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16 Creative Design And Décor Ideas For Limited Spaces

Decorating a small space is not easy. You have to find solutions for unexpected and unusual problems and you have to manage to fit all the basics and more in a small space without making it seem cluttered or over decorated. It’s when you have to come up with creative ideas and when you could use some help and inspiration. Lucky for you, we’re here with a few great examples.

In this image, for example, we have what seems to be a bed with a workspace, a sink and a closet beneath it. It’s an unusual combination but you have to be creative if you want to use the space efficiently.{found on dwell}.


Maximize A Small Loft In Warsaw Featuring Multifunctional Furniture

This is an approximately 1000 square foot apartment located in Warsaw and owned by two architecture students. As you can imagine, they made their home an experimental project. They started work by setting up a wood shop in the space that would later become the living room. Then they started to build just about everything themselves. It’s not the best approach when you want the space to be ready to move into as quickly as possible but it’s a perfect plan for a talented couple that wants their home to be really special.

The style chosen by the couple for their new apartment is industrial. They designed lovely furniture such as the black steel bookshelves but most of the items they built themselves, by hand.

Most of the furniture in the apartment is multifunctional.They kept the raw concrete ceiling as such because they liked how it looked and the fact that it is was a nice detail that matched their vision for an industrial-style space.


30 Sqm Apartment In Brazil With A Practical Layout And A Comfortable Interior [Video]

30 square meters is hardly enough space for a single person to feel comfortable in. It’s not even close to what most people consider to be the ideal space for a regular home. And yet such tiny apartments do exist and people do live in them. When you think about it, it’s not about the size of the apartment but about how you feel in it and how it’s decorated.

This tiny apartment measures exactly 30 square meters and it can be found in the capital of Brazil. It may be tiny, but it certainly doesn’t feel cramped or overly tight. That’s because it has a very practical and rational design and layout.


Spacious Apartment With A Perfect Family Home Feel

Finding an apartment with a layout and design suitable for a family with children is always a challenge. A house with a yard and garden is a completely different thing and it offers the kids more space and freedom. But a limited space is not necessarily a bad thing. Apartment can often feel more cozy and, if designed right, they can offer just as much freedom as a suburban house.

This particular apartment focuses on spaciousness. It has an overall modern design and it has a layout based on functionality. The space is simple and it’s not exactly very large but it definitely doesn’t feel small. It’s mostly due to the minimalistic interior décor. This is most visible in the case of the kitchen and dining area which is a very open and airy space with large windows.


Modern Moscow Apartment Defined By Openness, Elegance And Bright Accent Colors

What you see now in these pictures used to be a one-bedroom apartment with a very different interior. The space can be found in Moscow. Recently, it has been renovated and redesigned. It was a project developed by Designers Taras Bezrukov and Stas Samkovich of TS Design studio. The team managed to transform the space into a very cozy home with a quite different layout.

Now the apartment accommodates a kitchen, a bedroom, a living room, a bathroom and a dressing room. It has a total surface of 52 square meters so you might wonder where all these spaces fit. Well, it’s all about being creative and knowing how to take advantage of every little inch of space you have.


58 Sqm Of Stylish Open Space In An Apartment From Ukraine

The size of an apartment is, of course, important but it’s not always the element that defines the place. There are plenty of homes that are small but look amazing and plenty of huge homes that are designed poorly. It just so happens that we found an apartment that may be a little too small for some people but that looks just wonderful.

The apartment is located in Ukraine, more specifically in Kiev. It’s a studio apartment that was originally a two-rom loft. It was transformed into the lovely space by Dan Vakhramieiev, creative director at FILD.


Contemporary Penthouse Apartment In Chicago With Custom Furniture And A Neutral Color Palette

When a building doesn’t offer you an apartment with the dimensions large enough to suit your needs or preferences, an ideal solution can be to unify two apartment and to create a spacious penthouse. That’s exactly the case for this apartment situated in Chicago.


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