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Attic Apartment With Generous Skylights And Nice Views

I have to say that attic apartments aren’t my favorite type. They just seem like they could have had much more space inside but they don’t because of the roof. But there are also good things that can be said about attic apartments and about this one in particular. The shape of the roof gives you the opportunity to include many skylights into its design, as you can see in this case.

The skylights let in natural light but they also connect you with the exterior at a very special level. Also, even though the roof means lack of space which could be used for storage or for something else, its presence also makes the apartment feel a little cozier and very inviting.


46 Sqm Flat With A Cozy Feel And Lots Of Room For Storage

46 square meters is not a lot of space in an apartment. It’s practically at the limit between tiny and comfortable. But there ways in which you can make a small space feel wonderful. For example, this mini-flat has a very warm and cozy look. It really feels like a home. Both individually and as a whole, the rooms look inviting and homey.

The apartment has an open kitchen which is a good choice for a small space. By eliminating the wall between the rooms you create more space and a feeling of spaciousness and openness. Also, you have the freedom to combine the two spaces (the kitchen and the living room) in any way you want. In this case, a bar is the main element that delimitates the two areas. The rest of the apartment features the same combination of influences and styles as the main living area.


One-Room Scandinavian Apartment With An Interesting Layout

Although moving into a one-room apartment is not something I would ever consider, I have to admit that there are plenty of such spaces that look amazing consider the actual size. They have homey and inviting interiors and they look surprisingly spacious. Some also have very interesting and ingenious layouts, like this Scandinavian apartment for example.

The distribution of the spaces and the layout are definitely interesting. The interior décor is quite unusual as well. It’s a combination of modern and rustic. The exposed brick walls definitely add a rustic touch to the whole space and they make it feel more warm and cozy while the minimalist modern furniture and some of the other features create a strong contrast throughout but also contribute to an overall balanced décor.


Open-Plan Apartment With A Very Fresh And Cheerful Interior

It’s been a while since I had to take a look at a Nordic apartment and I have to say that they’re just as beautiful as I remembered. Today’s subject is this spacious apartment. It has a surface of 73 square meters which is plenty of space, especially when you think of the fact that Nordic homes are usually airy and spacious no matter their size.

The thing that I really about this particular apartment is the color palette. Of course, you’ll say that it’s the usual combination of white with a few touches of color.

That’s true but I really like the fact that those touches of color are not the usual strong shades but rather light shades that add a touch of freshness to the space.For example, that area rug from the nursery is not blue but light blue and it’s strong and vibrant and the orange pendant light is semi-transparent.


Cozy Moscow Apartment Where Comfort Is The Key Attribute

A home, regardless of its type, size or location, must be, first of all, comfortable. You can’t really call a space home until you feel comfortable in it, until you can really say it feels like home. Of course, this approach is different in the case of each style and in the case of each space. For this apartment, for example, a comfortable interior meant a minimalist design and bold accent colors.

The apartment is located in Moscow and it has a total surface of 100 square meters which is usually more than enough. The goal when decorating and designing this space was to manage to blend comfort with the practical and functional side of an apartment. This balance turned out to be the perfect solution for the space.


Tiny 28 Square Metre Apartment Designed Like A Puzzle

We’re usually pretty curious whenever we see a tiny apartment because it’s an opportunity to see what great design techniques have been used to make it comfortable and functional. The result: we’re always impressed by something. For example, in this case, what I like most about this apartment is its puzzle-like structure. It’s basically a one-room apartment but it has all the functions you find in a spacious home.

The apartment has a bedroom, a dining area, a kitchen, a closet and even a hallway and a staircase. They’re all inside this tiny space. In order to fit them all, a very special kind of design had to be used.


Tiny One-Room Apartment Featuring Built-in Furniture And Expandable Features

A 400 square foot apartment is pretty much a show box and most would consider it to be simply too small in order to allow you to comfortably live there. However, for an interior design or decorator, such a space is a true challenge and a great opportunity to exercise their skills. We found a perfect example for that.

This tiny apartment was nowhere near as inviting and beautiful before it got renovated. The first concern was, of course, the size of the apartment.This tiny space had to somehow seem bigger.


In order to do that, the designer working on this project decided to go with the usual approach and to create a versatile living area with a platform of lounges that doubles as beds. A wall of custom cabinets was also considered for the project. In the end, everything turned out nicely.


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