Bubble Shelf

Kids permanently want to change decor and like funny things around. The things they need most are storage items, either for their toys or for their books. There can never be enough toy boxes and shelves in the kids room. Here is a wonderful shelf that is both funny and useful -The Bubble Shelf. This shelf is nothing more than a multi compartment shelf that is made of resistant steel and which is laser cut to look like bubbles. Actually the holes in the steel bubbles fixed on the wall are bent at 90 degrees and are the actual shelves.

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This way you have a funny and youthful design and decor on the wall and also six small and useful shelves. You can use them for displaying different things from potted plants, to big plush animals, from a stack of books to boxes of toys. These interconnected shelves are round and have different sizes, this asymmetry being one of the most attractive features. The powder coated steel used offers enough stability and resistance to these shelves and the hardware needed for wall mounting is also included. You can choose the six shelf or three shelf version and you will have to pay $36.99 for the first and $24.99 for the latter.