Budget Decorating – How To Refresh Your Home For Less

Not all home improvements have to break the bank. Ever thought of giving your home a fresh look without making any big changes? It’s a matter of creativity and knowing what to look for when searching for ideas. Have a look at these suggestions and maybe you’ll feel inspired.

Geometric painted wall.

Turn one of your walls into a work of art. We’re not talking about intricate designs or anything like that. Just a simple geometric pattern you can create using colored paint and some tape. Feel free to experiment until you find a pattern that you like.

Wallpaper in the right places.

A single wallpapered wall or a portion of a wall can look really great if you just know how to choose that spot. Make sure it’s not a huge wall or that it’s not covered with large furniture. A lovely spot would be the wall adjacent to your cozy reading nook for example.

Hang some curtains

In case you don’t have curtains in your living room, then adding them would be a really nice change and it wouldn’t cost that much either. You can also choose to replace your old curtains with some new ones, maybe of a different color, length or material.

A carpet on the wall.

Carpets should stay on the floor, right? Not always. You can choose to hang a carpet on a wall and display it as a creative piece of wall art. Don’t you just love how cozy this living room looks like this? A lovely look for the fall.

Colorful pillows.

We can’t stress this enough: pillows are a wonderful way of adding color, texture and pattern to a room and making it look fresh and inviting all over again. So the next time you want to change your bedroom’s appearance for example, try getting some new pillows instead of planning a maor makeover.

Carpets and area rugs.

This time we’ll focus on keeping the carpets on the floor. Consider defining a space like the dining area for example with an area rug. It can be something that contrasts with the floor or something that matches other elements in the room.


Here’s a way you can refresh your home without spending any money: recycle the things you already have. For example, se your old doorknobs or cabinet pulls to make a custom coat hanger or a hook rack.

Modern framed art.

Display some artwork on your walls. Of course, you need to pick the right spot and, if you want the piece to really pop, surround it with strong contrasts or give it a really interesting frame. Modern designs area usually very simple so you should use color in this case.

Buy dual-purpose furniture.

Multifunctional furniture is an awesome way to save space and to also quickly reinvent your home without spending any money. There are tons of examples to choose from. Some ottomans or stools can double as side tables or coffee tables.

Be open-minded.

It’s always good to be open-minded when planning a renovation or a new design for your home. Don’t dismiss anything until you’re certain it won’t work for your home. Experiment with different materials, styles, combinations, etc.{found on tessbethune}.

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