Calligaris Petals Rug is all About Style

We come up with brilliant surroundings but at times we forget that there are some luxurious frills’ for décor without which the job is half done. These Calligaris petals rugs fall into that category of luxurious décor items which give every surrounding that attractive edge. The brown acrylic rug is very contemporary and it features large white stylized flowers with oval petals.

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The rug is all about clean lines and smooth elegant curves and importantly it uses advanced design materials which make it a pure design classic. The rug is capable of adding more value to you furniture as well and all that you will be required to shell to bring it home is £326.

Rugs are a little out of fashion. A lot of people don’t use them anymore because well, they don’t need them anymore. They were ok back in the old times when we didn’t have wooden floors or other types of floors and the image was not so pretty. But now they are no longer necessary. Still, some people still like to use.

The reason is either to protect the floors from scratching or stains, or either because they simply like them. Rugs also create a more intimate and cozy atmosphere. And some of them are really beautiful. Like these ones for example, the floral design is really beautiful. And the color combinations are also very inspired.