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Small And Multifunctional Apartment That Even Has Room For A Pet

The design of a home is more important than the size. We’ve seen that with numerous occasions and this is one more opportunity to emphasize this idea. It’s very important to understand the space and to be able to take advantage of its every feature. This apartment is located in Taiwan and it might be very small but it certainly doesn’t look so.

The great thing about this apartment is that no compromises were made when decorating it. It simply has a smart interior design. It was a project by Folk Design and every little inch of space was used excellently. You can look at this apartment as being either an office or a cozy home. The modern office can quickly become a bedroom thanks to the interior design.

The bed is hiding in the wall and everything else is multifunctional. Another nice detail about the apartment is the fact that is looks very open. That’s because of the minimalist style chosen for the project. The


A modern apartment decorated with concrete and light wood

The materials you use in a renovation or for interior décor can definitely dictate the style. For example, take a look at this beautiful place. It a modern apartment located in San Donà di Piave, Italy. It was a project by Studiomobile and it’s called Casa F/H.

The apartment was decorated in concrete, light wood and with a color palette based mainly on white. It’s a very airy space. Situated on the upper floor, the penthouse apartment also has a huge terrace that offers panoramic views of the river and the surrounding area. The renovation was a complete upgrade of the interior design.


Compact Apartment With Folding Walls And Tons Of Hidden Storage[Video]

In an apartment, size is, of course, important. However, even more important than that is the interior design. A truly functional space is one that focuses on versatility and multi-functionality. We have the perfect example. This apartment used to be a studio. After a major renovation it became a one-bedroom home.

At a first glimpse, the apartment seems very simple and doesn’t really offer many possibilities. But this first impression is deceiving as there’s more than meets the eye here. Let’s start with the walls. Technically, there are no walls here.

The bedroom is separated from the kitchen and work area by a sliding wall which offer privacy when the bedroom is being used and which hides elements that are not needed the rest of the time. And if you thought this is ingenious wait till you see the rest.


Modern Tel Aviv Flat Inspired By The City’s History

Designed by London-based Chiara Ferrari Studio, this flat is located in Tel Aviv and it has a very modern and simple interior. It’s situated in an old building so once you pass the front door it’s a little unexpected to see such a contemporary décor. The designer responsible for this project was inspired by the rich and diverse architectural history of the city of Tel Aviv.

The apartment got renovated and completely transformed. It went from an old flat in an old building to a modern home with lots of character. The designer focused on refurbishing this 116 square meter flat. With the street on one side and the garden on the other, the apartment has a very well-balanced interior.


Loft Stockholm Interior Design Featuring White Painted Beams

Scandinavian homes are always charming because of their wonderful Nordic style. However, not all of them adopt this specific type of design. Some owners and designers prefer to mix styles and to create something different and unique. For example, take a look at this lovely loft. As you can see, it doesn’t have that typical Nordic interior.

The loft features an eclectic interior design with many different influences and looks. Still, it’s visible that it’s a Scandinavian home because of the very clean and bright décor. The walls and ceilings and white throughout the apartment and this makes it feel very bright and very airy.


Unpretentious yet very innovative apartment interior in São Paulo

Even though architecture and interior design don’t have that many styles to work with, the combinations and options you can choose from are innumerous. Designers and architects are constantly coming up with new and creative ideas. For example, take a look at this apartment.

Located in São Paulo, Brazil, this apartment has a very original interior. Even though it’s very small and only measures 25 square meters, it has an interior design that makes it seem more spacious than it actually is.The apartment was a project by Alan Chu. Completed in 2013, it features a modern and very ingenious interior design.


Another small apartment with a smart and open interior design

This apartment has a surface of only 32 square meters which is not a lot, not even for a one-bedroom home. Located in Moscow, this tiny space would theoretically sound like a very unwelcoming and cramped home. In reality, it’s very open and has a very smart interior design.

By using furniture wall dividers instead of actual walls, the transition from one room to another is very smooth. Also, the rooms and interconnected and so a sense of openness is easily created throughout the apartment. What’s also nice is the cohesiveness of the design.


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