look at a very interesting bachelor pad, unlike anything that might come to mind when thinking of such a space. The apartment we have in mind is located in Moscow and it was a project by architect Maxim Tikhonov from m2project Design Bureau. It’s a compact space, more exactly a studio but it looks and feels spacious and very breezy.

The style chosen by the architect for this place is a mix of modern and retro, with some nice inspiration from the 1960s. This unexpected combination of influences has resulted in an interior design with lots of character and personality and the two styles work together beautifully.

Functionality and comfort were the basic concepts for the project. The studio has an overall very simple design. All the elements which could block the views or become excessive were removed and all that remains is a very functional and practical décor.


Eclectic Apartment Featuring A Diverse Color Palette And A Casual Interior

Completed in 2012, this apartment was a project by DT estudio arquitectura. It’s located in Sao Paulo, Brazil and it has a very memorable interior design. The overall impression is that this is a very casual home designed for someone with a modern lifestyle and someone who loves diversity.

The large windows in the living area let in lots of natural light

The apartment measures 680 square feet which is approximately 63 square meters. It’s not a very large place but it’s spacious enough to include a large bedroom and a big living area. All the rooms seem to communicate with one another and this dialogue allow for a smooth transition between spaces.


A Mix Of Scandinavian And Modern Elements In A 75 Square Meter Apartment In Valencia

A style is not restricted to a particular area of the globe, as this apartment in Valencia beautifully shows us. The apartment has lots of elements inspired from the Scandinavian culture and, if we didn’t know its location, we would have though it’s a Nordic home for sure. The Scandinavian features are nicely mixed with modern elements, a perfect combination.

Featuring simple lines and a color palette based on light and neutral shades such as white, gray, black and natural wood, the apartment offers elegant contrasts as well as a balanced décor.

The whole space feels very open and airy. That’s partly due to the layout. The living and dining areas share the same space. They are, however, nicely delimited. The bedroom is a separate room, although visually it becomes part of this vast open floor plan because of the glass wall.


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