Bubbles Sideboard

Every piece of furniture is important and useful in its own way. But I feel like sideboards are among the most important pieces of furniture in the whole house because they are the home for your most precious things and also always within reach. Sideboards are supposed to always be there for you and offer you just what you need, when you need it. This Bubbles Sideboard is not only useful, but also very cool as design. It has three doors , so there are three different compartments in it where you can store your belongings.

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Then there’s the special design that draws everyone’s attention, with the dark “bubbles” on the front and also with the mirror behind. It is almost like seeing strange shadows against a mirrored wall. The legs are short, but sturdy and the inside space is large enough to store  most of your trifles. This is part of the bubbles dining collections that has tempered glass at the top, making it look beautiful. The material of choice for this sideboard is Hardwood solids and veneers and mirror, of course. It is dark on the edges and shows style and elegance. The item can be purchased from Sitcom furniture.