Black and White Cirque Pillow

Pillows have traveled far from their initial purpose and design. Despite its functional side a pillow nowadays is also looked as a decorative item. Given that fact, designers came with a wide range of pillows to suit every one’s need.  Such an example is this wonderful pillow, with a certain retro feel. The only colored elements in this pillow are the pink tassels.

Black and white usually means elegancy  and a sober style but in this case those black and white strips create a joyful item. Why joyful, well think about when we were kids and when the circus came in town all I could think about was these exact stripes and colorful tassels. This pillow looks very much like a clown’s body doing some funny moves to make us laugh. Maybe I’m just a little bit melancholic but at least one thing is sure this wonderful pillow will look like nothing else in your décor.

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That is why this is the perfect candidate for a new focal point  in your living room or bedroom with a small amount of money. This pillow costs $120.00 and is made from 100% cotton. You should also know that every piece is hand woven and sewed in Guatemala to add a bit of character to each pillow and loose the  cold, industrial tag. To ease the cleaning process the pillow case has zipper closure and to complete the item, feather and down insert is included as well.

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Posted in Bedding on March 29, 2012

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