Bosch freestanding range HCE854450

The appliances that are available in the market for cooking are manufactured intensely to provide a great cooking experience. The Bosch freestanding range HCE854450 is made o the stainless steel body which has the glass-ceramic cook well. It is a high quality device that is made to generate the heat up in the cook ware and saves the energy with its sate of the art induction technology.

Due to its glass ceramic surface, its surface appears to be durable and also is easy to sanitary. The glass used towards front visualizes the generosity of this freestanding range. This is spacious with about 60 liters oven and about 8 operating modules. This oven offers cleaning from top to the bottom edge. This has 4 speed cooking zones that have the limitless possibilities for grilling and baking. It constitutes forcing the infra BBQ patchy small surface and automatic cooking programs. The front right dual and roaster element are best qualities of this cooker.Availabe for around 1k euros.

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Posted in Appliances on September 13, 2010

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