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Continuous apartment design by Edwards Moore

We all got used to the currently standard design of our houses or apartments, which is a large space divided into several rooms by walls and doors. So don’t think it’s unpractical and we don’t even think it could be otherwise. However, there’s a very different idea that was developed by Adolf Loos in the 1920’s and that Edwards Moore adopted when designing the Cubby House.

Adolf Loos had a popular theory called “Raumplan” that basically said that a house should consist of one continuous arrangement of the living spaces, instead of diving the house into rooms by adding walls and doors. It sounds dramatic but for some people this could be a very good choice. Adolf Loos is also famous for his essay “Ornament and Crime” that basically says that unnecessary décor should be punished as if it were a crime. I totally agree with this one.


Color Makes the Difference in a 71m flat

Color is among the most important aspects we must take into account when we design our dream home, the perfect instrument that dominates any space. The flat in the picture with its neutral base is emphasized by the strategic use of color. The monochromatic base gives unity to the entire place, while the shades of color provide the so-necessary personality of the house.

The choice of grey for furniture and upholstery, plus the accents of stainless steel create an inviting environment. Alvaro & Gonzalo Irazabal, the owners and the architect, Begona Ronchel reconditioned the floor and the result is very successful, underlining the communication between spaces.


Wonderful School Conversion in Boston

What was once a school is now an amazing condominium complex in Boston, Massachusetts. Designed by Touloukian Touloukian Inc. these gorgeous 16 residential loft-style condominiums are the perfect place to entertain family and friends.

The historic restoration of the Lawrence School, built in 1856, gives you a great opportunity to enjoy an eclectic design that combines both traditional and modern elements. The architects also brought a little of the industrial look with the uncovered ductwork that crossed the ceiling.


A Modern and Fresh Apartment of 50 m ²

Can a 50 m ² floor change your mood and transmit optimism? It definitely can! Would you think that some shades of green and fuchsia could balance the walls of a house and complete the existing irregular spaces?

The floor in the picture is the perfect example that it can happen. So, if you are in the same situation with the owners of this home and you have to measure your furniture pieces, do not worry, it is not as difficult as it seems. In spite of the reduced size of this space, there is a sensation of amplitude that CYC Construcciones in general and Begona Espinosa in particular succeeds to provide to this place.


Grand attic loft in Prague by A1 Architects

This beautiful and unique attic loft is located in Prague, Czech Republic. It was designed by A1 Architects in a period of almost 2 years, between 2010 and 2011. The main idea was to design a “boundless” space. However, the private areas like the bedrooms, are separated. The rest of the house has different rooms connected to each other, resembling one single fluent space.

As you get inside, there’s an entrance hall with dressing wardrobes . From there you get into the living space and then into the kitchen that are in fact one single area. There is a large dining table that can accommodate plenty of guests. The space then opens to the upper gallery, a space meant for guests.


A Bright and Lively 90 m² Apartment

It is difficult to renovate a place, especially when the object of your work is an old building. However, when you know exactly what you want and you have good designers to share your plans with, everything goes by the book. It is the same story with a 90 m 2 floor that Dunia Garriga and Mario Calavera transformed into a house full of light that definitely impresses anyone.

The success was ensured by the addition of intelligent furniture pieces and the creation of passing areas. For example, the salon and the living are visually separated, but perfectly integrated; they provide a wide-bright space, thanks to the clarity given by the two existing balconies. Situated in an old building, the 90 m 2 house gained amplitude and an optimization of the space, perfectly fulfilling the main objectives.


Modern penthouse apartment in downtown Vancouver by Robert Bailey

This beautiful apartment is located in downtown Vancouver, Canada and the interior design was created by Robert Bailey. You can instantly see how comfortable and relaxing this place is. The designer had previously worked with the owners on other projects in West Vancouver and in London and he already knew what the couple wanted to achieve in their new home.

The idea was to create a comfortably luxurious and visually quiet home, where the couple could relax and enjoy spending some time together, as well as with friends.


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