Brown Fairmont Half Moon Bay Vanity

A great alternative to usual bathrooms and bathroom components, and I focus  especially  on dull sanitary objects and furniture that comes along with them  are these  custom made objects that fulfills your architectural and design needs. To support this idea and to help putting it  into practice manufactures like Fairmont design objects that look like no other. This particularly item is called Half Moon Bay and it’s a striking piece of furniture inspired by the old cabinets used by our  ancestors  to hide and cover various plumbing fixtures. The idea was to bring back a period’s charm and to mix it with the modern living conditions and design trends.

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The result is amazing and the effect created in the room is of a sophisticated ambiance . When I first looked at this I got the chills, because my first impression was of nobility. The ambiance created by this superb piece is similar to a place where somebody tries to preserve a certain look but where modern pieces are embedded to achieve the necessary nowadays  comfort standards, that is why I thought about nobility.

I imagined a castle where people still live in and where if the interior would look modern it would definitely lose its charm. The high quality materials and the half moon door pulls polished in a chrome finish, along with a few details the completes the transformation of your bathroom in a stunning  beauty.Available at Quality Bath for $911.