Busnelli Bohemien Sofa for 2010

When the contemporary meets the traditional, it always sparks up flames and the 2010 Bohemien Sofa from brand Busnelli is a prime example. Finished and designed by Italian architect Castello Lagravinese, the Bohemien Sofa is a neat example of modern interpretation of traditional styles.

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These sofas crave for the high gloss white floors and lavish chandeliers and if you get the combination right, you are in for a luxurious living room that will leave the guests mesmerized. The advantage with this Bohemien Sofa is that it is good enough to fit into a contemporary dwelling or even a traditional ones and the design touches upon both traits equally.

This collection is a little contrastive, as I see it. There the relatively robust shape of the bed and of the armchairs, and the patters, that look ok together, in this combination. But then there are those hanging ruches that don’t seem to go very well with the whole structure. I like the idea, I just don’t think it looks very good in this combination.

Other than that I really like this collection. It has soft and curved lines and it looks very comfortable. It’s modern and somewhat simple. I also like the purple of the sofa. I think the chair would look better in a more bright color. That grey makes them look boring, but it’s ok in case you want to match them with something else.