Breville makes tea and toast for two

This magical equipment that makes tea and toast for two is the perfect product for your kitchen. You and your loved one can enjoy a morning toasted bread and a cup of tea with just the push of a button. This product is called Breville BTK 500. If you have a toaster and a product to make tea, you can order this product and give it as a present to your friends that moved in a new home.

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The dual product BTK 500 has a 1 liter kettle with a fast boil concealed heating element and an electronically controlled toaster. Because of its design you can fit this product in your kitchen with not that much of a fuss, in conclusion it is a good space saving equipment for you. The recipient where you make the tea is detachable so that you can poor your tea in the cups. Also, the tea recipient, has a button with hum you can open the cover of the tea recipient.

The cool design will blend in perfectly in your kitchen. It has a modern design colored in a grey color with black buttons and handles. You can buy this product, Breville BTK 500, for a price of $130. I’ll say that is quite a deal. Perfect for those who have morning jobs, because you can make tea and toast and your breakfast is ready to be served. It is quick and easy don’t you think?

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Posted in Appliances on May 5, 2012

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