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37 Square Meter Flat Boosting An Open Space Area

Finding flat apartments smaller than, let’s say 40 square meters, is very difficult. And even if you manage to find something like this, it’s usually a cramped space with small rooms and lack of space. But today we came across this beautiful apartment. It’s a flat with a total surface of 37 square meters. It’s a little small for comfortable living but it doesn’t seem to lack any main elements.

The apartment has a huge living area, at least compared to the other rooms. It’s an open plan that also includes the kitchen. The open kitchen is the first thing you see when you enter here. It’s separated from the living space by a bar. It also has a nice island that gives it plenty of counter space and it’s fully equipped with all the necessary appliances.


Small Apartment In Berlin Designed For Casual Living

Situated in a building that dates back to 1880, this apartment might be small but it has something very charming. The size makes it perfect for a single person but a couple could also be comfortable in it. The interior design is quite mesmerizing. Although it’s very simple and designed to let the rooms feel spacious and airy, the décor is also inviting.

The apartment was designed for casual living. As you enter, you step into an open plan that includes the kitchen and the dining space, as well as a sitting area. The open kitchen is characteristic to most modern and contemporary spaces and it’s a detail that instantly lets us see that the apartment has been updated and modernized. The space was designed by Mela & Vanamo in a minimalistic and modern style.


How A Central London Flat Became A Minimalist Modern Home

Located in London, UK, this flat is part of a development that was built in 1875. It took a while to be built everything and, in the end, the results weren’t as great as expected. It’s why in 2013 the new owners of the apartment asked for a major renovation. They went to architects from VW+BS for help and they came up with a very interesting project.

First of all, the materials originally used here weren’t exactly suitable for a modern home nor were they of great quality and they had to be replaced. The same thing goes for the layout and interior design. The flat now belongs to an extended family that regularly visits London.


A Touch Of Modern Flair In A Scandinavian Apartment

Located in Östermalm, Sweden, this lovely corner apartment has an interior specific to most Nordic homes. It’s bright and spacious, with a total surface of 91 square meters. The apartment is located in a building from 1898. It has been recently renovated and it has 3.5 rooms.

Inside, the décor is simple and elegant. The walls are white, the windows are large and, because it’s a corner apartment, there’s lots of natural light coming in. The high ceilings further increase the spaciousness of the rooms. Furthermore, the balcony is a very beautiful feature, with nice views and great orientation.


The Smallest Home In Italy, Renovated And More Inviting Than Ever

When searching for a home, whether it’s a house or an apartment, small places are not usually on anyone’s list. In these cases, tiny homes are avoided. However, there are exceptions and cases when you’d be lucky to be able to buy a small home that looks like this.

This tiny place is located in Rome and it’s Italy’s smallest home. It has a surface of only 75 square feet but it’s surprisingly spacious. Renovated by architect and designer Marco Pierazzi, the apartment is situated steps away from St. Peter’s Square and it has a very inviting interior.

The building in which the apartment is located was built in the 1700s so it’s an old and historic structure. The building has been renovated and turned into a more modern space that still features most of the original details.


Simplicity And Diversity In A Stylish Small Attic Apartment

Attic apartments are definitely problematic. They present a series of advantages but there are also elements that are usually perceived as disadvantages which characterize these spaces. For example, attic apartments usually have slanted ceilings and this minimizes the usable floor and wall space in the rooms. Everything has to be organized in such a way that you don’t waste space.

The slanted ceilings make the rooms feel smaller but they also let in lots of natural light. In a way, the décor becomes balanced. To add more natural light you can also have skylights, an element easy to include in the design when you have an attic apartment. This particular apartment has a very harmonious interior design. We’re not talking just about the skylights and large windows but about other details as well.


Small Sao Paulo Apartment Where Modern Elements Are Complemented By Soft Textures And Patterns

This elegant 517 square foot apartment is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil and it was remodeled by Mauricio Arruda Arquitetos & Designers in 2011. It’s known as Residencia Alameda Campinas and it’s a perfect example of how you can make the most out of the space available. The apartment features a very beautifully balanced combination of modern elements and patterns plays a very important role in each room.

As you can see, area rugs and carpets are present in all the rooms. They make the space feel more inviting and warm and they complement the classic black and white combination beautifully. One of the most impressive and striking elements is the spiral staircase which is the focal point of the living room. The combination of black and white gives it style and allows it to blend it as well as to stand out.


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