Black and White Matrix Storage Cube Collection

Matrix Storage Cube Collection is attractive, stylish and contemporary furniture for modern homes.A cube storage makes a convenient place for books, pictures, and collectibles to be displayed in.The Matrix Cubes can be arranged in any way to create a stylish, modern shelving unit or room divider. That is because these cubes are modular, coming separately and each cube is not its own, not being in any way linked or glued to the other one next to it.  Then, once you have  this out, all you have figured this out all you have to do is to place the necessary cubes in the right position on top of each other or next to each other so as to match the model.  That allows you to be creative and to make up your own models of shelves and furniture. Available in white and black for 920$. This collection of cubes is perfect for storing books, boxes, magazines, decorative items and whatever you might need to. It is a cheap and nice solution for your room.

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Posted in Bookshelves on November 16, 2010

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