Boomerang shaped fireplace from EcoSmart

The EcoSmart Fire is an Australian innovation – an environmentally friendly open fireplace.The designer of the fireplace, John Dimopoulos, takes a cue from boomerang.This fireplce options can really help in increasing the appeal of your property and why not to increase the value.I know many people who invest a lot of money in accessories liek these and then sell them with the huse for a lot of money.

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The Zeta indoor fireplace would also serve as a centerpiece around which friend can celebrate and enjoy during the chilly winter nights. Furthremore the Zeta fireplace features glass fins on either sides to enclose the flame and separate the leather from the stainless steel.Available in many different styles to fit your room design like shades of Ciocolatta, Nero, Ranch Hide and Latte.The entire fireplace system is available for 12.880$,just a bit too much heating system.With this money you can buy a more complex heating system for an apartment.