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Innovative And Functional Apartment Divided Into Nine Boxes

If you don’t live on your own then you are likely to hear the phrase “I just need my own space” on more than one occasion. As much as you love the person or people that you live with, sharing a home is never easy.

There are times when you just want to get away from it all and enjoy some much needed peace, yet it seems somewhat impossible. Well, that’s until the architects at Brachard de Tourdonnet found the ideal solution…


Contemporary Swedish Apartment Featuring Details Of The Past

This beautiful apartment preserves charming details of the past while maintaining an overall contemporary feel and a beautifully personalized interior.

It’s located in Gothenburg, Sweden and it has an interesting layout and interior design. The apartment can be found in a renovated building and, just like the entire building, it’s a space caught between two very different eras. If you look closely, you can see that, even though it looks modern, it still has a few elements that are reminiscent of the past. They make the apartment look charming and they give it a unique and personal feel.


Pure White Apartment In Russia With A Tranquil Interior

This is loft_9, an apartment situated in Moscow, Russia. It’s an interesting space because of the interior design. The apartment was a project developed by ARCH.625. As you can see, the color palette the team chose for this space is not very rich in shades. It’s mostly based on white, a pure and simple color which doesn’t transmit much in terms of emotion.

Because the interior of the apartment is almost entirely white, it tends to look a little cold and uninviting. It’s a feeling you usually get when you step into a hospital and it tends to get generalized to any other space with a white interior.


Former Soap Factory Converted Into Beautiful Loft Apartments In Milan

We’ve seen many old factories and commercial spaces which got transformed into private residences or apartments but we’ve never seen a soap factory in this position. There’s a first for everything so here we are, talking about what used to be an old soap factory in the center of Milan Italy. The factory is now a series of loft apartments and gives us no clue about its past and initial role.

But let’s focus on a specific loft and take a closer look at it. This is a space transformed by industrial designer Federic Gooris and Architect Werner Silvestri. It’s a dream home for its owners and a great family residence.


Attic Apartment With Generous Skylights And Nice Views

I have to say that attic apartments aren’t my favorite type. They just seem like they could have had much more space inside but they don’t because of the roof. But there are also good things that can be said about attic apartments and about this one in particular. The shape of the roof gives you the opportunity to include many skylights into its design, as you can see in this case.

The skylights let in natural light but they also connect you with the exterior at a very special level. Also, even though the roof means lack of space which could be used for storage or for something else, its presence also makes the apartment feel a little cozier and very inviting.


46 Sqm Flat With A Cozy Feel And Lots Of Room For Storage

46 square meters is not a lot of space in an apartment. It’s practically at the limit between tiny and comfortable. But there ways in which you can make a small space feel wonderful. For example, this mini-flat has a very warm and cozy look. It really feels like a home. Both individually and as a whole, the rooms look inviting and homey.

The apartment has an open kitchen which is a good choice for a small space. By eliminating the wall between the rooms you create more space and a feeling of spaciousness and openness. Also, you have the freedom to combine the two spaces (the kitchen and the living room) in any way you want. In this case, a bar is the main element that delimitates the two areas. The rest of the apartment features the same combination of influences and styles as the main living area.


One-Room Scandinavian Apartment With An Interesting Layout

Although moving into a one-room apartment is not something I would ever consider, I have to admit that there are plenty of such spaces that look amazing consider the actual size. They have homey and inviting interiors and they look surprisingly spacious. Some also have very interesting and ingenious layouts, like this Scandinavian apartment for example.

The distribution of the spaces and the layout are definitely interesting. The interior décor is quite unusual as well. It’s a combination of modern and rustic. The exposed brick walls definitely add a rustic touch to the whole space and they make it feel more warm and cozy while the minimalist modern furniture and some of the other features create a strong contrast throughout but also contribute to an overall balanced décor.


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