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Stylish corner apartment with a bright interior décor

This apartment has a very stylish interior design, featuring high ceilings and a very bright look. In order to make it even cozier than it already is, there’s a beautiful fireplace in the living room. The windows are large and this allows plenty of natural light to get in, thus creating a bright and inviting atmosphere.

Stylish corner apartment with a bright interior décor

The upper floor is use both as a family space and as a work area. The space is functionally divided and the overall look is airy and bright. This look is emphasized by the use of while-painted walls and ceilings in combination with light floors, thus creating the impression of a larger space.


Small apartment near Strand for sale

This cute little apartment measures only 53 sqm but it compensates with a warm and cozy interior. It’s located in a quiet and highly desirable area close to Strand in Stockholm and it’s beautifully designed and functionally divided. On the rear of the building where the apartment is situated is a very lovely courtyard, quiet and relaxing and a source of natural light.

The apartment has a spacious lounge area with beautiful high ceilings and nice tiles. This is an area that can be used wither as a seating area, a living room or a dining room. There are already some dining room furniture pieces but you can always change that. The bedrooms and very warm and cozy. They feature double beds and wardrobes. There are also two large walk-in closets with plenty of storage space.


Elegant 1909 apartment in Vasastan / Vasaparken

This elegant place is situated in the area of Vaasa city, in the proximity of Vasa Park greenery and St Eriksplan. It’s a spacious and stylish residence with beautiful and modern interior décor. The apartment is situated in a building that dates back to 1909, on the fifth floor. As you enter, there’s a large dressing room with white walls and pine flooring. Further inside, the living room features a large window section providing plenty of natural light. It has been decorated with the same white walls and pine flooring.

The kitchen is linked to the dining area with room for four people. It features plenty of storage space inside the white cupboards. The appliances are also white, for symmetry. The windows of the kitchen/dining room are facing the courtyard. The same white walls can be seen in the bathroom, this time combined with blue tiles floors. Besides there rooms, there’s also a storage area with a large walk-in closet. It’s situated in the hallway. Additional storage space can be found in the kitchen.


Tranquil, modern duplex in Bagaregården

This beautiful apartment is situated in a quiet area, in a building originally built in 1926. This is actually a duplex apartment, functionally divided as it follows: on the ground floor there’s the living room and the kitchen, thus the public areas, while upstairs you can find the bedroom and the office, area that require more privacy.

The kitchen and the bedroom are facing the courtyard. Even though the apartment has been renovated, there are still some of the original elements that have been preserved, such as moldings, mirrored doors and some cabinets. All the rooms have tiles floors. The building where this apartment is situated originally presented a classic style. However, after the reconstruction, the duplex now presents a modern décor.


Waterfall Woven Wood Shade

I am a very light sleeper, so when the first sun ray gets into my eyes I can kiss my sleep good bye. No matter how tired I am or how hard I try and keep my eyes closed, I still can’t fall asleep again. That is why I try to use shutters or blinders or even thick curtains for my windows when it’s a weekend and I want to sleep until late in the morning. I found these great Waterfall Woven Wood Shades and I thought they were great. First of all the shade is wooden which is a totally natural material, so very safe for the environment and pleasant to touch. Then it has a very nice design and looks like a waterfall, as the name suggests it.

It is actually made of very thin natural soft woods like bamboo, grass and reeds which are held together by an intricate and delicate woven pattern. The shade rolls gently when you no longer need darkness and want to let the sunlight come in. The shade is perfect as it also has the perfect size: it matches the frame of your window perfectly. This way it will not take too much space and won’t be too small either, but, as I said before- be just perfect. This shade is available in many colours and materials and each of them surprises you with its originality. The price for the item starts from $208.

Renovated, fully refurbished apartment with south-east balcony for sale

This elegant and cozy apartment is situated on Linnaeus Street and it’s fully refurbished and located on the 5th and last floor of a quiet building. It’s a 3+1 apartment that underwent several renovations first in 1977-79, then in 2007 when the elevators were also renovated. In 2008 the entrance gate to the building was replaced. During 2010/11 the building’s stairwell got new tiles, paint and light fixtures, while the laundry rooms and basement also got a facelift. All apartment doors have been changed to stable and typical security doors. There’s also a renovation planned in 2011 and 2012.

refurbished apartment with south-east balcony for sale

The apartment comes with a generous basement and a common laundry room. There’s also a large balcony offering beautiful views. The apartment also has a renovated kitchen, new bathrooms and comfy bedrooms. There are large windows and bright colored walls, making this apartment particularly appealing and bright.


Attic apartment with a roof terrace

This beautiful and new attic apartment has been built on the highest international standards. It features an open floor plan for the social area that includes the kitchen and the living room. This are also includes a cozy fireplace. There’s also a roof terrace, also a part of the recreational and social area. The terrace offers panoramic views over the surrounding areas.

The apartment in situated on the 6th and last floor of a 1915 building on Major Street 4. The apartment is a new addition to the building and it was built in 2011. It has windows in two directions ensuring plenty of natural light during the day. Besides the beautiful living room and fully-equipped kitchen, there are also two bathrooms, one of which features a shower and a wash column white the other is simple.


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