Blueberry Versatile Holder

I like giving personalized gifts, so I simply love trying to find the perfect gift for everybody. I try to find out their tastes and what they would love to get. That is why I avoid the too obvious gifts and prefer something unique, something that will please them for the long term. And one of the trifles I found online that can also make some great home accessories is the Blueberry Versatile Holder. This thing is not just another pencil holder. It is simple in design, yet so nice, being offered in black and white and seeming to similar to the blueberry fruits.

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This holder is made of stone and is carefully hand made. It is carved on the inside until you get a 3/8″ hole that is perfect for holding pens or pencils. Actually the first time I saw this picture I thought they were black and white chocolates, but  they are so round and small that you do not realize at first what they do, what people use them for. The name says it is a versatile holder, so it is supposed to be able to hold some other items, too, but I ca;t picture anything else this thin, except maybe a pencil or a small candle. Any way, the item can be bought for $7.50 CAD at Mizzonk.