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San Francisco Bachelor Pad Breaks The Stereotype With A Beautifully Balanced Design

Stereotypes are made to be broken and this is something that’s happening every day and in every domain. Today we found a perfect example to illustrate this concept. This bachelor pad belongs to photographer Jesse Leake and it’s not even close to the design you probably have in mind.

The apartment has a total surface of 1,000 square feet and it’s located in Lower Pacific Heights, San Francisco, California.


Creative Use Of Pallets In A Simple Yet Sophisticated Barcelona Apartment

Located in Barcelona, Spain, this apartment has a total surface of 80 square meters. In 2007 it was completely renovated by Barasona Design. It now features a very creative and intriguing interior which uses unusual materials and has a comfortable modern feel. The décor looks very natural, mostly due to the materials which have been used in the project.

As you can see, the apartment tends to have a rough and unfinished look but it’s all intentional. Wooden shutters were designed for the windows which is an unusual element, especially in modern or contemporary spaces. But this is not the most interesting element.


Tel Aviv Apartment Customized Into A Studio Workspace

An apartment is not just a potentially nice family home but it can also be used for other purposes. For example, this apartment in Tel Aviv is currently a studio workspace and it was custom-designed for the artist. Although it measures only 20 square meters, it’s spacious enough.The apartment was redesigned by Israeli architects Ramaan Stern and Shany.

The studio features a very large storage unit. It has multiple drawers and storage compartments and it was custom-made. In it the artists will store a large collection of 2D pieces dating from the 40′s to today.


Old Victorian School Converted Into Modern Loft In Southwest London

Dubbed the “London Loft project”, this apartment was designed by London-based practice JC Decor. It can be found in what used to be an old Victorian School. The entire place was refurbished and the transformation took 8 months. Completed in 2013, the loft now features an interesting mix of modern and classical elements. It has a beautiful architecture, featuring a variety of preserved details which give it character and personality.

The apartment spreads over three floors and the overall distribution of the spaces is quite nice. The main living space has 200 ft high ceilings and floor made partially of glass.


Very Bold And Happy Apartment In Bucharest Featuring Striking Neon Accents

The minimalism of the interior design, the unusual color palette and the overall futuristic décor make this apartment one of the most interesting ones we’ve seen so far. The apartment is located in Bucharest, the capital city of Romania and it was designed by Hamid Nikola Katrib.

The most unusual feature in the apartment is this massive curved bookcase

As you can see, the color palette is very bold. The main shade is white and it was used throughout the apartment, on the floor, ceiling, walls and on some of the furniture and its simplicity and versatility makes the bold accent shades pop even more.


Classical Black And White Apartment With A Modern Touch

Black and white is a classical combination with timeless beauty so it fits great in any kind of décor. But sometimes a space also needs a touch of color to look inviting. Most modern apartments manage to beautifully balance the color palettes. Take this one for example. It’s a mostly white space with black elements but it also has colorful touches here and there.


Renovated Apartment In Pisa Gets A Contemporary Simplified Look

It’s very common for renovation projects to have as a goal the simplification of the current interior design. As it turns out, more modern means more simple. The apartment we want to present you today is located in Pisa. It has been renovated and the project started in 2011 and was completed in 2013. It was a major renovation and lots of drastic changes were made.

The apartment is situated in a building from the 1960s. The layout is characteristic to such old apartments and it reflects its age. The day and night zones are separate and a clear distinction exists between the two. The renovation aimed mainly at simplifying the space and making it more suitable for a modern lifestyle. The interior design is very accurate and simple, typical to modern homes.


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