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Lovely Apartment in Poland by mode:lina

Polish architecture firm mode:lina created an inspiring apartment for guests visiting the city for the Poznan International Fair. This cute home is located in Poznan, Poland, and is a mixture of a hotel design with the cosiness of someone’s apartment.

The designers had to take into consideration replaceable furniture due to the users of the apartment. To take care of this challenge they turned to IKEA, which made this home feel simple, yet chic at the same time. The apartment has everything you could possibly need in terms of comfort and functionality.


Classic and contemporary interior design

This residence is owner by a young couple who had a lot of imagination and exuberance, specific to their age and wanted to come up with a dynamic and original interior décor. They decided to mix styles in order to obtain the look they were aiming for. You’ll notice that there’s a harmonious mix of both classical and contemporary elements in all the rooms. In the living the atmosphere seems to be very casual and inviting. The sofas placed face to face invite you to sit down and relax while having a pleasant conversation with the other guests. It’s a functional arrangement, very good for the living room.

Classic and contemporary interior design

The unusual coffee table that you see in the middle was actually designed by the owners. It’s a representation of their personal tastes and it integrates quite naturally into the décor. Even though they’re a couple, they don’t have the same tastes and they don’t like the same things, which is actually natural and very common. Considering this factor, they had to reach an agreement so they’ve decided to mix and match their favorite items.


Modern and colorful apartment in Gothenburg

This bright and colorful apartment is nothing like the wooden houses and cafés that form the rest of the surroundings in that area. The apartment is located in Haga, , a city district in Gothenburg, Sweden. In that area there’s a dreamy 19th century atmosphere that takes you back in time and where everything has a story to tell.

The apartment is situated in a 1905 building, on the third floor. The building is a typical structure that blends in the whole historic neighborhood. However, this particular apartment tends to stand up with its bright and vibrant colors and a combination of modern and traditional elements.


Gorgeous and Spacious Apartment in Sweden

Scandinavian people are perceived as cold and not too friendly persons. perhaps the idea comes from the their environmental surroundings which are not so delicate or the climate that is not so hot.

Gorgeous and Spacious Apartment in Sweden

Since I had the privilege to pay a visit to this wonderful country I may say that these ideas are just some prejudices. The landscape takes your breath away with its rocky land and the beautiful North Sea and people are smiling and lovely. It is a real pleasure to visit such places where the simplicity and exquisite style and high quality go hand in hand. These people know to appreciate nature, love their country and their practical spirit.


Elegant three-bedroom flat in London

There are many beautiful apartments and house in London and many of them have that look that reminds of the old times, with royal decorations and elegant furniture. One of them in this flat located on 32 Walton Street in London. It has a vintage-modern look, with comfy furniture and elegant decorations.

three-bedroom flat in London

One of the most intriguing pieces is the chandelier that can’t go unnoticed both because of its design and the color that stands out in that grey décor. The flat is in excellent condition and it went through a refurbishment that let to the luxurious look that it has now. The flat has high ceilings and the walls are mostly white. The rest of the décor is a combination of white, black, grey and some pops of yellow.


Penthouse Apartment in a House by Krueck & Sexton Architects

This minimalist apartment is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. It was designed by Krueck & Sexton Architects and completed in 2009. The apartment covers a 6,500 sqf area and it was designed in three parts. First, the contractor wanted to make sure there will be a space designed for entertainment. Secondly, there also had to be an every-day living area and last, a retreat where family and friends could get together and spend quality time.

The space needed to be visually open, to have plenty of natural light but to also provide a sense of privacy. This is actually a penthouse apartment so there was plenty of space to do all that. Because of the location, you get the sensation up being up in the clouds. That’s what inspired the name of this apartment. It might not get you on cloud nine, but you’ll be close enough.


Bright and spacious loft for sale

This impressive loft is located on the fifth floor of a building originally built in 1930 and that’s located just behind David Hall Square and very close to the pedestrian street, the Opera and the park. It’s a very convenient location, not to mention that the loft is very beautifully decorated.

It’s a spacious loft with large rooms, especially the lounge area that also includes the open plan kitchen. All strains and drains and covered so the interior is a big continuous space with no interruptions other than those especially placed there. The interior design of the loft is primarily functional and austere-looking. All walls, floors and ceilings are painted white and there’s a linear design throughout the whole place.


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