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A Double Height Loft

As soon as you see this loft, you notice the significant role the light plays, the respect for space and the pieces with character that seem to be obligatory in order to get the generally ideal atmosphere. The first impression is that of a comfortable environment, a warm and welcoming air in a white space.

A Double Height Loft

This authentic home belongs to Barbara Aurell,  designer at Espacio en Blanco (White Space), the concept of whiteness being sustained by her own house. It is situated in the neighborhood of Garcia de Barcelona and its main objective was that of taking advantage of the 70 m2 space on two heights and, at the same time, of the natural space offered by the entrance window. The 20 m2 yard gives clarity, the space offering a harmonious line from the entrance to the living area and creating a pleasant atmosphere that makes you feel at ease.


Interesting flat in Stockholm combining a multitude of styles

There was a time when everything had to match and everything had to share the same style and characteristics. This applied to everything, from clothing to furniture and interior décor. Nowadays things are different. Matching items are no longer seen as a sign of elegance, but rather as a lack of inspiration. Whenever someone chooses to simply match everything, it means that person is either too tired or has no imagination whatsoever.

Interesting flat in Stockholm

Interior designs have changed and combining styles is now advisable. Take for example this beautiful flat in Stockholm. There’s not a single room where you can say that there’s a predominant style with no intrusions fro other areas.


Stylish apartment at the border between modernity and tradition

This beautiful apartment is a very elegant and stylish area with high ceilings and beautiful parquet flooring. It’s a spacious apartment suitable for a small family with children. It features two salons that act as social areas where all the members can gather and spend time together. There’s also a large dining room and three bedrooms. Moreover, the apartment also features a spacious kitchen, a laundry room and stylish master bathroom.

The dining has large windows facing the courtyard, a very nice detail providing beautiful views and a calm atmosphere. The light apricot floors and the walls colored in a similar tone create a continuous image, also giving the impression of a larger space. From the dining room you reach the master bedroom. It has windows facing the same courtyard and bright yellow walls. The bedroom is connected to the laundry/bathroom.


Contemporary apartment interior in London by Chiara Ferrari

If I would have to choose a location for my dream home, London would probably be in the top 10 list. It’s a very beautiful area and England is a very welcoming country with a lot of magnificent views. However, when it comes to apartments, the rent is not something to look forward to. Anyway, if you want to live there you must make some sacrifices. And in case you were looking for a nice place to rent in London, we have a beautiful example for you.

This large apartment would be a very good choice for a young couple or family. It’s a contemporary apartment and it was designed by Chiara Ferrari. As you can see, it’s a very airy and open space, decorated with minimalist and neutral furniture pieces. It’s the type of apartment that anyone would like, regardless of the personal preferences. That’s because the interior was decorated with style and the main purpose was to make it a versatile choice.


Renovated 1939 studio in Sweden

Located at the 2nd floor in a 6-storey apartment building, this apartment dates back to 1939 and it’s a very warm and cozy place. It has been renovated in 2005 when the electricity and sewage strains were replaced. Moreover, the building also got a new garage door, new doors and new windows. The facade and balconies were also renovated. No major renovations are planned over the next 25 years.

This particular apartment stands on 39 sq meters and it’s actually a small studio with a living room, kitchen, bathroom and hall. The living room features a cozy sleeping alcove, perfect for social gathering but that can also make a very comfy bed during the night. The living room also has large windows that let the natural light get in, together with oak parquet flooring and white walls.


The Uniqueness of a Black And White Modern-Baroque Apartment

There are places that leave you speechless and carry your steps to the past, evoking memorable moments. Some famous interior decorators fromMoscow, Geometrix, had a great project, the result being a modern-vintage apartment that seems to be taken from the cover of a magazine for furniture.

This kind of apartment draws everyone’s attention. Among the most attractive aspects, there are the prints on the walls representing the famous actress of the 1950′s, Marilyn Monroe. Every room has such prints, in different situations, the entire place seems to evoke that period and to pay tribute to the American film star admired and loved by everyone. You would not think that a black and white apartment could be such an inspiring place, but the fact that the prints are also black and white give a certain mood to this environment, which is modern and vintage at the same time.


The Expression of Beauty in one place:a Loft

When we think about an old place, which has to be renovated, there are two sides of the coin: one saying that it involves a lot of work and the other saying that the result will be according to our own taste and wishes. It is also the case of an old impersonal flat that was transformed into a home for which a single word is enough and that word is “character”.

The brick walls and the vintage furniture are only two of the aspects providing personality to this place. The result is perfect, the light in particular and the atmosphere in general seem to belong to the movie world.


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