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Luxurious Duplex Penthouse in the City That Never Sleeps

Today we would like to take you on a trip to the city that never sleeps. This next duplex penthouse is located in the Astor Place Tower, in one of New York City’s primary urban squares at the intersection of Lafayette Street, Astor Place and Fourth Avenue.

Designed by Charles Gwathmey and Robert Siegel, this amazing home is located on the 17th and 18th floors of the building. This astonishing $10 million penthouse hosts three bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen connected to the living room, a library, dressing rooms, a 664 square foot mezzanine and a 538 square foot terrace on the upper floor with panoramic views of the Big Apple.


Unique graffiti apartment in Copenhagen

This apartment in Copenhagen might not look very special from the outside but the reality is that you couldn’t be more surprised when you see the interior of this place. I can truly say that this is one of—a-kind apartment. The place belongs to graffiti artist Frederik Lassen Hesseldahl. It seems natural for an artist to bring his work at home. In this case, it meant decorating the walls with personalized graffiti images, painted by the owner himself.

He also had some help from a friend, also an artist, who painted a gorgeous black panther on one of the walls from the dining room. Most of the other graffiti paintings from the apartment are abstract images that don’t really tell anything at first glimpse but that are very beautiful decorations for the apartment.

Besides the amazing graffiti paintings, the rest of the apartment is rather simple. The furniture is minimalist and only strictly necessary, without any unnecessary or strictly decorative items. In fact, when you think about it, there’s not much you could do in addition to those gorgeous paintings.

And there’s no need to do anything else because the colorful paintings are more than enough. The colors are very well chosen and they work beautifully together. This is the perfect example of how a plain and simple apartment can be turned into something really unique. You don’t have to be an artist to do that, you just need to find one.{found on boligmagasinet}

Tiny penthouse interior design in Salamanca, Madrid

This small but very beautiful penthouse is located in Salamanca, a mixture of residential and commercial areas, on the eighth floor of a 1940 building. However, the elevator makes it easier to get there. The penthouse features 485 square feet of interior space plus an additional 484 square feet from the two terraces. The entry to the house is made from the entry door in the living room. Then, as you pass the living room, you reach the open kitchen area.

The transition from one room to another is very smooth and less disturbing than some people might think. Besides the living room, the penthouse also features a bedroom and a bathroom. So, as you can see, it’s a very small place.


Berejkovskaya – Black Apartment With Yellow Accents by Geometrix

If we are accustomed with black and white or brown and beige when it comes to Geometrix, now it is time for blue and yellow to make the rule. No matter it is a lighting device or a piece of furniture, it must be a blue or yellow shade in a generally dark environment. The entire atmosphere this combination reveals is characterized by modernity and style. Among the elements that give an elegant air to this space, there are the curtains that seem to change everything around.

The bedroom is the perfect expression of a dream come true; the little yellow lamps and the yellow wall, which contains the TV set are the only splashes of color in a totally black environment, where the other spot of color is the blue shade provided by the ceiling. The black and white paintings on the walls seem to revive past times in a perfect contrast with the modern days.


Contrasting flat in Manhattan

New York is a big and contrasting city. It’s a representative part of the country and of the whole world. However, not a lot of people seem to like living in there. The city is crowded, busy and full of surprises and for those who like a quiet and simple life, this is not the best place to live in. However, there are plenty of people who love living in New York, like the owners of this place for example.

This artistic loft is located in Chelsea, in lower Manhattan. You might be surprises to find out that this wasn’t always a home. In fact, this place dates back to the last century and it used to be a factory where they mad chains. Then nobody would have imagined that someone this place could become a lovely home. However, the new owners saw the potential and decided to pursue their dream.


Continuous apartment design by Edwards Moore

We all got used to the currently standard design of our houses or apartments, which is a large space divided into several rooms by walls and doors. So don’t think it’s unpractical and we don’t even think it could be otherwise. However, there’s a very different idea that was developed by Adolf Loos in the 1920’s and that Edwards Moore adopted when designing the Cubby House.

Adolf Loos had a popular theory called “Raumplan” that basically said that a house should consist of one continuous arrangement of the living spaces, instead of diving the house into rooms by adding walls and doors. It sounds dramatic but for some people this could be a very good choice. Adolf Loos is also famous for his essay “Ornament and Crime” that basically says that unnecessary décor should be punished as if it were a crime. I totally agree with this one.


Color Makes the Difference in a 71m flat

Color is among the most important aspects we must take into account when we design our dream home, the perfect instrument that dominates any space. The flat in the picture with its neutral base is emphasized by the strategic use of color. The monochromatic base gives unity to the entire place, while the shades of color provide the so-necessary personality of the house.

The choice of grey for furniture and upholstery, plus the accents of stainless steel create an inviting environment. Alvaro & Gonzalo Irazabal, the owners and the architect, Begona Ronchel reconditioned the floor and the result is very successful, underlining the communication between spaces.


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